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Political fundraising 3.0 is a multi-dimensional platform combining traditional fundraising methods with today’s technology to produce a unique blend of innovative solutions for political campaigns.

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Emerging Technologies Presentation

  1. 1. Neal Harrington<br />Harrington Forward Thinking<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />www.Harringtonft.com<br />Emerging Campaign Technologies<br />Fundraising 3.0<br />PROGRAMS<br />NETWORKING<br />TECHNOLOGY<br />Political fundraising 3.0 is a multi-dimensional platform combining traditional fundraising methods with today’s technology to produce a unique blend of innovative solutions for political campaigns.<br />
  2. 2. The New Fundraising Model<br />Engagement, Interaction and Mobilization Through Viral Distribution<br />VBizForward<br />Fast Forward to Effective Communications<br />PROGRAM:<br />HARRINGTON NETWORK <br />An online community built from both existing and new social networking applications specifically for the political industry.<br />NETWORKING:<br />HARRINGTON ACCOUNT CENTER<br />Web-based tools and applications to streamline your fundraising operations, expand your donor-base, and manage the lifecycle of political fundraising.<br />TECHNOLOGY:<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />
  3. 3. For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />
  4. 4. The Harrington Network<br />Social Networking 3.0<br />A central portal for the political industry – combining components from multiple social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with added features such as an e-commerce interface and live video chat<br />A portal in which citizens can engage, candidates interact and communicate with voters, and political professionals consult and run campaigns<br />Built from a combination of new and existing technologies to create a unique political network with a complete set of online tools for citizens, campaigns, candidates, and political professionals – all in one place.<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />Join the Political Network<br />Harrington-Network. com<br />Coming Soon<br />
  5. 5. Harrington Account <br />Center<br />Web 3.0<br />Harrington Account Center<br />Four web based applications<br />(Separately or Together in the HAC Suite)<br />Execute and manage the lifecycle of political fundraising<br />Any size campaign<br />Web 3.0<br />Fundraising<br />Manager<br />Web 3.0<br />Event <br />Manager<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />Web 3.0<br />Lead<br />Generator<br />Web 3.0<br />Online<br />Payment<br />System<br />
  6. 6. Plan multiple events for your organization <br />Manage all event activities <br />Organize in-kind gifts and sponsorships <br />Budget and track organizational expenses<br />Create and process multiple tier levels and packages <br />Arrange special accommodations<br />Create assignments and manage volunteer service <br />Create event appeal codes that link across your database <br />Process payments securely online <br />Send targeted emails and automatic event notices<br />Generate automatic email confirmations to registered attendees <br />Track the status of registrations and payments for all attendees<br />Web 3.0<br />Event <br />Manager<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />
  7. 7. An online payment system/solution that everyone can afford. Political entities need the capability to accept online contributions at a bare minimum in today’s world. <br /> Accept a Variety of Payments<br />All major credit cards accepted<br /> Prevent Fraud<br />Identify suspicious transactions with our value-added products and built-in tools<br /> Risk Management<br />Sensitive Data is never stored on your computer<br /> Money Available Quicker<br />Your funds are automatically deposited into your merchant account within two days<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />Web3.0<br />Online<br />Payment<br />System<br />
  8. 8. Fetch “Real time” leads from websites and social networks<br />Record, track, store, and share all of the contact history<br />Build and maintain a comprehensive and detailed history of all communication (phone, mail, email, event, meeting, etc.)<br /> Manage all of your day-to-day activities<br /> Plan, schedule, and track every step of your interaction<br /> Send personalized letters and email messages<br /> Receive automatic personal reminders upon login <br /> View donor profiles by any criteria you create<br /> Integrate outside emails and calendars <br /> Create automatic follow-up activities <br /> Import contact records from outside sources<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />Web 3.0<br />Lead<br />Generator<br />
  9. 9. Fundraising Management System<br /> Create a budget and finance for your fundraising campaign  <br /> Manage all fundraising activities<br /> Set-up and track recurring and one-time donations<br /> Integrate events into your fundraising campaign <br /> Track and manage contact histories to cultivate donors effectively <br /> Create pledge reminders and follow ups <br /> Track donations and pledges <br /> Categorize pledges by any criteria – interest, account, source, etc. <br /> Offer donors gift opportunities and premiums <br /> Attach important electronic documents to donor records <br /> Transfer appointments to your calendar <br /> Record detailed budget<br />Web 3.0<br />Fundraising <br />Manager<br />For more Information:<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />
  10. 10. Neal Harrington<br />President<br />5821 Fairview Road<br />Suite 214<br />Charlotte, NC 28209<br />704-553-5490<br />neal@harringtonft.com<br />