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Homework January 6


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Homework January 6

  1. 1. January 6-10, 2014 Name:_______________ Mrs. Neal Wordly Wise: MONDAY TUESDAY Read for 30 minutes ----------------------- Read for 30 minutes ----------------------- WEDNESDAY Read for 30 minutes ----------------------- Reading TOTAL THURSDAY Read for 30 minutes ----------------------- Total Weekday and Weekend Minutes Logs Due Tomorrow! ______ Minutes Read:_____ Minutes Read:_____ Home Link: 6-1 6-2 Factivation (see back) Math Home Link: Factivation Spelling Minutes Read:_____ Home Link: 6-3 INITIALS 6-4 (Work Neatly) Factivation Factivation Fun, Awesome, Amazing, Terrific Adjective worksheet Check the Spanish homework sheet for tonight’s assignment. SPELLING workbook (Lesson 7, p. 37) SPELLING workbook (Lesson 7, p. 38) SPELLING workbook (Lesson 7, p. 39) Do jumping jacks (one per letter) while you spell each word out loud.  Did you remember to get your reading log signed? Other Extra ______ Home Link: Review Wordly Wise words for Lesson 8 on Brainflips English Spanish Minutes Read:_____ Last Weekend’s Reading (Fri-Sun) ________minutes IMPORTANT DATES: January 20- Martin Luther King Jr Holiday (No School) February 14- Grandparents’ Day (Valentines’ Day, too!)
  2. 2. ThirdB Jan. 6 Jan. 7 Jan. 8 Jan. 9 Comm-2