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Encourage webinar participation through gamification


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These are slides from a Professional Development webinar on 'Hints and Tips for Mobile Learning'. Participation was encouraged by allocating points per individual which then were added up as a group (NSW vs QLD). Points were offered for creative thinking, skills, experience and participation.

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  • I explained the system and asked each person to follow an honesty system and record their own points. I also appointed a team captain to tally the points at the end so we could declare a winning team. I asked for feedback and it was well received. They enjoyed experiencing gamification rather than just reading about it.
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  • In a webinar, who keeps count of the points? The student? The teacher?
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Encourage webinar participation through gamification

  1. 1. Hints & tips for mobile learning Natalie Denmeade The Klevar Group May 14th 2014
  2. 2. What is your state of origin? Type your answer in the chat pod
  3. 3. Points: • Watch for the star to indicate you can earn points Winners: • Winning Team • Highest Score (Individual)
  4. 4. Communication/Organise Points (1 for each app on your phone or tablet) Time Management (Alarms, reminders) Social Networking Video Communication (Skype, Hangout) Create / collaborate Draw and brainstorm Photo or Video capture / editing / sharing Record / Share audio Consume content Read PDF, Microsoft Office files Internet Browser Websites / Research E-Books Maps Navigation
  5. 5. Mobile computing means 24 / 7 Internet access Slideshare: A day in the life of a learner with a smart phone
  6. 6. Mobile Learning “Leveraging ubiquitous mobile technology for the adoption or augmentation of knowledge, behaviours, or skills through education, training, or performance support while the mobility of the learner may be independent of time, location, and space.” (ADL)
  7. 7. Plan learning experiences for Mobile AND Desktop
  8. 8. Mobile Learning Keep watching for changes in browser and device usage April 2014 Windows XP support finished (along with old versions of Internet Explorer limited to CSS2/ HMTL4)
  9. 9. Special Technologies Points (1 if you know how this is used on phone or tablets – 2 points if you have personally used it) Student Polling/Audience Response Systems Artificial Intelligence-based Voice Recognition Systems QR Codes Augmented Reality Location awareness (GPS) Wearable computing devices Touchscreen interaction Video chat Spaced Learning Push vs Pull Learning Drive-time Learning
  10. 10. Mobile first design • Instead of the term ‘click’, use ‘select’ (includes touch and mouse inputs) • Make hyperlinks and buttons visible (no hover) • Larger fonts ( at least 16px) • Larger icons and links (finger sized- 40px) • Be inspired by apps (simple, clean, minimal information) Remove duplicate labels and navigation. E.g. offering 5 different ways to move to the next slide is not helpful
  11. 11. Challenge Look at on desktop and a mobile • 3 points if you find three differences between layout of the QVDC eVet online website on mobile phones and desktop computers?
  12. 12. Mobile first design Understand the difference between responsive website design and scalable(fluid)
  13. 13. Testing • Develop a prototype first and test in 6 browsers at least: Desktops: Chrome (webkit covers mobile browsers too), Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari Mobiles/Tablets: Android and iOS • Publish to Dropbox and create a link • Adobe Edge Inspect offers synchronized browsing • Some items need to be on a live webserver to function properly e.g. Linked Videos, games
  14. 14. Challenge • What are your personal reflections on issues using mobile devices for education? (1 point for each answer typed in the chatpod)
  15. 15. Personal reflections implementing mLearning • My classroom has weak wi-fi and 3g, especially when ten people do an activity • Class owned tablets batteries go flat when not in use • Synching of large files (video) takes up learners’ bandwidth and data usage • Some learners still just don’t want to put the effort in • Difficult for some learners to share audio files and photos from devices
  16. 16. Nat’s Tips • Mini tablets are affordable and good size (Google Nexus 7” $299) • Learners love it – after an initial warming up “I want one” • Powerpoint / Presenter, PDF’s and Google Docs are good tools for scalable layouts • Try mobile yourself – it is easier than desktop computing, removes barriers to eLearning (What times are movies on? Is the flight late? Just in time info/ learning)
  17. 17. Moodle Mobile App (Google Play/iTunes) 5 points if you upload a photo from your phone with your name eg scott.jpg URL: Username: student Password: moodle
  18. 18. Moodle Mobile is not a replacement of the MyMobile or Bootstrap/Simple theme. Moodle Mobile offers offline contents, camera & audio features and (in the future) Push notifications. You can use Moodle Mobile app in combination with a Mobile theme. Moodle Mobile App
  19. 19. Moodle Mobile is the Moodle official mobile application for Android and iOs. It's available in Google Play and Apple Market. • Responsive design for phone and tablets • Upload a picture into your private file area • Record an audio file and upload it into your private file area • Send a private message to a course participant (can be done offline) • Take a personal note about a course participant (can be done offline) • Add a course participant to your phone contact • Call a course participant touching the phone number • Locate a course participant address on Google map • Download and view some resources • Quick access to your course contents • View calendar events (require Moodle 2.5.5 or Moodle 2.6.2 and onwards) • Mobile notifications (Push) (from or any site starting Moodle 2.7) • Remote layout/style customization Moodle Mobile App
  20. 20. Adobe Captivate Demonstration
  21. 21. Recommended Readings learning-handout-checklist-and-resources guide/home/
  22. 22. The winner is …. (Type your scores and state in the chat pod e.g. QLD 13) • Winning team? • Highest scoring of individual • Register and enrol in our Moodle Course for an OpenBadge recognising your participation in Professional Development
  23. 23. Hints & tips for mobile learning Natalie Denmeade @moodlemuse
  24. 24. Contact us: Robyn Jay Shane Dowd