Configurable Theme for Moodle 2


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Quicksilver theme for TAFE NSW. An extensive settings page allows for complete customisation of page layout, graphics and colours. New courses can inherit settings, or continue to customise.

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  • One theme for everyone?We learnt that managing so many themes was resource heavy and time consuming, so we went to one theme.But we still couldn’t please everyone…
  • Configurable Theme for Moodle 2

    1. 1. Collaborating on a new, more flexible theme for Moodle 2 Theming Moodle
    2. 2. • 17 campuses along the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia • Diverse age range of learners in Vocational Education and Training, 16 yrs - 60+ yrs • 700 courses in Moodle 1.9 • 1,341 students online • Moodle 2 ready for delivery to students, Semester 2 2012North Coast TAFE Profile
    3. 3. Why having so many themes is a bad idea • Moodle can assign a theme per category but on larger Moodle sites this can slow down server performance • Managing multiple themes requires time • Manually Synchronising 12 copies of a template will result in errors and omissionsThemes by the dozen!
    4. 4. Moodle experience Novice: “What’s a link?” Designer: “Can I apply my own style sheet?”One size doesn’t fit all!
    5. 5. A Moodle theme is A Moodle theme is not • Page width • Blocks • Position and size of • Topic Headings and labels columns, header and footer • Activities and Resources within a course • Position of blocks • Course Format e.g. weekly/topic • Font, styles and colours • Multimedia and word filtersWhat is a theme?
    6. 6. One Moodle consists of: A Moodle theme is tested in • 12 PHP scripts • 50 Moodle PHP pages • Around 5 stylesheets • 5 operating systems • A few dozen images • 5 main browsers • Thousands of individual CSS • In 3 screen resolutions styles • on 3 types of devices .....And when will it be ready?
    7. 7. • The most important part: Activities and Resources • These are placed within a course format – The Box • The Moodle Theme is like the gift wrapping • The ‘skin’ is like cellophane wrapping over the themeYour content, gift wrapped
    8. 8. Top Level Course: Establishes Institute BrandingCourse 52: Course 57: Business IT Faculty Faculty Branding Branding Each new course can inherit settings from a master course AND then make further adjustments. Cascading inheritances maintains branding yet allows for unique design aspects…with no coding required. The benefits of inheritance!
    9. 9. To find out more information about North Coast TAFE: For additional information, please contact: @Moodlemuse