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Finally lose weight quickly and easily and keep it off for good.

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diet solutions

  1. 1. ==== ====Proven Method To Shed Weight Quickly & Easily...Just Click My Link Below ====I found that there are things in life that we would rather not bother God with: One should not askGod to take the calories out of the chocolate cake, right, because one can in fact choose not to eatthe cake. Sure, there are other examples like these, but where do you draw the line? I think it bestto just bring it all to God and let Him tell you which part is yours and which part should be left up toHis almighty hands. So why not bring this dreaded weight loss plateau that has been chippingaway at your soul to Him?A verse that meant a lot to me in my struggle with "the dreaded plateau" is found in Jeremiah 33:3"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."You might be baffled by this pause in your weight loss, but God isnt. Dont panic and take anotherdangerous detour. The short cut to freedom is to ask God, He is eager to talk to you.Does that mean that following a healthy eating plan, getting some exercise, staying away fromdiets and dangerous methods and praying will ward off a weight loss plateau forever? No,unfortunately not. Even if you are doing all the "right things" you can still hit the dreaded plateau.Part of it is your bodys way to stay healthy, because too much weight loss too fast is veryunhealthy and causes serious health problems.There is good news though: The times I sharpened my CONSISTENCY with my exercise, healthyeating, and making time for God, I came out of it and started loosing weight again. The other timeswhen I caved under the pressure and turned again to diet pills, laxatives or other dangerousmethods, I sank back into the dark pit of despair without loosing weight anyway. Its not worth it! Ifthere is one thing we can learn from this struggle then it is to wait patiently on our God and let Himrestore our bodies in the way He knows best.Dont get me wrong: Waiting is not always the answer. The weight loss plateau might have beencaused by a physiological problem, a lack of knowledge or just plain denial. You might seriouslynot know that your portions are too big or that its not okay to graze the whole day long, but mostof us really knows. If the reason for your weight loss plateau lies in a lack of consistency then youprobably know it. Please be assured that I am not accusing you at all. I have gone both ways:There were times when I just knew that I wasnt doing what God was asking of me, but there werealso those times when I knew that I did everything I possibly could. In these times I had to learn totrust and wait.I am going to supply you with a list of things that might contribute to your weight loss plateau, butbefore you start tweaking anything, keep in mind that putting a few good things in place is not thesame as turning to a dangerous method. If you are suffering form an Eating Disorder then "plans"of following some extreme diet or getting a hold of diet pills might have gone through your mind
  2. 2. already. Please dont do it, that road is a dead!So here is a list of things to try and change if you hit a weight loss plateau. My advise is to changeit one at a time, so that you will know for the future what affects your bodys ability to loose weight.CHECK FOR HIDDEN SOURCES OF SUGAR and FAT- Never just assume that something isgood or healthy before you didnt look at the sugar and fat content on the label. It is very importantto read labels. People genuinely still believe that any sausage is okay even though some of thosehave more than 20g of fat. People also assume that sweetened cereal is healthy, but somecereals has more sugar than doughnuts. CHECK! EATING TOO LITTLE OR TOO MUCH CAN BE A PROBLEM - Tiny portions without plenty offruit and vegetables to go with it can cause your metabolism to go into "starvation mode". Youwant your metabolism to speed up, not slow down. So eat enough food low in sugar and fat. ARE YOU EATING SIX SMALL MEALS OR SNACKS A DAY - Research has shown that sixsmall meals a day are better than 3 large meals especially when you need more energy or want toloose weight. CUTTING SUGAR AND WHITE FLOUR - Now this is not easy, but if you have an "addiction"going surrounding white flour and sugar then you might still be sneaking it in everywhere andbinge on these late at night or certain times of the day. This will sabotage your weight loss effortfor sure. Important: Omiting the above substances from your diet must be done gradually,replacing refined white flour items with grainy ones as you go along and sugar with fruit or it cancause binging. CHECK YOUR MINERAL BALANCE and POTASSIUM LEVELS - Talk to you doctorabout the possibility of a mineral imbalance or a potassium shortage. There are also over thecounter supplements that you can take if you suspect this to be the culprit, but first confirm thiswith your physician.  TRY TO EXERCISE MORE - Exercise is a very important part of weight loss and it candefinitely help you get out of a weight loss plateau. However, your body might be in a rut and youmight have to do different exercise not necessarily more: Spice it up, if you have always walked onthe treadmill it might be time to give the stationary bike a go or to speed it up and start jogging fora few minutes a day in between walking. It is in fact always a good idea to mix up your exerciseroutine or have some intervals. If youre walking outside you might want to change your routeevery other day to include some hills or jog for short periods instead of just walking. WEIGHTS - Adding weights can give your metabolism that kick-start it might need to get out ofthe weight loss plateau. Use toning machines (found at fitness centers) or invest in someinexpensive small weights you can buy at sporting goods stores. Tip: Garage sales are a greatplace to find some light weights. FOOD ALLERGY - This is something you need to be tested for, but if you have been eating foodthat you are allergic to it could leave you feeling bloated, fatigued and irritable. All of these thingswill not benefit you in your weight loss plight but might in fact make you hit a weight loss plateau.Knowing which foods to avoid can help you. BEWARE OF TOO MUCH COFFEE OR TEA - Coffee, cola & tea with caffeine stimulaterelease of insulin with a temporary lift in energy followed by hunger, fatigue & slower weightloss. ALCOHOL - Alcohol stimulates insulin and can also make you hit a weight loss plateau IT MAY BE THE MEDICINES YOU ARE TAKING - Find out from your doctor if any of the drugsthat youre taking can interfere with weight loss and what you can do about it. TOO MUCH SALT- We all know that too much salt can cause water retention which might be
  3. 3. mistaken for excess weight. However, too much salt is also very unhealthy and causes otherhealth problems, so why not cut the salt, even if its not to blame for your weight loss plateau, it willbenefit you. MEDICAL PROBLEMS - It is always good to check with your doctor. Get some blood work doneto make sure you dont have a low thyroid, a vitamin or mineral deficiency or another health issuethat might prevent you from loosing weight. DRINK WATER - Too little water can be to blame for your weight loss plateau. Other drinks thatcontain caffeine can leave you dehydrated, but enough water especially before meals can helpyou distinguish between food hunger and water hunger. Lots of people are actually dehydratedmost of the time because they eat when their bodies are really asking for water, something thatcan also cause unnecessary weight gain. EAT MORE PROTEIN : If you eat more lean protein it can curb your craving for refined sugarsand carbs and indirectly improve your weight loss. Dont cut out all carbs though, always follow ahealthy balanced diet which includes healthy carbs such as grainy bread, brown rice, whole wheatpasta and oatmeal. Dont fall for the temptation to fall for a dangerous method, it always backfiresand in the end you are worse off. AVOID PROCESSED FOOD - Processed foods such as sauces, granola bars, and diet snackscontain sugar, which slows down your weight loss.In my own life I found that as soon as I gave up a lot of coffee and tea, especially with addedcreamer and Splenda, the weight loss plateau would finally budge. So although there are a host ofdifferent opinions when it comes to sweetener especially the most popular one at the moment,Splenda, always be sure to test it and see if there might be a link to your weight loss plateau(everybody is different) %u3000That said, most people dont have some big problem. For most of us weight loss plateaus willcome and go but only the consistent girls among us will make it. If none of the above applies toyou, then you just have to keep doing what youre doing and just wait it out.Its not easy, I know, but have a look at Galatians 6:9 "Let us not become weary in doing good, forat the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up"If you are suffering from and eating disorder or food addiction then not loosing weight might beextra difficult for you. The enemy will try to discourage you and fill you with anxiety to make youturn back to binge eating or bulimia. Dont turn back, remember that you are on a journey, andwaiting this out is part of the journey. This said, if  you are not on bulimia recovery journeyor you have not taken any steps to stop your binge eating then you can have a look at myProgram for Women struggling with food. There is help and healing, you dont have to live like thisfor the rest of your life.http://www.EatingsDisorders.comArticle Source:
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