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Letter to supporters np


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Published in: Technology, Design

Letter to supporters np

  1. 1. Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project ToolbarWe are so excited to share with you the Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project Toolbar. It will serve asa new way to generate revenue along with the Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project Mall. With thisToolbar we will raise much needed funds for charities and non-profit organizations without you writinga check or selling a product!This Toolbar will not replace your existing toolbar. The features on the Toolbar are all designed tohelp us raise funds in a non-intrusive way. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU. There are no pop-ups,adware, spyware or tracking and the user’s privacy is protected. It is easy to download to InternetExplorer or Firefox…just click the banner below.By using the Yahoo search engine that is conveniently located on our toolbar, you are helping usraise dollars for our non-profit organizations! You will get the same information results that youreceive using your current search engine. Every time you click on a sponsored link (anything listedin the shaded area with bullet points or anything listed on the right side of the page) you are raisingmoney per click for our non-profit organizations! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.Performing 2-5 searches a day on something you are interested in and clicking on sponsoredlinks, because those links help you with the information you are looking for, will help us reachour goals faster! This should only take 5 minutes. It’s that EASY! What are you waiting for?Click on the banner above to download our Toolbar and start helping us raise money. ClickHere to view an instructional video that will provide you with more details about the Toolbar.If you have any questions or special support needs do not hesitate to contact OurGV Rewardsat support@ourgvrewards.comWith a direct link on the Toolbar, you now have even easier access to the Ndibwami IntegratedRescue Project Mall to Shop and Fundraise! We invite you to visit the Mall for your everyday needsas well as for special occasions. Remember that every time you shop at over 1500 stores in this Mall(to make purchases you are going to make anyway) you are generating funds for our non-profitorganizations!We are proud to have you as a Supporter! We hope you are equally proud to have our Toolbar onyour computer. We encourage you to share this toolbar with your friends and family so they can helpour organization raise funds as well.Rev 9/4/08
  2. 2. Rev 9/4/08