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Ic Presentation 3


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Ic Presentation 3

  1. 2. Odd Fellow – Rebekkuh’s Housing in Mattoon, IL Reroofed in 2001 using Duro-Last membrane and GAF shingles
  2. 3. Willow Hill Grain in Willow Hill, IL Reroofed in 2003 using Duro-Last Membrane and GAF Shingles
  3. 4. First Mid-Illinois Bank in Mattoon, IL Reroofed in 2005 using Duro-Last Membrane
  4. 5. Bonutti Orthopedic Clinic in Effingham, IL Reroofed in 1999 using Duro-Last Membrane
  5. 6. Bob’s Salvage & Home Improvement Center in Effingham, IL Metal Retrofit in 2009 with Duro-Last Membrane and Insulfoam insulation. We cut their heating costs by 50%!
  6. 7. Passalaqua Building in Effingham, IL Metal Retrofit in 2008 with Duro-Last Membrane
  7. 8. Flyin’ J Truck Stops in Effingham, IL and Limon, CO New construction utilizing Duro-Last Membrane and GAF shingles