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How to achieve your goals


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How to achieve your goals

  1. 1. ==== ====Achieve All Your Goals Effortlessly With This Amazingly Powerful Brain Re-Training Software... ====If you are new to the world of personal development and goal setting, then you may be wonderingwhat it is and how to go about goal setting. In this article, you will learn what is goal setting andhow you may just be doing goal setting already.When you awake in the morning to go to work in time, this is goal setting. The process of settingyour alarm to get up, washing your clothes the night before, and preparing for work are all part ofgoal setting.In the dictionary the term goal means the end of the race or the object of effort. These points areimportant. Another word we have is set. To set means to put or place in specified position orcondition; cause to sit; fix, point, put up; make ready; become firm or fixed, establish; prescribe,allot; arrange while wet, so that it dries in position.That last point is an important one. If we consider sand and cement, we add water, and it sets, itbecomes concrete. This is the essence of what is goal setting. You have an objective, and with theright ingredients, you make a product, your goal.A goal can be thought of as an end step. What do you want exactly? Answering this questiongives you the understanding of what the goal you want to set is. Another term we can call thisother than the end step is the outcome. So if you think of a concert. Now the travel is not the endgoal, but being in the concert, listening to the band is the end step, the outcome. Literally, youwalked steps, and the end step was the concert.Understanding what is goal setting is pretty much easy. You have a goal. But, what about thesetting part of things? To really understand what is goal setting, we must look at the set part.For many people goals are a part of life. Though there is a big distinction. For example someonewanting to get to work in time, may be doing a form of goal setting, but this type of goal is not whatwe are thinking about when we say what is goal setting.So, what is goal setting exactly? There is a big difference, and that difference is either doing itconsciously or unconsciously. When you consciously goal set, you are setting goals that you havedecided upon. You say you want this, that or other.This is important as it means you are choosing the direction. Only a small portion of the populationdoes this. Current conscious goal setting is done by only 4-7% of people. And the success rate isapproximately 50%. For example out of 100 people 4-7 of them will set a goal, to achievesomething, to be something, to get something. Out of that 4-7 people only 2-3 will achieve.
  2. 2. It may seem slim chances. But consider that you have a 50% of a chance of achieving some goalyou set, compared to the 96-93% who never set goals. It is the only thing that will give you thegreatest leverage to move forward and that is to be consciously deciding on what you want.The figures dont stop there however. Only 1% of those 100 people will achieve a financial goal,such as becoming a multimillionaire, and truly prosperous. You may say why goal set. The answeris in what is goal setting. Setting goals is the only way to increase your chances of living the life ofyour dreams.From goal setting to goal achievement, Kozan Huseyin has helped many people find there ownsuccess story. Learn the true success secrets to setting goals and seeing those goals materializein reality!Goal Setting TipsSuccess Secrets []USA Today Articles []Article Source: ====Achieve All Your Goals Effortlessly With This Amazingly Powerful Brain Re-Training Software... ====