Name:_______________                        April 1 -5, 2013                                                              ...
TARGET SKILL: /ow/ sound spelled ‘ow’                                           HIGHLIGHTED WORDS: High Frequency Words   ...
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Homework April 1


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Homework April 1

  1. 1. Name:_______________ April 1 -5, 2013 Mrs. Neal Wordly Wise: MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY TOTAL Read for 30 minutes Read for 30 minutes Read for 30 minutes Read for 30 minutes Total Weekday and ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- Weekend Minutes Reading Logs Due Tomorrow! ______ ______ Minutes Read:_____ Minutes Read:_____ Minutes Read:_____ Minutes Read:_____ INITIALS Worksheet: Worksheet: Worksheet: Worksheet: Math Mixed Fractions 9-2 9-3 Perimeter Given by teacher See “teacher help” IXL: S12 IXL: U1 IXL: R7 & R9 page Review Wordly Wise English words for Lesson 14 on Brainflips Check the Spanish blog for tonight’s assignment Spanish SPELLING: Practice the Practice words you missed on Did you remember to Keyboarding Other today’s pretest with the for 30 minutes get your reading log activities on the back of signed? this sheet. this week IMPORTANT DATES: Last Weekend’s April 2- Dress Down day for those who earned it from the Walkathon Extra Reading (Fri-Sun) April 16- Field trip to Ringling Museum April 26- Science Discovery Day April 29-May 3- ERB testing ________minutes May 10- Mothers’ Day Tea
  2. 2. TARGET SKILL: /ow/ sound spelled ‘ow’ HIGHLIGHTED WORDS: High Frequency Words prowl power vowel fifty eighty however crowd flower sixty ninety powder plow cower seventy hundredSpend some time practicing the words you spelled incorrectly on Monday’s pre-test. On Friday, we will have a dictation test thatincludes all of the words. Below are some fun ways for you to practice your spelling words for the week. MAGIC SPELLING WORDS! Designer Words Alphabits Create clues that help someone figure Write the words Write your Spelling SOAPY SUDSY out a mystery spelling word. on white words using construction Use the cereal to Write each word in (Provide the answers on the back of your paper.) bubble letters with white spell your words the condensation of For example: and then color crayon and and then eat the shower wall. It’s a noun. It’s a country. It’s found in each word watercolor paint differently. them! Yum! Africa. It starts with a Z. over the page. First, dot out a letter of the word. Next, Scramble your words and Use a tape recorder, iPad, etc. to trace the letter. Keep doing it until you write the correct spelling next record your spelling words and are finished with the whole word. to each scrambled word. spellings. Listen to your recording! Repeat with all spelling words on your list.