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Learn more about the programs available through this NDSU Affiliated Program Provider

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AIFS (NDSU Affiliate Provider)

  1. 1. +Studying Abroad with AIFS An NDSU Affiliate Program
  2. 2. Location, Location, Location…AIFS provides study abroad programs in 23 countries: Argentina Germany Australia Greece Austria India + Botswana Ireland Brazil Italy Chile New Zealand China Peru Costa Rica Russia Cuba South Africa Czech Republic Spain England Turkey France
  3. 3. + You’ve Got Options:  Summer programs ranging  3 Week January-term from 3-12 weeks in programs in Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chin and Spain a, Costa Rica, Czech  Semester programs in 18 Republic, England, France, Ge different countries around rmany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, P the globe. eru, Russia, South  Year-long programs in 17 Africa, Spain, Turkey. We also different countries around have two multi-country the globe. programs.
  4. 4. + The AIFS Difference:  Since 1964, over 1.5 million students have traveled abroad with AIFS.  With more than 45 years of experience, we have the resources and experience to provide what you want and need in a study abroad program, and to safeguard your welfare around the globe.
  5. 5. + Studying Internships Service Learning VolunteeringAIFS has several different types of programs available. You can takeclasses in your major, minor or electives to help you stay on track forgraduation.Also, you don’t have to know a foreign language before you go. You canlearn (or continue learning) a foreign language on-site and your otherclasses are taught in English.
  6. 6. + And when it comes to logistics,We’ve got you covered…All AIFS programs include: Housing  Excursions Meals  Pre-departure advising and support Transcripts  On-site orientation On-site staff and support Insurance
  7. 7. + We can even handle your travel!Round trip flight packages are available from morethan 20 US cities and include your transportation toand from the host campus.* European flight packages include a 3-day stop-over in London.
  8. 8. + Money? Money. Money! NDSU students currently receiving financial aid who are enrolled in a study abroad program are eligible to use that aid toward paying their program costs. AIFS offers more than $600,000 in scholarships annually. AIFS accepts outside scholarships. AIFS has a special program grant for select programs for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 (see next slide for more details). Published program fees are guaranteed in US Dollars, providing protection against currency fluctuations. AIFS does not assess a fee to participants who pay by credit card, providing hundreds of dollars in savings.
  9. 9. + NDSU tuition is waived; students pay mandated partial NDSU student fees Additional expenses:  AIFS Program feeAffiliate ProviderProgram Costs  $95 AIFS application fee  AIFS program depositEligible students can use financialaid and scholarships through NDSU.  AirfareDuring the application  Passport and visaprocess, students complete a  Books and suppliesFinancial Aid Questionnaire andthen can meet with Student  NDSU application fee ofFinancial Services to discuss theiroptions. $60 and course fee of $50
  10. 10. +Special NDSUProgram Grantsfor Fall 2013and Spring 2014
  11. 11. + Application Process  Stopby the NDSU Study Abroad Office in Memorial Union 116 to pick up an AIFS catalog and scholarship brochure.  Application materials are due to NDSU:  Summer, fall and academic year programs: March 1  Spring programs: October 1  Work with AIFS to complete the paperwork needed within our deadlines  Summer programs: Feb 15-March 15 (depending on program)  Fall deadlines: April 1-May 15 (depending on program)  Spring deadlines: Sept 1-October 15 (depending on program)
  12. 12. So, where do YOU want to go?Visit to start your journey.
  13. 13. +  Video will automatically play whenWatch the video to you advance to the next slidehear what our alumni  Or click this link to open in a newsay about AIFS window:More videos and student blogs can found at OxqVfopxt80
  14. 14. Live Q&A for this program