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The meeting of the science minds


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The meeting of the science minds

  1. 1. January 24th, 2012 Teaching and Learning Science Second Life MeetingNancy Dooley, Ed Pell, Ralph Siegel
  2. 2. Our first meeting with our group. We brainstormed ideas for our project and came up with a few ideas.
  3. 3. Our feelings about Exciting Challenging Second Lifeand our future as a science teacher! Fun
  4. 4. Our goal: To create exciting and engaginglessons for our students that will develop theirlove for science and broaden their knowledge.Our idea: To answer the questions everychild has with scientific experiments.Why is the sky blue?What makes bread rise?Why do cats have whiskers?Our plan: To ask children in our livesquestions they may have and each weekwe will use hands on activities toanswer those questions.
  5. 5. Science Mystery Theater
  6. 6. Why is the moon Will we ever sometimes out during the day? discover aliens? Kids’ most burning questions How much does How do airplanes the Earth weigh? stay up?
  7. 7. After some hearing issues we moved back into ourmeeting place to see if the professor was around. We found another classmate. Hi Tami! Jake was just here a minute ago.
  8. 8. WE CREATED OUR PLAN • Explain lesson to students • Let students brainstorm Step 1 • Demonstrate experiment • Break up into groups • Assist students with experiments Step 2 • Return to desks for more brainstorming • Compare results • Review if the question has been answered Step 3 • Create new questions
  9. 9. Conclusion: Science should be hands on learning and funExperiments and student brainstorming will keep the students interested and engaged in the lesson.