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Materi bahasa inggris sd kelas 3


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Materi bahasa inggris sd kelas 3

  1. 1. Family
  2. 2. Family Members Parents = orang tua Mother = ibu Father = ayah Brother = saudara laki-laki Sister = saudara perempuan Aunt = bibi/tante Uncle = paman Daughter = anak perempuan Son = anak laki-laki
  3. 3.  Grandmother = nenek Grandfather = kakek Grandson = cucu laki-laki Granddaughter = cucu perempuan Cousin = saudara sepupu Niece = keponakan perempuan Nephew = keponakan laki-laki
  4. 4. ExampleMy father’s name is SadorinMy mother’s name is JalimahMy Brother’s name is SarifMy sister’s name is Janah
  5. 5.  Dialog: A: How many brothers and sisters do you have? B: I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. A: What number are you? B: I am the youngest A: Anty doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. B: Yes, and Jabir is an only child. A: How many children do you have? B: We have two. One son and one daughter. A: Do you have any kids? B: No. I’m not married.