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Goal Setting


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Goal Setting

  1. 1. ==== ====Achieve All Your Goals Effortlessly With This Amazingly Powerful Brain Re-Training Software... ====If you have read more than one of my articles, Im sure you may have come away with the notionthat I am big on goal setting. You would be correct in this assumption. I have done a number ofpresentations on this subject. During these presentations I have noticed that there are twooverriding views on goal setting. The first, is of those that are either new to goal setting, or yethavent tried it. I have their full attention in the presentation when I get to setting and achievingyour goals. The second overriding view is of those that tell themselves "Goal setting hah! Ivetried that and it didnt work for me..." In discussions with these folks I have found that the majorityof them agree on the positive impacts that goal setting has. Most of them have even gone so faras list out their major goals, however that is where they stopped.To be a goal setter, and more importantly a goal achiever, you not only have to have a written setof goals for you life (business and/or personal), but, you also have to have a written plan of actiontowards their achievement. In a recent Success Atlas article I noted that I have an article on goalsetting. The many requests I received for that article has prompted this more in-depth look at goalsetting and achievement. In other words, you asked for it you got it, Goal setting 101.The goal setting process really starts with a self-evaluation of sorts. Sitting down and askingquestions like, "What do I really want out of life?" "What do I want to accomplish, become, havebe or do?" Open your mind and your heart. Sit down and fill out a desire journal. Fill it with all thedreams, aspirations and desires that lie in the recesses of who you are and who you want tobecome. Dont hold back, write everything down! Dream like a child the evening before his/herbirthday or the evening before Christmas. Dream like anything and everything is possible.Because unless it is legal, immoral, or unethical, I would highly encourage you to believe that it ispossible.Decide what it is you want in each area of your life: Personal, Family, Professional, Financial,Physical and Mental. Dont be vague either, if what you want is money (financial) then define howmuch you want and by when. Specifics are necessary for you to have a plan. Being clear in whatit is you want will cause about 80% of your success. You can not plan for the goal "I want moremoney." You can, however, plan for the goal "I want to earn $250,000.00 annually by the end of2003. The more specific your goals are the easier they are to build a plan for. If as your readingthis you are thinking "I do not know what I want to be, do or have." Then set a goal to find out.Write down your goals. Dont type them (not at first anyway) sit down and print them out, clearly,specifically and in measurable terms. This moves them from a desire, wish or intangible dream toan item on paper. Something you can see, touch, and relate to.Okay now you know what you want - next you will need to identify what skills and knowledge youwill require in order to accomplish your goal. Ask yourself what knowledge you need to gain in
  2. 2. order to speed-up the successful accomplishment of you goal. Ask yourself what skill(s) you needto make the greatest positive impact on getting to your goal. There is always at least one skill orkey piece of knowledge that is holding you back - otherwise you would already have accomplishedthe goal. Identify what it is and go out there and get it! If you are not able to figure it out foryourself then ask your spouse, your friends, your boss, a mentor, or any other person that youbelieve would know.There are some things that you can do alone, however to achieve significant goals in your life youwill need help. List all the people, groups and organizations that you will need to interact with toreach your goal. Write them all down then prioritize them. As you are going through this processconsider the ways you can be of assistance to them. Everyones favorite radio station is WIIFM -Whats in it for me? So knowing in advance what you can do to assist them will payoff in fasterresults on getting their assistance in your goal achievement. Think through some win-winnegotiations. Remember the more you give the more you get. As Zig Ziglar reminds us "You canhave everything you want if you just help enough others get what they want." As well as thosethat can help you, I would also suggest listing out those that could hinder your progress as well.Forewarned is forearmed.Obstacles - we have all encountered them, and we will continue to encounter them during ourattempt to reach any goal of worth. If there were no obstacles along the way everyone would havealready accomplished all of their goals - you included. List all the obstacles, barriers andimpediments to your goal. Why are you not at your goal already? Write down each and everyanswer to that question. This will allow you to find the bottleneck to your success. Once you areaware of what is holding you back, apply all your resources (which you listed out already) towardsthe removing or overcoming of this blockage. More often than not, the removal of a single primaryblockage will uproot and resolve many other smaller barriers to your goal. This can help you makequantum leaps towards reaching that goal.Now that you have this valuable collection of information you need to map out a plan to utilize itand accomplish your goal. Successful business men do not set out on a course of action withouta plan, you wouldnt go on vacation without some planning and most do not even get married without hours and hours (one hundred or more at times) of planning. These days far too many spendone hundred hours, or more, planning the wedding. Yet, they spend no time at all planning theirmarriage or their life. You can change that in your life. Lay out the key points you have puttogether thus far and develop a plan of attack. This plan can start with the steps to gain theknowledge and skills you need to gain. Steps to get you in contact with the people andorganizations you need to help you along your road to success. Lay out all the steps you knowyou need to take to reach your goal. Organize then by priority, then sequence them. As you gothrough this process you will be motivated to take actions against the first step on your plan.Completing the first step will further motivate you to take action on the next step and so on.Now that you have a plan you need to set a deadline. A goal is a dream with an achieve-by date.Setting a deadline develops and intensifies your desire to attain your goals. Dont scare yourselfwith large goals or underestimate how long it will take to accomplish them. Instead break downlarge goals into small milestones with deadlines. These milestones will act like a forcing systemfor you unconscious mind. They will motivate and drive you towards your goal. Having deadlinesfor your goals will keep them on your mind. Making you more conscious to the situations andpeople in your life that can aid you on your road to success. Set your deadlines as realistically as
  3. 3. possible. Do not over or under estimate them be honest with yourself. You could always resetdeadlines. The key point I want to drive home here is that you MUST have a deadline to shoot for.You have the plan - now what? As I mentioned early in this article most people agree on thepositive impacts that goal setting have. Most of them have even gone so far as listing out theirmajor goals, however that is where they stopped. Here is where you are going to act differentlyand succeed in your goal achievement. The key word here is ACT. Take action on your plan! Donot procrastinate! The clock is ticking and your deadline is inching closer with each passingsecond. Do something each and everyday towards the accomplishment of your goals. Work withall your gusto on the first step of your plan until it is either completed or until you can make nofurther progress on it. Then move to the next step, coming back to those incomplete previoussteps as soon as you can move them forward to their completion. Keep moving, keep workingand keep taking your action steps every day, do not stop. Anyone that has ever had to push a carwill tell you the hardest part is getting it moving. Once your moving it will still take effort, but ittakes far less effort than if you stop pushing and have to start moving all over again. Takingconsistent daily action will not only move you quickly towards your goal but it will reinforce in yoursubconscious mind that you can and will attain your goal. Giving you a positive attitude towards it.Two additional things you can do you that will steel your resolve to accomplish your goals are tovisualize your goal and resolve to never give up. Visualize your goal continually or as often aspossible during every waking moment. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate betweenyour visualization and reality. So visualize your goal as already attained. View it in you mindseye with every detail possible. Feel the pride, joy and fulfillment that will come with reaching asignificant goal. Visualization will also make you aware of those situations and resources in yourlife that you will need to reach your goal. Finally resolve to never give up in your quest to reachyour goal. Attack it with a dogged determination. Let the words of the Capcom commander inApollo 13 ring in your ears; "Failure is not an option!" When you encounter barriers and obstaclesdo not ask yourself what will happen if or when I fail. Instead think positive, then develop a planaction. Ask yourself "How can I get over, around or though this barrier and reach my goal!"Everyone has goals, I have them you have them even a child has goals. These goals can bekeeping your job, getting a promotion, and the child has a goal of passing a test, getting that muchdesired toy they saw on television or showing mommy and daddy how much they are loved. Thedifference between these goals and the goals of the top achievers is focus. Peak achievers gothrough processes similar to the one I have laid out here to focus their actions on what they wantto be, have or do. They design their goals with a mission and this mission is success. Follow thisprocess and you too can rise to the levels of those you have watched in awe.Think Successfully & Take Action.Tracy Tracy Brinkmann 2000-2005 all rights reserved
  4. 4. Tracy Brinkmann is an goal setting and success counselor. Throughhis company Success Atlas, he provides goal-setting, motivational & educational material, &training via live presentations as well as digital/audio products. Sign up for his free e-Zinehttp://www.SuccessAtlas.comArticle Source: ====Achieve All Your Goals Effortlessly With This Amazingly Powerful Brain Re-Training Software... ====