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Relieve Your Back Pain with Teeter Inversion Table


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Discover how Teeter Inversion Table relieve your back pain as well as brief reviews of some of the best Teeter Inversion Tables.

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Relieve Your Back Pain with Teeter Inversion Table

  1. 1. Go to... Home » Reviews » Relieve Your Back Pain with Teeter Inversion Table Tweet 2 3 Share 1 Submit Like 2 Relieve Your Back Pain with Teeter Inversion Table Introduction Teeter Inversion Tables are used by people in many countries and in all walks of life to relieve the discomfort and misery of back pain. It has been estimated that 80% of Americans will experience significant back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missing work, or for restricted workplace activities. Effective relief from back pain has important health and economic benefits, both for the individual sufferer and for the nation as a whole. For centuries medical practitioners used mechanical stretching and traction of the spine, often employing systems of pulleys and weights, in efforts to relieve severe back pain. Such treatments often involved immobilizing the patient for long periods of time, sometimes in hospital settings, and were cumbersome and expensive. The 20th century brought surgical techniques to repair and sometimes remove damaged spinal discs. Results from these methods have not been entirely successful. Clinical Studies of Inversion Tables Gravity inversion, a technique for stretching the back by suspending the body from the ankles in a partially- or fully-inverted position, has become increasingly popular in recent years. A number of medical, scientific, and clinical studies have demonstrated that gravity inversion is effective in reducing back pain in chronic back pain sufferers. Gravity assisted inversion tables have proved to deliver superior results to traction, and can even remove the need for surgery. What’s even better, these devices can be used safely and effectively in the home. In 2007, a team of specialists at Newcastle University in the UK, headed by Dr. A.D. Mendelow, reported on the results of a preliminary, randomized clinical study using gravity inversion tables. Their results showed that only 23% of a group of patients who used a Teeter Power II inversion table subsequently needed surgery, compared to 70% of a group that did not use inversion therapy. Benefits of Teeter Inversion Tables Benefits of the Teeter inversion table reported in that and other studies include: measurable lengthening of the spine; reduction of EMG (electromyogram) activity, a significant, clinical indicator of back pain; increase in the spacing between vertebrae, allowing decompression of the spinal discs; stretching of back muscles and ligaments; and reduction in blood pressure. These reports document measurable, physical benefits from the use of inversion tables. Additional benefits include improved disc cartilage flexibility; it is thought that decompression of the discs during inversion therapy results in increased blood circulation and rejuvenation of the discs. Stretching and strengthening of muscles and ligaments from gravity-assisted inversion also results in increased flexibility of the back, and improved resistance to further injury. In Teeter inversion table reviews, users consistently report immediate and long-lasting relief of back pain. Users report improved sleep, increased mobility and flexibility, and an overall improvement in well-being and quality of life. In addition many users report that they have reduced or eliminated their dependence on pain medications. People have reported that they were able to resume athletic activities, such as golfing, that back pain had forced them to quit. Professional athletes report strength, flexibility, and performance benefits from exercising on gravity inversion tables, and testify to their effectiveness in reducing or eliminating discomfort and pain from sport-derived stress and injury. US Army Uses Teeter Inversion Tables The website EnergyCenter ( reports that the US Army’s Physical Fitness School at Fort Benning, Georgia tested the Teeter Gravity Boots for use in their programs of physical fitness and training, not only to improve core muscle strengthening, but also to relieve and prevent damage and injury to the back and spine. The school also tested Teeter inversion tables. After six years of evaluation, Teeter was awarded a special certificate of recognition in appreciation of the benefits provided by the boots and the inversion table. converted by
  2. 2. Company History The Teeter Company has a thirty year history of designing and manufacturing gravity inversion tables for both home and institutional use. Beginning in 1981 as a small, family business operating out of a garage, Teeter’s has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise with a wellearned, international reputation for excellence. The company has an impressive line-up of inversion tables, from the Teeter EP-550 and Teeter EP-850 to the Teeter Power VI Inversion Table that will fit every budget and need. All Teeter inversion tables are designed for comfort, stability, ease of use, and above all user safety, featuring high strength, tubular steel frames with non-skid feet to maximize stability and prevent slippage during use. Teeter’s commitment to customer safety is reflected in the quality of their inversion systems’ design and manufacture. This commitment to quality is also reflected in the durable, scratch-resistant finishes applied to the frame, and in the design of their ergonomic handles and safety rails. Features of a few of Teeter’s many models of inversion table are described below. Teeter EP Line of Inversion Tables In 2008, Teeter introduced the popular EP line of inversion tables, EP signifying Exceptional Performance. All of them feature a flexible, injection-molded table bed that allows users to easily and comfortably perform twisting and flexing exercises while inverted. Many of the tables also feature the EZ-Reach ankle locking system, which has an extra-long locking handle so that the user doesn’t have to bend in order to lock or release the ankle clamps. The ankle locking system in these inversion tables can also be easily converted for use with Teeter’s Gravity Boots. Teeter F7000 Inversion Table The Teeter F7000 inversion table has been rigorously tested, and exceeds the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) clinical use 400% standard in supporting persons weighing up to 300 pounds. It also features Teeter’s own pivot system, with Teflon and epoxy bearings that guarantee years of squeak and rattle free usage. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table In just a few minutes a day, you can now fix you back pains in a short. Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table is ideal for this purpose and ensure you body fitness is the priority. The inversion table comes with significant simplicity for anyone to use. The features ensure that you have a cool experience as you improve your whole-body health. Try this inversion table to ensure that there is no pain in your back. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table Teeter’s Contour L5 system is an inversion table that features an easily-adjusted pivot point. Since the human body comes in so many sizes and shapes, not everyone’s center of gravity is the same. The one-click pivot system allows users to quickly adjust the pivot point while they are lying on the inversion table. The table bed also features a series of acupressure nodes and a decompression arch designed to maximize comfort and to assist in relieving pain and discomfort. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Teeter Power VI Inversion Table converted by
  3. 3. The Power VI Teeter Inversion Table is a top of the line system designed for use in commercial settings such as clinics, physical therapy centers, and athletic facilities. It features a motorized table top that quickly and easily inverts to preset angles, and locks in place at the touch of a button. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Tags: Teeter Hang Ups Related Posts Stamina Inversion Table: Pros and Cons 0 Salient features of Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion... 0 Review on Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table 0 Ironman Inversion Table: How to Choose and Use for y... 0 No Responses Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website converted by
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