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Learn more about the programs available through this NDSU Affiliated Program Provider

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  • 98% of study abroad students reported: Helped me better understand my own cultural values and biases. Source: Transitions Abroad Magazine 80% of study abroad students report that the experience enhanced interest in academic study. Source: Transitions Abroad Magazine 76% of study abroad students reported that they acquired skill sets that influenced their career path. Source: Transitions Abroad Magazine.
  • GlobaLinks (NDSU Affiliate Provider)

    1. 1. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Semester/Year Abroad Summer or January Programs Career-Building Internships Research Abroad Degrees Overseas
    2. 2. I want YOU to go abroad!
    3. 3. Benefits of Study Abroad Personal, Social, Academic, Professional, & Cultural DISCOVERY
    4. 4. Study Abroad is for Everyone...EVEN YOU!A wide variety of programs means that there is one to fit youGet the classes you needEnrollment counselors provide you with personalized serviceFinancial advising to help you plan appropriately
    5. 5. Advantages of GlobaLinksLearning Abroad20 Years of Experience We know study abroad!Programs and Services Designed Around Your Goals You have your own individual goals for your time abroad - unique to you. Our programs are designed to help you discover in 5 key areas: Academic ,Social, Professional, Personal, & CulturalOur staff (here and abroad) are dedicated to your discovery Through personal advising and planned / suggested activities, we provide you with a framework to get the most out of your time abroad.
    6. 6. What’s Includedin Our ProgramsExcursions! Multi-day on-site Orientation Trips to other countries Activities around your local destinationPersonalized attention to your goalsEverything else you would expect (ie. academic credit, guaranteed housing, 24/7 support, flights assistance, immigration visa assistance, health insurance, predeparture support and advice)
    7. 7. Where can you go withGlobaLinks Learning Abroad?
    8. 8. Pacific Region Asia EuropeAustralia China Czech RepublicNew Zealand Hong Kong EnglandFiji Japan France Malaysia Germany Singapore Greece South Korea Ireland Thailand Italy The Netherlands Scotland Spain Wales
    9. 9. Programs Available
    10. 10. Summer Short CoursesSemester or Year Abroad Internships Research Abroad Degree Abroad
    11. 11. Study in Australia orNew Zealand• High Quality and Diverse Academics• Multi-Cultural• Adventure and Natural Wonders• Accessible• English Speaking in a Cultural Context• Size and Population• Unique History
    12. 12. Study in Fiji English is the official language The Fijian culture is incredibly unique and extremely welcoming Living in Suva provides great access to beautiful beaches for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and surfing. The year-round tropical climate
    13. 13. Study in Europe• Integrated University Study programs• Off the beaten path locations – local connections• Cultural Immersion • Czech Republic • England• Unique academic • France offerings • Germany • Greece• Fulfill degree • Ireland • Italy requirements • the Netherlands• Affordable program fees • Scotland • Spain • Wales
    14. 14. Study in Asia• Wide variety of programs• Asian Language courses• Courses taught in English• Comprehensive pre- departure services• Local language training • China • Hong Kong• in country orientation • Japan • Malaysia• On-site coordinators • Singapore • South Korea • Thailand
    15. 15. What’s Included?How we Make Your Discovery EASY and Fun!
    16. 16. We Include:Everything you would expectPersonalized Program Counseling: •MyLearn on-line admission system •Course selection/credit transfer •Immigration visa assitance •Travel arrangements •Financial aid transfer and financial planning •Pre-departure webinar •Comprehensive participant guide •Help for parents and advisorsTuitionTransfer CreditHousing and Meal PlansHealth InsuranceOn-site Staff24/7 Emergency supportInternet and cell phone accessAccess to ScholarshipsAlumni program on your return
    17. 17. AND MORE…Bridging CulturesOrientation Program• Typically 4-6 days in length• In an interesting location within your host country• Exciting excursions and activities• A chance to meet other students• Orientation sessions to help you adapt to your new country
    18. 18. AND MORE…Excursions• Discovery Activities – put on by resident staff in all destinations• Overnight and day trips included in all Spain programs• 4 day trip to a choice of destinations for all Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji programs• STA tours available
    19. 19. Contact Uswww.globalinksabroad.org1-800-980-0033studyabroad@
    20. 20. Take the Next Step Live Q & A Chat for this program: Apply for this program: http :// Return to Study Abroad Fair: