weight loss plateau


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Finally lose weight quickly and easily and keep it off for good.

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weight loss plateau

  1. 1. ==== ====Proven Method To Shed Weight Quickly & Easily...Just Click My Link Belowhttp://tiny.cc/8n1a6==== ====Even though everyone loses weight in a different way, it is common and perfectly normal for anydieter to reach a plateau. Instead of allowing it to frustrate you, use it as an opportunity to doubleup your efforts and reconnect with your strategy to carry you through to the finish line. Listedbelow are 5 of the best ways to re-ignite the healthy weight loss process when you feelchallenged. Choose the tips that work best for you or simply go for them all!Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #1: Start ExercisingAlthough you can lose weight without exercise, it will always accelerate your efforts. If you are notinjured or do not suffer from severe asthma, be thankful that you can get outside and move yourbody. Take advantage of your ability to be active because many people do not have that luxury.The more you exercise, the better you will get at it, and the less it will feel like work.If you are already exercising, add something different to the mix to make your body workingharder. Add intensity, in the form of extra weight, run faster or for a longer distance, or moreduration. Going until you fail is the easiest way to ensure youre pushing hard enough. Add extrasit-ups and push-ups before you go to sleep and when you wake up. Done in the AM on an emptystomach, this can kick-start your metabolism by teaching your body to more efficiently mobilize itsfat stores for energy.Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #2: Make Healthier Eating ChoicesWhen you are trying to lose weight, there is nothing more important than proper nutrition. Yourbody can perform miracles with choices like soy protein shakes, fruits and vegetables. Youll notonly bust past your plateau, but youll do it in a healthy way. Eliminate refined sugar grains (mostpre-packaged snack foods) so carbohydrates can not get their way unnoticed into your diet.Cutting back on how often you eat can have a negative impact on your diet plateau as well. Small,frequent meals are more satisfying and produce better weight-loss results than the same numberof calories consumed in three large meals. Take advantage of healthy snacks like protein bars,soy nuts and fresh vegetable and fruit slices. Eating more of the right kinds of food is a muchsmarter plan of action to break a healthy weight loss plateau than starving yourself.Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #3: Drink Green TeaWhenever I want to lose 5 or 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat, I drink more green tea. Packed withmore vitamins and antioxidants than any other drink, green tea is an all-natural way to giveyourself energy to compliment your enthusiasm for losing weight. The best part, however, is thatgreen tea has the amazing ability to actually speed up your metabolism! You will notice results
  2. 2. right away with just one cup, but the more you drink it, the more you will want it!Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #4: Keep Your Incentive StrongThe body achieves what the mind believes. If you dont believe you can make it past the hurdle ofa weight loss plateau, you probably wont. Youll give up before you have a chance to even try.Focus on re-capturing the determination you felt when you first began your weight-loss program.The excitement of watching the pounds drop one by one should be the focus of your motivation. Ifit was something that has come and gone, like a high school reunion or a wedding, choose a newgoal.Start keeping a diet journal of everything you eat and drink. You may quickly discover that hiddencarbohydrates and sugars are keeping your healthy weight-loss progress stuck at the plateau.Eliminate trigger foods or anything that you think may be contributing to your inability to lose moreweight. If you are eating pretzels every day at 2pm, dont starve yourself by not eating if you arehungry at that time...just replace the pretzels with something healthier like fruit or chicken.Healthy Weight Loss Plateau Breaker #5: Drink More WaterIt is extremely important to replenish your fluids by drinking plenty of water on any weight lossprogram, especially if you are incorporating exercise on a daily basis. An inadequate supply ofwater can slow down your weight-loss, so carry a water bottle with you wherever you gothroughout the day. Keeping well hydrated not only helps you burn fat efficiently, it also helpscontrol hunger.Follow these 5 steps and you will have a better chance of breaking your healthy weight lossplateau than if youcontinue stressing over the obstacle. Each time you sit down to eat or have asnack, take a moment to become mindful that the food you are about to eat is either taking youone step closer to your goal, or one step away. As you make this mental connection, and dedicateeach serving of food or drink to your weight loss, you will naturally be inclined to enjoy the foodsand drinks that pushed you past your plateau.Bill Winch is a Personal Wellness Coach whose mission is teaching and coaching others who arestruggling with getting healthy, losing weight safely and keeping it off for good. He is also aCertified Business Growth Specialist, former High School and College Business Educator andCounselor, and mentors from his home office in Rochester, NY. If you are interested in receivinghis Free Report "9 Weight Loss Myths Exposed" visit his website by clicking on FREE REPORT orby calling him directly at (585) 271-3767 for a free wellness consultation.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=William_Winch
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