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Food and beverage


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Food and beverage

  1. 1. By: 1. 2. 3. 4. Wahyu Tri Rejeki Martina Fika N.A. Umi Muflikhatun Najmie Zulfikar
  2. 2. LET SEE THE VIDEO FIRST!!!!!!!
  3. 3. FOOD AND BAVERAGE • Definition of F & B Department : Generally, it is a part that manage food and drink, specifically (seen from hospitality) it is a part of the hotel that arrange and responsible to the need of food and beverage service, from guests who are staying or not staying and managed commercially and professionally. The Food & Beverage department is the largest department on board comprising of various areas working together to cater to our guest’s food and beverage needs. From mouth-watering meals to deliciously refreshing cocktails, the food and beverage department works around the clock to ensure our guests receive world class service, award winning cuisine and memorable experiences at all our bars, restaurants and lounges.
  4. 4. THE PURPOSE OF FOOD AND BAVERAGE • The purpose of the F & B Department: 1. Selling food and drinks as much as possible at a price that has been determined according to standard. 2. providing the best possible service to guests in order to make the guests feel satisfied and get maximum benefits to business continuity.
  5. 5. DEFINITION OF ‘SERVICE’ What is the meaning of service? • Smile for every one ( Senyum kepada semua orang) • Exellent in everything we do ( Melakukan yg terbaik dlm segala hal yg kita lakukan) • Reaching out to every guest with hospitality ( Mendekati tamu dgn keramah-tamahan) • Viewing every guest as special (Memandang setiap tamu adalah special) • Inviting guest to return ( Mengundang tamu untuk datang kembali) • Creating a warm atmosphere ( Menciptakan suasana yang hangat) • Eye contact that shows we are ( Saling memandang menunjukan perhatian)
  6. 6. TYPES OF FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICES There are some types of F & B service. Those are: A. B. C. D. E. Table Service Assisted service Self service Service at a single point Specialised service or service
  7. 7. 1. TABLE SERVICE • The customer is served at a laid cover • It can found on bar counters • In this category, the guest enters in the area and is seated. Menu lists are given or displayed for orders. The orders are been taken by waiter/ess. Then the service is done using a laid cover on the table. The following are types of service come under this category: • English Service • French service • Silver service • American / pre-plated service • Russian service • Guèrdon service • Snack bar service
  8. 8. EXAMPLE • French Service: It is a very personalized service. Food is brought from the kitchen in dishes and salvers, which are placed directly on the table. The plates are kept near the dish and the guests help themselves.
  9. 9. 2. ASSISTED SERVICE • Customer served part of the meal at a table and is required to obtain part through self-service (for example in a carvery-type operation) • A carvery is a restaurant where cooked meat is freshly sliced to order for customers, sometimes offering unlimited servings for a fixed price. The term is most commonly used in the U.K. Ireland and Australia , but it is also found in the U.S. • In this type of category, the guest enters in the dining area and helps himself to the food, either from a buffet counter or he may get served partly at table by waiter/ess and he collects any extras he needs from the counter. Eating may be done on either at table, standing or in lounge area/ banquet hall.
  10. 10. EXAMPLE
  11. 11. 3. SELF-SERVICE • • The customer is required to help him or herself from a buffet or counter Counters can be: – Straight line counter with payment point at end – Free-flow - customers move at will to random service points – Echelon – series of counters at angles to save space – Supermarket - Island service points within a free-flow area
  12. 12. 4. SINGLE POINT SERVICE: • The customer orders, pays and receives the food and beverages at a counter: – At take away; fast food; drive thru; kiosk; food court, vending machine – At a bar in licensed premises • In this category, the guest orders, pays for his order and gets served all at a single point. There may be or may not be any dinning area or seats. The different types are: 1. Take away service 2. Vending 3. Kiosk 4. Food court
  13. 13. TAKE AWAY Customer orders and is served from single point, at counter, hatch or snack stand; customer consumes off the premises.
  14. 14. VENDING Provision of food service and beverage service by means of automatic retailing
  15. 15. FOOD COURT series of autonomous counters where customers may either order and eat or buy from a number of counters and eat in separate eating area, or take‐away.
  16. 16. KIOSKS Outstation to provide service for peak demand or in specific location (may be open for customers to order or used for dispensing only)
  17. 17. 5. SPECIALISED SERVICE • The food and beverage is taken to where the customer is. • Includes: tray service in hospitals, hotels or aircraft, trolley service, home delivery, lounge service, room service and drive-in
  18. 18. ENGLISH EXPRESSIONS THAT WAITERS, WAITRESSES USE • The waiter will usually start off by introducing him- or herself: Welcome to D'Angelo's. My name is Rebecca. • Depending on the atmosphere of the restaurant, they may try to make some small talk: How are you doing this evening? • If the restaurant has daily specials, the server will tell you about them: Let me tell you about our specials today. We have a miso-glazed Chilean Sea Bass with a side of mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed spinach.
  19. 19. • When the waiter or waitress returns, he or she will ask you to order your food: Are you ready to order? • If the dish you order has a choice of side dishes, they'll offer to let you choose: That comes with either fries or a baked potato. Which would you prefer? Would you like fries with that, or a baked potato? • If you ask for something, the server will say: Sure. • Or at a fancier restaurant: Certainly.
  20. 20. • But if you ask for something that's not available, you'll hear: Oh, I'm sorry. We're all out of the salmon. • Then you're expected to order drinks: Can I get you something to drink? • If you're not sure, the server will offer to come back again in a few minutes: Do you need a little time to decide? • They'll go around the table to each person, using phrases like these: And for you sir? And for you miss? What can I get for you?
  21. 21. • Then they'll leave: I'll be right back with your drinks. • When the waiter or waitress brings you your food, they'll probably ask: Can I get you anything else? • After you're finished eating everything, someone will come to collect your dishes: Would you like me to take that?
  22. 22. • Then the server will come out to ask about your meal and offer dessert: How was everything? Can I interest you in our dessert menu? • When you're finished with your meal, they'll offer to bring you the check: I'll bring the check right out. • And sometimes there are questions about the check: Would you like me to split it? Do you need any change?
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