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Holi ppt to financial institution


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HOLI - PPT to Financial Institution

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Holi ppt to financial institution

  2. 2. Viability Capacity Researcher Managing Ethical Transparency Honest Trustworthy Practice Integrity Jump to Execute Move with Precaution Professional Responsibility Energy Next SHP Cost Divorced from Reality
  3. 3. Project Location Map
  5. 5. HOLI – II HEP – 7 MW District – Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
  6. 6. HOLI – II HEP – 7 MW District – Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
  7. 7. PROJECT AREA HOLI – II Small Hydro Project (07 MW)
  8. 8. PROJECT SUMMARY • • • • • • • • • • • Project Name Capacity Total Project Land Type of Scheme MOU signed on DPR Prepared by Major Component Holi-II Small Hydro Project 07 MW 4.1595 Hect. (Forest Land) Run of River 17th July 2007 AHEC, IIT, Roorkee Weir, Water Conductor system, Power House, Muck Disposal Sites, Switch Yard Grid Connectivity  Holi-I 33Kv Sub-Station Project Cost  Rs. 64.90 Crores LADA Money  1st Installment Paid Implementation Agreement  Signed on 8th Oct, 2010       
  9. 9. Holi-II SHP  DPR Salient Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • Capacity Design Discharge Net Head Diversion Weir Feeder Channel Desilting Tank Power Channel WC System Surge Tank Penstock Power House Turbine Tail Race Channel – – – – – – – – – – – – – 07 MW 2.70 cumecs 313 mtr Trench Type (Elev: 2349 mtr) Rectangular (240 mtr) 24 m X 6 m X 2.7 m Rectangular (110 mtr) 1410 mtr. 2 m dia X 21.7 m Height 1 m dia & 410 m long Surface (Elev: 2033 mtr) Pelton Type ( 2 X 3500 kW) Rectangular (25 mtr long)
  10. 10. NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE’S • Gram Panchayat • Wildlife • Fisheries • I&PH • PWD • PCB • Forest Land • Explosive License         Received Received Received Received Received Received Received Received
  11. 11. Year 2005 – 2007 (Application Process) • Project Identified by M/s O.P. Steels Ltd. & named "Holi-II SHP" of 5 MW capacity in District Chamba (HP) under the "Self Identified Scheme" of HIMURJA (Nodal Agency of Himachal Government for Small Hydro projects upto 5 MW capacity) in year 2005. • The MOU in between Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and M/s O.P. Steels Ltd. was executed on 17th July, 2007 for preparation of DPR of Holi-II SHP (5MW) in Chamba (HP). • The PFR of the project was submitted to Nodal Agency HIMURJA in Dec, 2007.
  12. 12. Year 2008 • The Pre-Project Development Activities of the project Holi-II • • • • • • SHP, assignment to be executed by M/s Krishna Hydro Projects Pvt. Ltd., Dehradun in 2008. The discharge measurement site developed near Power House site and regular discharge taken from April 2008. The Topography survey work was done by M/s Himalayan Surveying Services, Paonta Sahib for detailed topography of the project area in the year 2008. The Geology Survey work was done by M/s Kain Geotech, Dehradun for detailed geological investigation of the project area in the year 2008. All Rock & Stone testing (Petrography Analysis) was carried out by M/s Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Dehradun. All water sample sedimentation tests/silt analysis was carried out by M/s Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Dehradun. The Socio Economic Survey of the Project Area was carried out by "Kudrat Gramodhog Sansthan", Dehradun in the November, 2008.
  13. 13. Year 2009 • The Detailed Project Report (DPR) was prepared by "Alternate • • • • • • Hydro Energy Center" (AHEC), IIT, Roorkee in July, 2009. The DPR was submitted to Energy Department, Himachal Government / HIMURJA for the capacity 7 MW in July 2009. The DPR transferred from HIMURJA to HPSEB on October, 2009 for TEC Evaluation due to enhance capacity from 5 MW to 7 MW. The HPSEB transferred the record to Directorate of Energy (Nodal Agency for above 5 MW projects) for TEC evaluation. The NOC from Wildlife Department was obtained on 5th Nov, 2009. The NOC from Gram Panchayat was obtained on 6th Nov, 2009. The NOC from Fisheries Department was obtained on 17th Dec, 2009.
  14. 14. Year 2010 • The Local Area Development Fund (LADF)- 1st Installment of Rs. 3.5 lacs • • • • • • • • • • were deposited in SDM, Bharmour office on 17th March, 2010. Joint inspection of the project completed on 5th May, 2010. The NOC from Public Work Department (PWD) was obtained on 25th June, 2010. An agreement between Irrigation & Public Health Department, Govt. of HP and M/s O.P. Steels Ltd. signed on 2nd July 2010. The NOC from IPH Department was obtained on 8th July, 2010. A Tripartite Agreement between Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, M/s O.P. Steels Ltd and M/s Om Energy Generation Pvt. Ltd. (SPV) signed for project implementation on 3rd Sept, 2010. Techno Economic Clearance (TEC) for the project Holi-II SHP (7MW) accorded by Directorate of Energy on 22nd Sept, 2010. Power Evacuation System/ROW granted/confirmed in TEC at Holi Sub Station. Implementation Agreement for project execution signed between Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and M/s Om Energy Generation Pvt. Ltd. on 8th Oct, 2010. Demand Notice for Construction Power (200 kVA) of Rs. 2,17,000/- received from HPSEB on 26th Aug, 2010. Statutory payment deposited in the office of SDO, HPSEB, Bharmour on 26th Oct, 2010. CDM Validation – Prior Consideration for project was listed in UNFCCC on 20th Dec, 2010.
  15. 15. Year 2011 • NIT/Tender Notice for EPC contract of Electro Mechanical works was floated • • • • • • • • in news papers on 30th Dec, 2010. Tender prepared & evaluated by VERKIS, Iceland. Pre-bid meeting held on 8th July, 2011 and Bid received on 16th Aug, 2011. Finalization of contractor is under process. (Pending) Forest land case was submitted on 4th Oct, 2010 and in-principal approval was obtained on 28th Feb, 2011. Ghoshna Patra of project land by Deputy Commissioner Chamba (Section 4 procedure for project land lease deed) released on 8th April, 2011. Statutory payment of forest land was submitted in March 2011 by IPP and the final approval from MOEF, Regional Office Chandigarh was obtained on 27th April, 2011. Essentiality Certificate for project land issued by Directorate of Energy, Himachal Govt. on 28th April, 2011. The public hearing in project area for CDM benefits was held on 1st May, 2011. NOC's on Ghoshna Patra (Section 4) given by Panchayat on 27th May, 2011 and by Forest on 31st May, 2011. The Explosive case submitted to Chief Controller Explosive, Faridabad on 1st June, 2011. The Consent to Establishment (NOC) from Pollution Control Board was granted on 20th July 2011 for the year 2011-12.
  16. 16. Year 2011 • Permission to start the construction work of project has been • • • • • • • accorded by Deputy Commissioner, Chamba on 25th July, 2011. NIT/Tender Notice for Turnkey Projects for Civil & Hydro Mechanical works was floated on news papers on 1st Sept, 2011. Tender prepared & evaluated by Synergics India. RFQ received on 21st Sept, 2011. RFP received on 7th Nov, 2011. Finalization of Contractor is under process. Tender document for Bridge and Road of project issued to contractor in Aug, 2011. Sale Tax/VAT (TIN) registration of Om Energy Generation in Chamba (HP) completed on 5th Nov, 2011. The Explosive Storage License NOC from Deputy Commissioner, Chamba has been accorded on 8th Nov, 2011. The 1st LADF meeting for committee formation has been held on 15th Nov, 2011 under the presence of ADM Bharmour and other concern department. Explosive License granted to Om Energy Generation by Chief Controller Explosive, Faridabad on 9th Dec, 2011. Project LADF Joint Account in PNB Holi opened on 27th Dec, 2011.
  17. 17. Year 2012 • Demand Notice for Passage case (approach to PH Site) of Rs. • • • • • 2,02,605/- received from HPSEB on 20th Jan, 2012. Demand Notice for Bay/Interconnection point at Holi Sub Station of Rs. 14,60,000/- received from HPSEB on 20th Jan, 2012. Labour License – Activity pending/ stopped. It will happen when "Contractor at Site". Demarcation of project component on the ground is pending/ stopped due to non finalization of Contractor. Enumeration of trees from project component by Himachal Forest Corporation is pending/ stopped. Cutting lot should be made with Civil Contractor. Capital Subsidy of the project will be applied only after one year completion of project construction works. As per G.O. of MNRE – 50% Equity and 50% Loan disbursement should have been completed.
  18. 18. Year 2012 • Revenue Lease deed case of the project land with Himachal Govt. is in process. • • • • NOC from ADM received and case file forwarded by DC, Chamba to Divisional Commissioner, Dharamsala for onward submission to Secretary Revenue. File is at present in Revenue Deptt. Shimla for approval of Secretary Revenue. Statutory Payment for Passage case (approach to PH Site) of Rs. 2,02,605/deposited in HPSEB Ltd. on 17th July, 2012 through DD No. 110414. Statutory Payments for Bay/Interconnection point at Holi Sub Station of Rs. 14,60,000/- deposited in HPSEB Ltd. on 17th July, 2012 through DD No. 110415. Renewal of PCB Consent to Establishment is due on 20th July 2012. We apply for renewal on 17th July 2012 and statutory payment of Rs. 1,60,000/deposited to Asst. Engg. PCB Regional Office, Chamba on 24th July, 2012 through DD No. 110466. STU Coordination Committee meeting attended by Om Energy on 15th Oct, 2012 for discuss the grant of connectivity of project. The issue taken by committee. Next meeting of STU Coordination committee is schedule on 4th Dec, 2012 for Final State Grid Interface Connectivity Agreement of Holi-II SHP.
  19. 19. Year 2012 • Passage final letter for possession of land at site is received from Asst. • • • • • Engineer, Holi Power House Division, HPSEB Ltd. on 20th Oct, 2012. Request for revised cost estimate of Holi-II SHP submitted to AHEC, IIT Roorkee submitted on 16th June, 2012 and after consent of AHEC the statutory fees of Rs. 89,888/- submitted vide DD No. 110624 dated 27/8/2012. The draft revised cost estimate received from AHEC on 5th Oct, 2012 and after consent of Om Energy the Final revised cost estimate received on 22nd Oct, 2012 with independent due diligence. Application for approval of revised cost estimate from Directorate of Energy, Govt. of HP submitted on 26th Oct, 2012. The revised project cost is cover under the Govt. Order MPP-F (10)-24/2011 dated 7th July, 2012. Captive utilization of Power of Holi-II SHP is in progress with a leading textile industry of North India. Advance stage of Electrical and Electro-mechanical contracts to be signed, bids received, evaluated and short listing of contractors done. EPC contract being drafted by the leading lawyer of infrastructure space M/s Hemant Sagar Associates. Loan processing conversation start with State Bank of India, Industrial Finance Branch, Chennai by Om Energy Head office, Chennai in November 2012. Site visit planed in February OR March 2013 due to Snow in winter season at project site.
  20. 20. Year 2013 • Application for Extension of Financial Closure submitted on 16th Nov, 2012, • • • • DOE demand for application fees through letter dated 20th Dec, 2012, OEGPL deposit statutory fees of Rs. 4,20,000 + Interest of Rs. 5000 through DD vide letter dated 14th Feb, 2013. Directorate of Energy approval for FC Extension for 6 months granted on 20th Feb, 2013. Directorate of Energy approved the revised cost estimate of Holi-II SHP on 26th Feb, 2013. SBI, Chennai team visit Holi-II project site on 3-7th March 2013 for approval & sanction of loan application of the project. Renewal of PCB Consent to Establishment is due on 31st March 2013. We online apply for renewal on 16th March 2013 and statutory payment of Rs. 1,60,000/- deposited to Asst. Engg. PCB Regional Office, Chamba on 28th March, 2013 through DD No. 111617. As per direction of Revenue office Shimla, the application for Section 118 compliance on lease case of Holi-II SHP submitted to DC Chamba office on 28th March 2013. File is under process and DC, Chamba forwarded case to SDM (Civil), Bharmour vide letter dated 25/4/2013. A reminder is also send by DC to SDM on 17/5/2013. Reply from SDM still awaited and delayed due to amendment in lease rule by HP Govt.
  21. 21. Year 2013 • Loan Application acknowledgement received from SBI on 3rd April, 2013. • • • • • Reply of SBI queries send to them through email & letters dated 6th June, 2013 and 25th June, 2013. Agreement by OEGPL for Power Purchase of Holi-II SHP with NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd. (NVVN) signed on 5th April, 2013 for tender participation in GOA. PCB Consent to Establish for FY 2012-13 received from Member Secretary, HPPCB vide letter dated 23rd April, 2013. PCB Consent to Establish for FY 2013-14 accepted by RO, PCB Chamba on 8th May, 2013 and statutory fees of Rs. 1,60,000/- accepted by PCB vide receipt no. 0062278 dated 8th May, 2013. Connectivity Agreement file submitted to HPPTCL on 22nd June, 2013 vide letter dated 20/6/2013 along with statutory fees of Rs. 4 lacs through DD no. 625496 dt. 20/6/2013. STU Coordination Committee meeting attended by Mr. Sanjay Saklani on 6th June, 2013 at Shimla for discussions & approval of Connectivity Agreement by Pr. Secretary (Power) Govt. of HP, and In-principal agreed. Approved in Minutes of Meeting on HPPTCL website released on 19th July, 2013. Letter of Consent received on dated 25th July, 2013.
  22. 22. Year 2013 • Meeting/discussions with SBI Team by Om Energy Team held at Chennai on • • • • • 15th June, 2013 and 16th July, 2013. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) of Holi-II SHP signed with Reliance Power Trading Limited, Mumbai, on 1st August, 2013. Demand Draft to DFO Bharmour for short realization of cost of trees of Rs. 8,21,306/- prepared on 29th July,2013 and send to DFO Bharmour vide letter dated 1st August, 2013. SBI Chennai asked Directorate of Energy, Shimla regarding PLF of Chamba area projects which has been replied by Directorate of Energy and data send to SBI through Email on 8th August, 2013. All project documents (Hard copy) submitted to IFC Branch, SBI Chennai during the meeting on 27th August, 2013 by Om Energy team for committee appraisal/approval. Project Risk Management – Insurers “AON Global” Exclusive Mandate.
  23. 23. Year 2014 • CRISIL Rating of Om Energy Generation Private Limited B + Stable Granted. • Electro – Mechanical Contract of Holi II Finalized and Signing in progress. • Financial Closure achieved from State Bank of India, IFB Branch Chennai • • Tamil Nadu India SBICAP Trustee Company Limited appointed as Security Trustee for Facility of Term Loan on 28th January 2014 for “Loan Agreement Documentation”. Bridge & Approach Road construction started.
  24. 24. Joint Inspection of Project Held on 5th May, 2010 • • • • District Administration – ADM Bharmour/Tehsildar/Patwari Gram Panchayat – Gram Pradhan/ Panchayat Member Project Administration – Director, Om Energy Generation P. Ltd. Pollution Control Board – Asst. Environment Engineer, Chamba • • • • Forest Department – ACF Bharmour IPH Department – Asst. Engineer, Bharmour PWD Department – Asst. Engineer, Garola Sub Division Mining Department – Mining Inspector, Chamba
  25. 25. Joint Inspection of Project Held on 5th May, 2010
  26. 26. CDM Registration for Project Consultant: Agrinergy Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. 1st Floor, Mathuradas Mills Compound, N M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (w), Mumbai – 400013 (India) Website: Present Status Pre-Consideration Process Completed with UNFCCC Website:
  27. 27. National Grid Connectivity Approval
  28. 28. PPA with Reliance Energy
  29. 29. Discharge Site
  30. 30. Socio Economic Survey
  31. 31. CDM Awareness Meeting
  32. 32. Topography Survey
  33. 33. Transmission Line Survey & Interconnection Point
  34. 34. Snow Fall at Project Area
  35. 35. CSR Activity in Project Area
  36. 36. SUMMARY OF MUCK GENERATED/ UTILIZATION Sr. No. Project Component Total muck/debries generated (Cum) 45% additional on air voids (Cum) Total Quantity of muck (Cum) A 1 B C D 15934 2 3 Intake weir, Feeder Channel, Desilting Tank, Power Channel & Head Race Tunnel Head Race Tunnel, Surge Shaft & Penstock Power House, Tail Race Channel & Switchyard etc. Total = E= (C+D) Estimated quantity of muck proposed to be utilized (Cum) F Estimated quantity of muck proposed to be dumped (Cum) G=(E-F) Name of dumping site shown in plan Individual capacity of dumping sites H I 7171 23105 9245 13860 Dumping Site No. 1 22300 5040 2270 7310 2920 4390 Dumping Site No. 2 9840 51000 22950 73950 22200 51750 Dumping Site No. 3 44120 71974 32391 104365 34365 70000 76260 Note: The balance muck of dumping site no. 3 will be disposed at dumping site no. 2 and few quantities will be used for construction of retaining walls.
  37. 37. MUCK USAGE • In House Utilization in Project Construction – Fine Aggregate – Crushed Coarse – Wire Crates • Develop Filled up Land for Switch Yard
  38. 38. Eco-Friendly Development Acceptable & TEC Condition XX Undertaking regarding release of 15% water in accordance with Govt. of H.P. Notification No. PC-F (2)-1/2005 dated 16-07-2005 as amended vide Notification No. PC-F (2) -1/2005 dated 09/09/2005.
  39. 39. Eco-Friendly Development Acceptable & Submitted Undertaking to install the real-time online continuous flow measurement and data logging device for measuring 15% flow down-stream of the river/stream before coming into operation.
  40. 40. PRESENT STATUS OF PROJECT • Ready for Construction • Project Land - 100% Forest Land • Project Land Cost – 100% Paid • Lease Deed of Land in Final Stage • Construction Power is available • Transmission Connectivity Approval received and Agreement is in progress for Power Wheeling & Banking.
  41. 41. PROJECT ADVANTAGES • Socio Economic Development • Displacement of CO2 Emissions • Environmentally Benign source of Energy • Zero Submergence and No R&R Issue • Improves Stability and Reliability of Grid System
  42. 42. Synergics Hydro (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  43. 43. OEGPL - Details of Hydro Personnel’s
  44. 44. Stake Holders
  45. 45. Why Invest in Holi-II SHP?? • Upstream of Holi-I SHP (3 MW) of HPSEB – Running • Grid connectivity available before project goes into • • • • Construction Phase 100% Land/NOC’s/Explosive License – AVAILABLE Sale of Power PPA with HPSEB on APCC or Preferential Tariff. Captive Sale & SWAP Possible. Demand of Power Locally Envisaged to Grow Kuther HEP (260MW) of JSW / Bajoli-Holi HEP (180MW) of GMR /Bara Bangal HEP (200MW) of Bhilwara Cost/ Connectivity/ Control/ Consolidation/ Climate Credit / Inclusive Growth
  46. 46. Cash Accrual Yearly Generation (MU) by (AHEC, IIT, Roorkee) Tariff (Per Unit) Yearly Revenue (Rs.) 43.57 Rs. 3.00 (Preferential Tariff) 13,07,10,000 43.57 Rs. 3.50 (APCC/REC Tariff) 15,24,95,000 43.57 Rs. 4.25 (Commercial Tariff) 18,51,72,500
  47. 47. CHALLENGE
  48. 48. OPEN SYNERGY 1) Participation in Contracts/Agreements (Legal Clauses) 2) MIS of Project Monitoring and Reporting system 3) Appointment of Third Party for Project Progress Review 4) F. I. can exercise Direct Payment of Invoices to Contractors on Approval of Joint Progress
  49. 49. Name Ravi Kumar Gupta Date of Birth 11 May, 1957 Father’s Name O. P. Gupta Present Address Telephone/ Mob No. No 9, L.R.N. COLONY, SARADA COLLEGE ROAD, HASTHAMPATTI, SALEM PIN - 636007 No 9, L.R.N. COLONY, SARADA COLLEGE ROAD, HASTHAMPATTI, SALEM PIN - 636007 080-25724768, +91 9731277899 E-mail PAN No/ GIR No AADPG3089J Educational Qualifications B. Com Experience Details Managing Director of Om Energy Generation Pvt. Ltd. Membership in boards of other companies Salem Food Products Ltd. Sonal Vyapar Limited Kanishk Steel Industries Ltd Permanent Address Special Awards/ Achievements Membership of other organizations/ associations Member of Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, Steel Furnace Association of India and Confederation of Indian Industry in TNSC(SR) ,Serving the community as Promoters and Trustees of Om Prakash Medical Research Trust, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital in the medical field, and Sri Vidya Mandir in Salem which have 5 Schools with 7000 students.
  50. 50. KHPPL STAND OUT Team Leader Mr. DALIP DUA [MBA (Marketing), M. Com] Introduction : Managing Director OPG Group Directorship Website • • • • • • • • • • : Krishna Hydro Projects Pvt. Ltd. : Om Energy Generation Pvt. Ltd. : OPG Power & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. : / An Entrepreneur/Consultant on Hydro projects in India and SAARC. Director of Indo-Icelandic Business Association (IIBA) , 2011 – 2013. Chairman of Indo-Icelandic Business Association (IIBA) , 2014 – 2016. Originating hydro power initiatives in India on a Joint Venture basis. Life member of “International Hydro Association” (IHA). Vice President, “Himalayan Power Producers Association”. Life Member of “Doon Club Ltd” access to 84 Social Clubs of India. Member of Confederation of Indian Industry - Renewable Task Force. Member of Confederation of Indian Industry - Gulf Committee. Member of Indian National Hydro association. Professional Experience • Architect of International Strategic MOUs and Co-operation Agreement for IPP Concessions. • Participated and presented paper in World Bank regional cooperation conference in Brazil organized by IHA and government of Brazil (on energy sector and transmission). • In hydro, closely coordinating with Engineering Companies VERKIS Iceland and Synergics India. • Preparation & site assignment for DPR of Holi –II (7MW) with AHEC, IIT Roorkee; securing approvals from Himachal Government, clearances and final land acquisition for green field development. The project is ready for construction, all clearances and pre-project development activities completed under his Direction. • Worked with clients like Polyplex Corporation Ltd., DCM Shriram Company Ltd., Absolute & Ultima, B Fouress (P) Ltd., Larsen & Toubro, Sunflag Power Ltd., Regency Group, Uttarbharat Hydro, Super Hydro Electric and OPG Power Group for Hydro & Transmission Projects Development in Himalayas and SAARC. • Presently doing Business Development of Hydro Projects of Nepal for OPG Group. • Renewable Energy Portfolio of OPG Group Globally to be Initiated with targeting 66 MW OPG Japan Solar.
  51. 51. DEVELOPMENT CONSIDERATION Om Energy Generation Believes Hydro Power Development Channels Multi-Region & Bipartisan Support Than any other “Clean Energy Technology”
  52. 52. THANK YOU Presented By: Dalip Dua M/s Om Energy Generation Pvt. Ltd.