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self talk

  1. 1. ==== ====Achieve All Your Goals Effortlessly With This Amazingly Powerful Brain Re-Training Software... ====Goal setting is a critical step in achieving success in your life. By setting goals, you will be able toaccomplish all your tasks in a timely, organized manner. Planning out your goals can help youfocus your efforts so that you can quickly reach your goals without becoming frustrated or side-tracked along the way.Goal setting can also give you the motivation you need to be successful, while building yourconfidence and self-esteem with every goal that you achieve. Confidence and high self esteem willhelp you in life, no matter what project you undertake.No matter what your purpose is, goal setting can help you achieve it. Whether you are looking toclimb the career ladder, graduate at the top of your class, or successfully raise your children, goalsetting can get you there.By setting smart, easily reachable goals, that act as stepping stones to your one overall goal, youwill help yourself stay focused and achieve more faster, helping you to be successful in anythingyou set out to do. Without goal setting, it is easy to become burned out, and give up. All you seeisthe one big goal and it seems as if you are never going to get there. All of this negative thinkingonly slows you down that much more, whereas if you had a set list of goals, you would learn tofocus on what you have done thus far, rather than what is yet left to do.When setting goals, decide exactly what major things you want to achieve in your life, and thenrank them in order of importance. Start with one big goal that you want to achieve first, plan outthe steps that you need to take in order to achieve it in the least amount of time. Spend time onthis planning stage, as this will be your guide for accomplishing your overall goal. You may need totweak your goals from time to time, as you encounter different situations in your life. Expect this,and adjust your plans accordingly.No matter how large your goal is, you can break it down into smaller steps to help you attain it.Doing one small step even on a weekly basis will help you achieve your dreams. If you are able toset daily goals, then you will speed up the process that much more.Setting lifetime goals and planning what steps you need to take to attain them, can help give yousome direction and purpose in your life. You can tailor all of your other goals and achievements tohelp you reach this one large goal. It may take years to achieve, but also may never happen at allwithout proper goals and planning along the way.If you have a hard time deciding on lifetime goals, try to break them down into different categories,such as personal goals (things that you want to change about yourself, attitude, appearance),creative (write a novel, make a painting, act in a play), professional (choose a career, promotions),
  2. 2. educational (obtain a degree, doctorate), family (marriage, children, personal relationships withother family members), financial (net worth, house, car, material things you want), etc. Breakingdown your lifetime goals into categories is a good way to ensure that you cover everything youwant to do.Once you have everything divided up into categories, rank them in sequential order, starting withwhat you want to accomplish today, then going down the list. Spend time on the details and theorder you put these goals in, so that when you finish you have a definite game plan in mind. Whengoal setting, dont think about what other people expect of you, or others opinions, only think aboutyourself, and what you want. You are not taking the time to set these goals to make someone elsehappy, you need to do it for yourself. After all, this is your life we are talking about.Goal setting is one way to help lessen your stress level. You will always know that you are ontrack, no matter what may occur in your life, you will know what you need to do next to ensure youend up where you want to be.Try to make yourself a small list of things everyday that you need to do to accomplish your goals.Even if you only do one task a day, it is moving you one step closer to achieving that goal. Useyour lists to help you decide what tasks you need to plan for yourself. Carry your list with you at alltimes. As you are able to complete one task, mark it off your list. When you have achieved thatgoal, make a new list and start all over again. You will achieve that major goal before you know it.It is a good idea to look at your lifetime goal setting sheet once in a while, to make any neededchanges. As you gain knowledge and experience along the way, your goals may change, or youmay need to modify the steps you have planned to help you attain them. Maybe you are moving ata faster or slower pace than you intended, and can either delete some of the small goals or needto go back and add some that you left out in the initial planning phase. Updating your goal settinglist can help keep you on track for achieving your dreams.Set timelines in which you want your goals to be completed, but keep them realistic. Try to err onthe side of too much time rather than too little, to avoid disappointment or failure.Make certain that you set goals that are easily achievable. By setting only the most difficult goals,or the ones that take a long time to accomplish, you will lose confidence in yourself and feel asthough you are accomplishing nothing.A good guideline that may help you in your goal setting is to make sure that every goal you set isspecific (a certain goal completed within a certain amount of time, not save the world, but thesteps you intend to take to do so), you should be able to measure the goal, the goal should besomething that you can achieve on your own, it should be relevant to your overall plan, and youshould set a timeline in which to accomplish it.As you achieve a goal on your list, congratulate yourself, and take time to enjoy the fact that youaccomplished one step towards completing your lifetime goal. Use any knowledge you gainedwhile completing the goal to help you attain the next goals on your list.Dont get discouraged if you are unable to achieve your goal in the time frame you have set, itdoesnt mean that you are a failure. Maybe you set the goal for the wrong time frame, or should try
  3. 3. achieving a different goal and going back to that one later. Dont give up on your overall dream justbecause you make a mistake along the way.If you decide as you grow older that you dont really want to pursue that particular goal after all,that is okay. Just set a new goal for yourself, and make plans to help you achieve it.Goal setting with proper follow through can give you a much needed purpose in your life, and is animportant step in achieving success in everything you want to do.Reach your Goal! Fulfil your Dreams! Find out more about how you can set your goals. For moreFREE information visit Goal SettingArticle Source: ====Achieve All Your Goals Effortlessly With This Amazingly Powerful Brain Re-Training Software... ====