nokia n98. Superior Looks and Features.


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nokian98 combines good looks and functionality. More details and prices here:

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nokia n98. Superior Looks and Features.

  1. 1. ==== ====Get the very latest nokia n98 reviews and prices from Amazon. Just click the link below... ====Nokia is a strong brand name in the field of mobile telecommunication. It is popular for its stylish,high-tech and attractive & latest mobile phones. It has introduced several unique features inthe handsets which have widely been acclaimed by the experts and mobile lovers worldwide.Nokia has been pioneer in the technology advancements in the industry and it has successfullyimplemented the cutting-edge features in the mobile devices.Nokia phones allow users to play games, capture the memorable moments and listen to music in astylish way. In fact, they are complete entertainment package in the form of electronic devices.The N-series phones launched by Nokia are already getting huge popularity in the global markets.The N98 and the N96 are two handsets that claim to take the company to another level.If one compares Nokia N98 with Nokia N96, he or she can find a lot of similarity in terms offeatures and performances of both phones. The N98 is equipped with a 7.2 mega pixel camerawith a Carl Zeiss optical lens and auto focus. The camera is also supported by 20X digital zoomthat lets users to capture pictures even from a far away location. The 3.15 inches TFT screen isthe centre of attraction in this phone. It has a resolution of 540 x 480 pixels which enable users toview great quality pictures and videos.Nokia N98 has another lucrative feature that lures the mobile lovers. It has an integrated TNT(Television Numerique Terrestre) French digital television channel. This facility gives one theopportunity to watch different TV channels on the mobile screen. The N98 is based on the quad-band GSM technology. It enables users to access fast web connection so that they can viewdifferent websites and portals. This Symbian phone has 160 MB internal memory space which canbe extended by using micro SD card. It is supported by Bluetooth, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivitythat provide smooth data transmission. Users can send or receive data files, music files and otherinformation with the help of this service.The comparison between Nokia N98 and Nokia N96 can not get completed if the features of NokiaN96 are not discussed. The dimensions of this handset are 102.5 x 56 x 17.6 mm and its weight is115 grams. It has a 3.2 inches touchscreen which is capable of showing 16 million colours. Thejoystick navigation facility has been provided that makes the menu selection more comfortable.Like the N98, this handset also supports GPS technology. GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA connectivityare given in the device so that users can have access to the world of internet.The multimedia features in Nokia N96 are worth discussing. It has a 5 mega pixel camerasupported by Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus, flash, secondary VGA video call camera, etc. Apowerful music player and stereo headset are provided so that music lovers can enjoy theamazing sound quality on this phone. The 3.5 mm audio output jack produces the great qualitymusic which makes the listeners wondering. The talk time is up to 3 hours 40 minutes and the
  2. 2. standby time is up to 220 hours.The most important factor that has made the N96 so popular is its internal storage space. It has 16GB inbuilt memory space and 128 MB RAM space. Users can store a bulk amount of data andmusic files in their phone. Similarly the phone book has unlimited storage space and it alsosupports the photo call facility. Overall, both Nokia N98 and Nokia N96 are having their ownbenefits and specialties. It depends on the user to select her/his favourite phone depending uponher/his requirements.Mobile Phone Offers latest mobile phones with nokia n series one is Nokia N98 and other one isNokia N96.Article Source: ====Get the very latest nokia n98 reviews and prices from Amazon. Just click the link below... ====