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Adventures of Christmas Mitten Book


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This fictitious book was designed to illustrate the topics presented in my April 27th presentation on InDesign. Topics covered that were used in this book include:

-Table of Contents
-Paragraph Styles
-Image Grid
-Placing multiple images
-Master Pages
-Page Numbering

Published in: Design, Spiritual, Education
  • Love the story & looking forward to learning more about the adventures of Mr. Mitten!
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Adventures of Christmas Mitten Book

  1. 1. Adventures ofChristmas Mitten A Trip to the Museum By Nicolette DeGroot
  2. 2. ContentsFreer Gallery 3Sculpture Garden 4Bronze Sculptures 5All Tuckered Out 6Next Issue... 7Christmas Mitten,the mischief-maker.
  3. 3. Freer GalleryChristmas Mitten went to theSmithsonian Freer Gallery inWashington, DC.Just look at the mischief Mr.Mitten got him into! as M itten! tm Bad Chris 3
  4. 4. Sculpture Garden Christmas Mitten just had to get a closer look at the outdoor sculptures. The Security Guard told Mr. Mitten to stay off of the art. Christm as Mitten , you ras cal! This sign says: “Please do not touch or climb on the artwork.” Why you, Christmas Mitten!4
  5. 5. Bronze Sculptures The moral of the story is: Don’t take Christmas Mitten on trips to the museum with you! He will get you thrown out! 5
  6. 6. All Tuckered Out At the end of a very mischievous day, Christmas Mitten finally settles down, and calls a cab. He waits for his ride to the next mischief- making adventure. See you next time for Adventures with Christmas Mitten!6
  7. 7. Next Issue... Christmas Mitten invades a Milwaukee Frozen Custard shop!
  8. 8. Photography by Nicolette DeGroot and Mike Jennings Layout by Nicolette DeGroot