Influence without Authority


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This is an example of a presentation developed for the leader of an Influence without Authority training session.

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Influence without Authority

  1. 1. Sample Set for illustration purposes only. Influence without Authority Getting results through trust, planning, & respect McGurer and Associates Inc. Executive Coaching • Educational Consulting “Where experience makes the difference” Website:
  2. 2. G.P.S.™ Goal Producing Strategy What I will Learn What I will do What are the with what I business results I will learn be impacting? Influence Without Authority
  3. 3. The Influential Differential Not So Influential Δ Highly Influential ? People People Influence Without Authority
  4. 4. Δ = C.I.T. • Choice • Intentionality • Trust Influence Without Authority
  5. 5. Growing Influence Trust Nemawashi Incremental Insightfulness Approach Power Inventory Structural Holes Reciprocal Network Hub Concessions Follow a Process Inoculation I-Style Positive Persuasion C.I.T. Influence Without Authority
  6. 6. I-Style Increasing: • Trust • Credibility • Others’ Perception of your Value Increases your level of influence Influence Without Authority
  7. 7. Case Study: Justin Steps Up Requirements Justin’s Attributes Sort reams Attention to of data detail Coordinate Leadership & w/Inspectors organizational & mgt skills Energy & Long hours Interest Influence Without Authority
  8. 8. Activity: House of Cards • Each team must build a “House.” – You will have 10 minutes – Houses should be able to withstand slight breezes or table movement • Use only the cards and tape provided • Teammates can speak ONLY to the Leader-- not to each other Influence Without Authority
  9. 9. IWA Process Model Influence Without Authority
  10. 10. Sample Influence Map Phil Dave Jeff Stru ctur al h ole Tim Todd Influence Without Authority
  11. 11. Common Situation The “meetings” after The Meeting You leading You The Meeting You meeting with each person Influence Without Authority
  12. 12. Nemawashi You meeting with key people You after The The Meeting Meeting Influence Without Authority
  13. 13. Timing: Put Time on Your Side Especially for “bad news” sooner is always better. (Don’t cry wolf but don’t wait until the last minute either.) • Build a case of evidence-even if it’s preliminary • Allow time for people to “catch up” to you: 1. Shoot at it 2. Explore it 3. Contribute to it 4. Accept it • Allow time for incremental steps to be taken toward a solution Influence Without Authority
  14. 14. Fairness • Go beyond the logical perspective – Offer reasons – Explain how a conclusion was reached – Communicate why an option is fair • Give others a voice and involve them in the process – If people feel they are heard and that the process is fair, they are happier with the outcome – If you are perceived as being fair and open, people are more receptive to you – Behavior change often drives attitude change Influence Without Authority
  15. 15. Walk like the Ducks Personality How to Respond 1. Forceful 1. Speak with conviction 2. Brusque 2. Be brief 3. Down to Earth 3. Use practical examples 4. Concerned 4. Provide reassurance, not 5. Perfectionist problems 6. Charming 5. Show how loose ends are tied up 7. Sensitive/insecure 6. Enjoy their chit-chat 7. Don’t draw attention to their shortcomings. Provide data on the right way to go. Influence Without Authority
  16. 16. H.O.C. Aggregate Feedback During the activity, I felt this person was most focused on: Perception of Focus 0% 18% 82% Achieving his/her personal objectives Keeping his/her personal objectives hidden from the team and/or the leader Achieving the team's goal of building the house Influence Without Authority
  17. 17. H.O.C. Aggregate Feedback • Trustworthy 8.9 10 How much did you trust 7.8 this person during the 8 activity? 6 • Trusting 4 How much do you feel 2 this person trusted you during the activity? 0 Trustworthy Trusting Influence Without Authority
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