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Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain


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Discover how to do Inversion Table exercises to relieve you Back Pain. And more health benefits of Inversion Table exercises.

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Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain

  1. 1. Go to... Home » How To » Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain Tweet 2 2 Share 1 1 Like 2 Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain If you are suffering from chronic back pain, tired of regular doctor visits and side effects of pain killers, then if you are reading this article you have surely come to the right place. This article will explain the different inversion table exercises to enable you take the full advantage of the machine. Though inversion itself is the major exercise targeted to cure back pain, posture correction etc, but with the help of the inversion table you can perform different exercises to improve the flexibility & strength of body, and to improve brain activity. Regular workout on the inversion table will surely reduce your doctor and chiropractic visits, and not to forget the visits to the pharmacy to get the next dose of pain killers. The 3 main inversion table therapy exercises explained here are Fully inverted crunches 45 degrees crunch in inverted condition. Side bending exercises. Let us explore them one by one in detail. One advice to all, before starting with the inverse table exercise therapy, consult your doctor first, especially if you have heart problems of high blood pressure. If everything is ok, then Fully inverted crunches As you set the inversion table to full 90 degree rotation angle, you will be able to do the fully inverted crunches. These are entirely different from the crunches done while lying of floor, and give and entirely Teeter Hang Ups FIT-200 different feeling. These crunches are very good for the abdomen and shoulder muscles, and work on muscles at angles totally different from the angles that are active while doing ground crunches. The half inverted crunches To do the half inverted crunches, set the inversion table at 45 degree inversion angle. The experience that you will get at 45 degree will be very different from the exercise done lying on the floor or at 90 degree inversion angle. These exercises are very effective to tone the abdomen muscles and help to build six abs. The 45 degree crunches work specifically on the spinal muscles, thereby improving body posture. The Side bends exercise These crunches are also done in fully inverted 90 degree inverted position. In this, you are required to place your hands on the back of your head. By using the left side torso muscles, pull the upper part of the body to left. Then repeat the same by bending to right using the right hand side torso muscles. Repeat this exercise many times. This will improve your abs and strengthen the spinal muscles. TruBalance EX-990S The Sit-ups The sit ups are very good for improving abs and the flex muscle tissues. To do this exercise set the table at 45 degrees or the 90 degree angle. Fold your arms across the torso, lock the chin toward sternum and using the chest muscles pull the body upwards to the extent that your hands touch the upper part of thighs. Then come backwards to the original position. Do the exercise 10 to 15 times, in three sets. converted by
  2. 2. The Twist These are also done by fixing the inversion table at full 90 degree inversion angle. This involves rotating the upper body slowly in both directions. First set for full inversion position, catch hold of the left side of the table with the help of the right hand and then rotate the body in this direction. Then reverse position by holding the table on the right side and pushing the body in the right hand direction. Repeat the exercise 1015 times in three batches. The above exercises can be combined with inversion therapy, to get wholesome benefits for the full body. The main benefits of the inversion therapy are listed below: It helps to reduce the lower back pain by opening up the spine. It frees the pinched nerves, giving relief from acute back pain. By opening the spine, the discs get relieved, and joint fluid is replenished. Innova Fitness ITX9600 It relieves the inflamed muscles. It improves the flow of blood towards head, thereby improving brain activity. Better flow of blood leads to faster regeneration of muscles and ligaments. It strengthens the back muscles, thereby improving body posture. If you want to read an authority of inversion therapy then visit the following link: Related Posts Do Inversion Tables Work to Relieve Back Pain 0 Inversion Table Benefits: The 5 Main Benefits of Inv... 0 Factors to Consider in Buying Body Champ Inversion T... 0 Where To Buy The Best Inversion Therapy Table Online 0 Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) converted by
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