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Inversion Table Reviews


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Best Inversion Table Reviews to help you choose good Inversion Table for your workout as well as discover the benefits of the Inversion Table Therapy.

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Inversion Table Reviews

  1. 1. Go to... Home » Inversion Table Reviews Inversion Table Reviews In today’s mechanical life, it is hard to find time to take care of self. The result is different health problems; the most common ones are blood pressure, heart troubles, sugar etc and not to forget the omnipresent back problems. Every second person today has one or the other issue with back/ spines/ neck pain etc. Inversion table is designed to help solve such issues. It is based on Inversion Therapy designed to work on the lower back pain. In this article we give the inversion table reviews of some famous models. Inversion therapy is not something new; it exists for last 24 centuries. It works by putting the legs higher than head, thereby inverting the effects of gravity. So, gravity helps in stretching your spinal cord, giving relief from pain and lowering stress. To think that an Inversion Table is for back pain only, may be as good as neglecting a whole range of other benefits that can be achieved by a regular inversion session. They are good to relieve headaches, stress and much more. Why you need to get upside down! There are many proven advantages on Inversion Therapy and Inversion tables. After all, if you cannot get it right, see upside down. It helps. Let us discuss some of benefits of Inversion Tables. Decompression of Spine: The spinal cord supports the body weight and remains under load most of the time in an active day. This leads to dehydration between disc joints, leading to pain. The inversion therapy reverses the effect of gravity and uses it to decompress the vertebrae thereby relieving pain and stress. One solution is to do headstand, but everyone cannot do it. So Inversion table is a good solution for everyone. Relief from Neck Pain: Another common result of stressful life is neck pain that happens due to muscular contractions. Inversion table helps to relax the neck muscles thus lowering the pain. Better Joint Function: The inversion therapy opens up all body joints by reversing the effect of gravity. This relieves the ligaments, tendons and joints. Improved Body Flexibility: As inversion therapy stretches the hip, back and hamstring muscles, this improves the body flexibility. Improved Posture: A regular workout on an inversion table correct hip misalignment thereby solving postural problems. Better Concentration: As Inversion table improves blood flow to the brain, it has observed to improve focus and concentration. The inversion therapy is fast catching up as a new form of yoga that works equally on body, mind and soul. The way this treatment works improves the functioning of the nervous system and gives relief from aches and pains. How to use one Hanging upside down, may look like a bit scary, but if done with a good Inversion table, then it real fun. In case you have high BP or heart problems, consult your doctor, before starting with it. Otherwise, it is absolutely no problem. Taking help of a spotter, when using the machine for the first time, is also not a bad idea. You can go solo once comfortable with the device. In general, do it slowly. Recline back on the inversion table slowly so that you get time to get used to reverse flow of blood toward head. Go at a rate of 10 degree in every 10 seconds, until your body is fully inverted. Stand there for about 5 minutes and come back to original position slowly without any jerk. How to choose one – Best 5 Inversion Table Reviews There are many make and models of inversion tables available in the market, but the 5 inversion table reviews given below are for the options that are best value of money. INVR-06C-BLK by Emer converted by
  2. 2. It is a premium quality stationary inversion table for back therapy exercises. It is padded with premium quality foam for comfort. The best price is around $100, it is best value for money. The stationary frame gives excellent stability. As per specific needs of a user, the working height can be adjusted from 4 feet to almost 6.5 feet. It gives complete 180 degree inversion and can take loads up to 300 pounds. The ankle lock and release are ergonomically designed for better comfort and safety. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table Another great exercising tool from the famous stable of Ironman, a trusted name among gym goers. An excellent device for ab training, and to relieve back pain. It is provided with 2.5 inch memory foam lined backrest, to give excellent comfort. It costs a tad higher at $300 a piece, but have unique features to justify the amount. The device can work at 10 different locking angles, has inverted hand grips to enable maximum stretch. It has all the standard features and can work easily up to 6.5 feet height and 320 pound loads. The table weight at 111 pounds and with dimensions of 35 x 62 x 58, it can fit into any average size gym. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Table Another great model of Inversion table by Teeter Hang Ups. It cost good $300/- a piece, but comes with the unique injection molded design with flex technology is best to allow intensive inversion stretch workouts. The comfort and safety of the design is a great feature of this model. The EZ Stretch Traction handles greatly improves the stretching experience of the user. The foot holders come with EZ-angle tether straps, and the user gets adjustable pillow with the design. The buyer also gets a pair of inversion boots with the machine. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Inversion Table by Stamina This design costs a reasonable $400, and comes with size of 50”x27.5”x54.5”. The design ensures secure, stable and comfortable stretching experience. It can accommodate users of almost all common heights and weights. The ratcheting leg lock paddle system secures the ankle safely; and is provided with push-button lever release. The machine has heavy duty steel frame and comes with one year frame and 90 days parts warranty. It has all the normal features like upholstered seat with comfortable backrest, handlebars and padded ankle support. converted by
  3. 3. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on ABI1600 Ab Body Power Back Machine This is a great inversion therapy table by Body Max. Costing about $200/- this design is a great buy. The machine provides combined benefits of an ab trainer and an inversion table. One can also do vertical as well as twisting knee and leg raise. The back rest comes with extra padding and safety rail. The machine can be folded for easy handling and storage. This can hold user up to 250 pounds and 6 feet 5 inch tall. If it fits your size and weight, then definitely a good bargain for starters. Click Here to See Reviews, Ratings and Pricing on Search this Site... Recent Posts Stamina Inversion Table: Pros and Cons The inversion therapy is an old way of curing the back pain problems. In our day to day like, the force of gravity works on our joints and body as we… Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain If you are suffering from chronic back pain, tired of regular doctor visits and side effects of pain killers, then if you are reading this article you… Salient features of Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table Inversion technique is nothing new. There are concrete evidences of the use of inversion therapy for treatment of back pain by hanging upside down for… Do Inversion Tables Work to Relieve Back Pain The reverse traction is a method by which the spine muscles and the ligaments are stretched outwards, to increase the space between the spinal vertebr… Inversion Table Benefits: The 5 Main Benefits of Inversion Table For thousands of people, there are many benefits of inversion table but mainly it is an ideal tool to provide relief from back pain. But the inversion… Review on Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table If you have tried to buy an inversion table, then by now you must be well aware that there are lots of options to choose from. One such range is the I… Factors to Consider in Buying Body Champ Inversion Table Body champ inversion tables allow you to hang upside down in order to decompress your spine. They have over the years interested many willing consumer… converted by
  4. 4. Relieve Your Back Pain with Teeter Inversion Table Teeter Inversion Tables are used by people in many countries and in all walks of life to relieve the discomfort and misery of back pain. It has been e… Where To Buy The Best Inversion Therapy Table Online You’ve read about the benefits of gravity inversion therapy tables in relieving back pain, and you’re thinking seriously about buying one. You’ve… Ironman Inversion Table: How to Choose and Use for your Workout “Backbone” is the word used for anything that gives critical support. The same is true for the human spine, without which it is not possible to do… Pages How to Find the Best Inversion Table: The Definitive Guide Inversion Table Comparison Chart © 2013 The Inversion Table Reviews. All Rights Reserved. Back to Top ↑ converted by