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Lts 1

  1. 1. Pitt Sailing Club Learn to Sail Lesson 1
  2. 2. College Sailing ICSA 218 schools nationwide MAISA 43 schools We’re the newest team! Also the first team in Western PA
  3. 3. Preparation From the Sun How?
  4. 4. Sun Preparation
  5. 5. Preparation From cold/wet weather How!? What is hypothermia and why is it a big deal?
  6. 6. Cold/Wet Weather Preparation
  7. 7. Prepare Boat and water safety How!?!?!!?
  8. 8. Wear your Lifejacket! No EXCEPTIONS! AT ALL TIMES WHEN ON OUR BOATS! No, I don’t care how stupid you think you look. Why should you wear one anyway?
  9. 9. PFD usage Fall overboard Capsize Insulation from cold Will keep your head above water when you’re unconscious (USCG-approved) Make sure it fits! PSC provides for you
  10. 10. Know your Boat Hull Bow Stern Cockpit Rudder/Tiller/Tiller extension Centerboard/daggerboard (and trunk)
  11. 11. Know your Boat! Mast/Boom Sail anatomy Standing Rigging Running Rigging
  12. 12. Mast/Boom/Standing Rigging Mast – big upright metal spar Boom – horizontal metal spar that hits your head Shrouds – metal cables holding mast up on sides Forestay – cable/line holding mast forward Spreaders – provide support to shrouds
  13. 13. Running Rigging Mainsheet – control angle of mainsail Jibsheet – control angle of jib sail Halyards – raise/lower sails Boom Vang – prevents boom from rising Outhaul – stretches foot (bottom) of sail Cunningham – stretches luff of sail
  14. 14. Sail Anatomy Head – top of sail Luff – front edge of sail Food – bottom of sail Tack – corner of luff and foot Leech – back edge of sail Clew – corner of leech and foot Battens – provide rigidity of sail
  15. 15. Directional Terms! Port – Left when facing forward Starboard – Right when facing forward “Stars are always right.” Ahead – forward Astern/Aft – behind Midships – midline Abeam – beyond middle of boat at 90° angle
  16. 16. More directions Windward – side from which the wind blows Leeward (loo-ward) – opposite, downwind side Port Tack – wind coming over port side of boat Starboard Tack – wind coming over starboard side of boat!
  17. 17. Directions Which side is windward in this diagram? Leeward? What tack is this boat on?
  18. 18. Weather/Wind Awareness Watch clouds for weather changes Know forecast Know wind direction (generally/predominantly)
  19. 19. Wind Direction How can you tell where the wind is coming from?
  20. 20. Wind Direction? Smokestacks/Chimney s Flags Trees Telltales! Feel it on your face (not always reliable) Water ripples/dark patches Boats at anchor MERICA!
  21. 21. Water movement Current/Tides…..not our problem yo! Wootwoot lake sailing!
  22. 22. Quiz! Term for directly perpendicular to boat?
  23. 23. Quiz ABEAM!
  24. 24. qUiz! Right side when facing forward?
  25. 25. qUiz STARBOARD!
  26. 26. quIz! What is a shroud and what does it do??
  27. 27. quIz Metal cable holding the mast on the sides Prevents the mast from falling sideways….pretty damn important
  28. 28. quiZ! What part of the sail does the OUTHAUL control??
  29. 29. quiZ The FOOT! Outhaul….pulls the sail…..OUT!
  30. 30. Quiz What does the BOOM VANG do? And where is it attached on the boat (2 spots)?
  31. 31. Quiz Prevents boom from rising! Mast step and forward boom
  32. 32. QUIZ What is the trailing (back side) edge of the sail called?
  33. 33. QUIZ LEECH! Not the gross bloodsucker.
  34. 34. Quiz When should you have a PFD on?
  35. 35. Quiz Whenever you’re on a boat or near the water! Or, if you’re a freshman, probably a few times on campus during the semester too
  36. 36. Quiz What do the three blue lines on our burgee mean? What even is a burgee? Why is Vinny obsessed with it?
  37. 37. Quiz The three rivers! Designates a Sailing/Yacht Club, or fleet, traditionally Because this club is my baby.
  38. 38. Quiz….last one Big tall dark clouds are moving toward you….what is probably going to happen and what should you probably do?
  39. 39. Quiz Thunderstorm or big low pressure system bringing rain and wind. Should probably go in and get off the water/ away from the big metal lightning pole (mast) Or stay out and sail if you’re a crazy mofo like Vinny….
  40. 40. Questions? ??????? ?????