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2011 full marketing monty nan devlin

  1. 1. The Full Marketing Monty Engaging VisitorsBeforeDuringAfter Their Visit
  2. 2. Who visits the O.P.?Experiential TravelersConnect with the physical character of a place and its people (Geotourists)Curious, interested, interesting and active
  3. 3. Who visits the O.P.?Experiential Travelers• Spend 38% more per day than traditional tourists• Stay 34% longer than traditional tourists• Greatest return on marketing dollars
  4. 4. Who visits the O.P.?Experiential TravelersAcross demographics and generations About psychographics (interests and behaviors)• history & preservation• nature & environment• hiking & backpacking• culinary & agritourism• culture & festivals• shopping local goods• education & learning
  5. 5. What do they want?- Hear and experience stories- Enjoy and become part of the culture
  6. 6. What do they want?- Make personal connections- Emotional experience- Create memoriesThey want to tell their friends about you
  7. 7. HOW do you reach them?- Go where they go with stories, tools and technology
  8. 8. Lots of tools to engage– Websites – Magazines and– Email newspapers– Facebook – Trip Planners– TripAdvisor & Yelp – Brochures– YouTube – Direct Mail– Flickr, Shutterfly, – Newsletters Picasa – Maps– Guides and travel – Postcards sites– Blogs – Travel events– Video blogs – TV shows– Twitter – TV ads– Online news and – QR codes magazines – Reader cards– Online radio – Rack cards– Travel agents – Itineraries– Online booking engines
  9. 9. Visitor Planning DataWhich source did you first use toplan your visit to Yellowstone Park?Friends and relatives - 44%Websites - 39%<Print ad 0.5%> Yellowstone Park Research, 2010
  10. 10. Visitor Planning DataWhich tools are most important toyou in planning your vacation?Websites - 89.5%Magazine articles - 39.7%Emails and E-newsletters - 36.9%Direct mail - 35% Yellowstone Park Research, 2010
  11. 11. Visitor Planning Data On websites, which of the following sections did you visit? Trip planner - 69% Things to do and see - 68.4% Maps and Itineraries - 57.9% Lodging Directory - 49.2% Regions to visit - 37.3% Yellowstone Park Research, 2010
  12. 12. Engage Before the VisitImportantchannels– Website– Print– Digital– Social media
  13. 13. Are you engaging online?
  14. 14. Are you engaging online?
  15. 15. Are you engaging online?
  16. 16. PrintMust be visually appealing – Make them want to put themselves in the picture
  17. 17. PrintUse real estate wisely – Cover – Back Cover – 2-3 – Inside back cover – Middle spread
  18. 18. PrintItinerary
  19. 19. PrintLodging List
  20. 20. PrintQR Codes – Makes static ads interactive – Encourages online engagement – Landing page can be an offer
  21. 21. Email & E-newslettersSubject line is king
  22. 22. Email & E-newsletters Which one would you open?A. July NewsB. It’s pickin’ time: lavender, banjos and the best wooden boat
  23. 23. Article Storytelling- Create an online magazine- Link to published travel articles- Write your own stories or tap into your Community “Writer Board”
  24. 24. Image Storytelling– Create photo albums on Flickr, Picasa or Shutterfly– Write story captions– Ask visitors to submit their photos of events
  25. 25. Blog and Bloggers- Link to local bloggers who write about the O.P.- Write your own blog or tap into your Community “Blog Board”
  26. 26. Video Storytelling• Create a video channel• Stories, ads,publicity interviews, mini tours, events• Involve the community and create a video “Story Board”• No $$ ? Call a college.
  27. 27. Visitor Planning DataWhich social media activitiesdo you engage in to plan a trip?57% of DMO website usersread online travel reviews 43% visit travel-related forums
  28. 28. TripAdvisorLink or post on your website - Provides honest interaction - Fosters trust - Helps create word of mouth
  29. 29. Facebook- Start a conversation- Use photos, yours and theirs- Respond to questions- Take surveys Don’t turn the destination page into a personal page
  30. 30. Twitter- Create excitement- Respond to questions- In the moment Wait 10 seconds before reporting hitting send: does it from an represent the destination? event
  31. 31. Whew! They’re here!What really counts?
  32. 32. What makes the difference?IRELAND GERMANY
  33. 33. One person can make the differenceT.P. O’ConnorBallydavid, Dingle Peninsula, West Coast of Ireland
  34. 34. They’re here! Engage visitors in conversation Focus on the visitor/customerGive them meaningful recommendations
  35. 35. They’re here! Create a welcoming culture Educatethe community
  36. 36. They’re here!• Engage them in your marketing efforts: crowdsourcing – Ask to them to share videos and images – Ask them to Tweet about their experiences
  37. 37. They’re here!– Ask them to connect on Facebook– Ask for their number (email)– Ask them to post a review
  38. 38. They’re here!– Thank them for visiting– Ask them to come back– Make them want to come back
  39. 39. #1: Friends and familyWORD OF MOUTH
  40. 40. After the Visit- Send a thank you note – email or postcard- Respond to posts, positive and negative- Send a survey about their experience
  41. 41. After the Visit- Stay in touch with email, e-newsletters and Facebook- Tease them with Twitter- Invite them back, bring friends and family, make offers
  42. 42. Lots of tools to engage– Websites – Magazines and– Email newspapers– Facebook – Trip Planners– TripAdvisor & Yelp – Brochures– YouTube – Direct Mail– Flickr, Shutterfly, – Newsletters Picasa – Maps– Guides, travel sites – Postcards– Blogs – Travel events– Video blogs – TV shows– Twitter– Online news and – TV ads magazines – QR codes– Online radio – Reader cards– Travel agents – Rack cards– Online booking – Itineraries engines
  43. 43. What do they remember?
  44. 44. Stories Laughter & tears Look in your eyesSmile on your face ConversationsAttention you paid Acts of kindness Hospitality
  45. 45. What do theytell their friends?
  46. 46. YOU
  47. 47. Not about selling a destination. It’s about creating relationships.Show you care.
  48. 48. Give them theFull Marketing Monty
  49. 49. Thank youNan Devlin971.235.9785
  50. 50. ResourcesUn-Marketing – Scott Stratten
  51. 51. ResourcesThank You Economy – Gary Vaynerchuk
  52. 52. ResourcesCopyblogger.com – Brian Clark
  53. 53. Resourcesgrandmamaryshow.com – Andrea Vahl