Jamaica your ideal nearshore location


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Jamaica your ideal nearshore location

  1. 1. Jamaica Your  Nearshore  Advantage   in  Access,  Labour  and  Technology 1
  2. 2. JAMAICA  QUICK  FACTS • Popula;on:  2.83  million. • The  third  largest  Caribbean  island.   • Largest  English  speaking  island  in   the  Caribbean.   • GDP  per  Capita:  US$8300. • Literacy  Rate:  87.9%. • Democra;cally  elected   government,  every  5  years.Source: Statistical Institute of Jamaica 2
  3. 3. BPO  Outsourcing Potential as the #1 English Nearshore Hub for North America General  Advantages Unique  Advantages Lower  Opera;ng  Costs  True  Nearshore  (within  4  hours  distance) Strong  and  Educated  Workforce  Neutral  English  Accent Global  Connec;vity  Close  Affinity  with  US,  Canada,  UK Govt.  Support/  Incen;ves  Proficient  and  Scalable  workforce Stable  Economy  and  Currency    Dedicated  Zones  for  BPO  Sector Low  AVri;on  Ideal  Work-­‐Play  Des;na;on Strong  Democracy  Customer  Service  Orienta;on 3
  4. 4. ICT:  Why  Jamaica Easily Accessible LocationA Perfect Nearshore Destination 4
  5. 5. ICT:  Why  Jamaica The IncentivesNo  restricFons   0%   0% Employee   on   Income  Tax   Import  duty   training   RepatriaFon   ExempFon  on   exempFon  on   benefits  from   5
  6. 6. ICT:  Why  Jamaica?   Advanced Infrastructure-Extensive Air/Freight/Road Links International Connectivity Significant and Available Labor Pool* •English Speaking •Labour Force – 1.3 Million •Labour Force 20-34 age group – 487,000 •Unemployment rate - 11% (2009 est.) Government Support •Member of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) •Enactment of the Cyber Crime Bill •Training support through the National Training Agency •Signatory to all relevant international Intellectual Property agreements*Source: Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) 6
  7. 7. ICT:  Why  Jamaica?   Sophisticated Telecom Infrastructure Multiple sub sea fibre routes Up to 4TB of unlit capacity connecting Jamaica to the worldSource: Flow Jamaica 7
  8. 8. ICT:  Why  JamaicaPreparing for future labor demands The e-learning Jamaica Project CreaFng  the   Use  of  electronics   technology     applicaFons  and   versed  high   processes  to  learn11000  Teachers   school  graduate 162  public  high  schools   trained  and   and  8  Teachers  Colleges   deployed   equipped  with  computers   and  local  area  networks Web Based learning …Computer Based learning… Virtual Classrooms…Digital collaboration 8
  9. 9. ICT:  Why  Jamaica Government  Training  Support The HEART TRUST Jamaica’s National Training Agency  TRAINING SUPPORT  Custom Training programs  Partners with investors for employee training/certification.  Island-wide network for institutional and on-the-job training  Technical support and financing for training  RECRUITING SUPPORT  Assistance with Screening & recruitment of workers  Assesses/certifies on-the-job learners**JAMPRO Confidential 9
  10. 10. ICT:  Investment  OpportuniFes GREENFIELD FACILITIESNaggo Head Tech Park, Portmore - This Park located in the English-speaking Caribbean’slargest middle–income dormitory community, has been home to BPO industry heavy-weightsAffiliated Computer Services and (ACS) and West Corporation for more than 5 years. Thereare 21 acres earmarked by the government for the development of a technology park .Caymanas ICT Park – The planned Caymanas Economic Free Zone (CEFZ), willaccommodate 1500 acres of prime real estate and be home to the next great economicspace for Jamaican enterprise . Within this CEFZ, there are plans by the government todevelop an ICT technology park on 40 acres.Barnett Tech Park, Montego Bay – This Private Sector ICT Freezone, will occupyapproximately 100 acres located in the Fairfield area of Montego Bay owned by BarnettLimited. Blue Chip IT Company Vista Print, is already on board and will be constructing itsCaribbean Headquarters on 11 acres at the site. There are further lots available fordevelopment. 10
  11. 11. ICT:  Investment  OpportuniFesOUTSOURCING OPPORTUNITIES  16 BPO Players Range of Services  Accounting  Campaign Management  Payroll Benefits Administration  Telemarketing Number of Verticals  Automotive  Insurance  Marketing  Consumer Electronics 11
  12. 12. The  World  View BPO "Offshore "Delivery” Hot Spots 2008 Will Not Stay Static 12
  13. 13. ICT:  Success  Stories Companies  that  have  made  JAMAICA  their  “home”. ….and they are doing a range of contact centre outsourcing activities -Customer Service -Debt Collection -Tech Support -Graphic Design -Claims and Payroll processing**JAMPRO Confidential 13
  14. 14. ICT:  Why  Jamaica?  Expert  Take “I could not recommend a better place for any foreign investor than Jamaica, given its key location as a crossing point between North America and South America.” “We have been welcomed with open arms by the Government and by Dennis O’Brien, Founder of Digicel Jamaica Trade & Invest (JAMPRO) - the island’s promotion agency, in helping us establish our mobile phone company.”“Jamaica has the potential to become a strong destination for BPOand IT services. While it is not a ‘one size fits all’ location, the countrycurrently has a relatively robust contact center presence.”With significantly lower BPO pay scales, low attrition levels, a well-educated population and convenient proximity to North America, ithas the right ingredients for success.” Ann Harts, President HartsGroup Inc. 14
  15. 15. ICT:  Why  Jamaica?  Expert  Take “….Jamaica does have an excellent telecommunications infrastructure. The Fibralink submarine cable network provides enhanced delivery of business and broadband traffic”. “Jamaica is linked to the Americas Region Caribbean Ring System (ARCOS-1) submarine cable in the Dominican Republic; the link to ARCOS-1 provides seamless connectivity to US, parts of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America……”“……there are a number of attributes that remain attractive foroutsourcing vendors. ..Not only is the country’s mother-tongue English(a hard-to-find commodity south of the US border), it also possesses adiverse and growing graduate pool, and the cultural familiarity with Peter Ryan, OVUMWestern consumer goods and services is very strong…..” 15
  16. 16. ABOUT JAMPRO Investor Assistance WHO  WE  ARE  Jamaica  Promo;ons  Corpora;on  (JAMPRO),  established  in  1988,  is   Jamaica’s  investment  and  export  promo;on  agency  Purpose  AVract  and  assist  investors  Promote  development  of  Trade  and  Industry  Strengthen  and  find  markets  for  exporters  Work  to  improve  country’s  business  climate  Work  to  improve  country’s  investment  aVrac;veness 16
  17. 17. JAMPRO Investment PromotionWHAT WE DO – Investment Enquiry/Facilitation • Provision of investment opportunities/profiles, macroeconomic data etc. • Market intelligence/information • Introductions to local providers of goods and services • Access to JAMPRO business library • Identification of business location and office set-up space – Investment Progression • Assistance with Procedures, Incentives and Approvals • Assistance with special permits • High level access to government • Project management and developmental support • Business networking services – Investment Implementation • Assistance with – Investment Procedures, Incentives and Approvals – Specialized Permits • High level access to government ministries and agencies via facilitation meetings • Project management and developmental support • Business networking services 17
  18. 18. Contact Us …ON THE WEB http://www.tradeandinvestjamaica.org/ …ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON JAMAICA OVERSEAS CANADA OFFICE 303 Eglinton Avenue East, 2nd Floor Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1L3, Canada HEAD OFFICE Phone: 416-932-2200 (main), 416-598-3008 18 Trafalgar Road Fax: 416-932-2207 Toll-Free 1-877-744-2208 email: rkerr@jamprocorp.com Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I. Phone: +1 876 978 7755; 978-3337 Toll Free: +1 877 INVESTJA (468 LONDON OFFICE 4352) 1 Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BZ, England Fax: +1 876 946 0090 Phone: + 44 20 7 584 8894 email: info@jamprocrop..com Fax: + 44 20 7 823 9886 email: ljones@jamprocorp.com**JAMPRO Confidential 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. THANK  YOU JAMAICA   Your  Nearshore  Advantage  in  Access,  Labour  and  Technology 20