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I love Slideshare. I do. But, being a busybody, I would like it to become even better. For viewers looking for inspiration, for contributors sharing their knowledge. This presentation is to inspire, to tease, to love … or hate.

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  • OK, as for the design suggestions: tastes differ. No problem.
    I am however very excited about the idea of feedback to the slides. It would give anyone who posts a slide deck an extra reason to do so: are my slides ok? too long? too much text? engaging story? etc. You could indeed do it by the 'give a tip' for excellent content. But I would continue on that train of thought:
    (1) basic: interesting or not
    (2) recommendable on a scale from 1 to 10? (with a link to the call-to-action of sharing)
    (3) grades for subdivisions: overall, content, visuals, story, etc.
    Obviously it would be the person that posts that can switch this functionality on, but I think there is a fair change he or she does. Learning from other people interested in presentation is always a good thing. And it may have actual added value if the feedback comes before the actual presentation is given (cf. SSRN, the pre-publishing of an academic article) and if there is an invite to converse into further detail on the feedback...

    But anyhow: good of you to 'rock the boat' a little. Sometimes that's needed. :-)
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  • @TheGeneral101 Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. As I've noted, it's just a personal thought on Slideshare. Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone is free to love it or hate it ;-)
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  • Slideshare is fine as it is interface wise. It can use a little restyling making it a bit more up-to-date designwise (colours, fonttypes, sleaker buttons,...) but for the rest it's fine how it is.

    Don't want to be disrespectful but being a designer it bothers me if people say they want to make things better, even say they aren't a designer and then start showing of designs.

    Using a 1480 by 890 screen resolution mockup is far from what most people use. Remember that YOU aren't the only user. Might want to check some presentations about good User Interface Design.

    Other than this little rant i like the idea of awarding the maker of the presentation.
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  • I loved how inovative your ideas were! Although I would like to be paid a few bucks for a presentation I however wouldn't pay to view another persons. Still cool presentation nonetheless :)
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  • Love the idea of the new look!
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Slideshare ReVisited

  1. WhatSlidesharecould be like.To inspire, to tease, to love ... or hateby Nick Decrock@ndecrock
  2. First.I love Slideshare. And I use thisplatform for more 4 years now.But, I would love it even more if thepresentations would be featured ina more contemporary design.
  3. Wait.Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sayingSlideshare is bad. I just like it tobecome even better.And no, I’m not a designer,nor am I looking for a job in that area.I’m just an internet busybody ;-)
  4. So.Instead of having thepresentations featuredlikethis
  5. Why notmakesomething likethis[ and imagine what a real designer could make of it ]
  7. Highlight relevantpresentationsShow most popularper weekPower up theconversationSurprise &inspire
  9. Emphasizecall to actionMoreattention tocommentsShow relatedslidedecksShow slides inproper formatInclude sociallinks to user
  10. What ifSlideshare would becomeeven more interesting?✓ better content✓ more valuable✓ lead generationAnd ... why not reward thoseSlideshare contributers?Let’s consider a Slideshare contributoras a tour guide for a moment.Sharing his insights on a subject.
  11. Do you feel that the content wasworth viewing? How about thankingthe author ...$1.00 $2.50 $5.00 no thanksEasy transfer via:Feel free to pay what you think it’s worth. No harm feelings.Pro users are ableto include the‘don’t forget theguide’ slide.19 / 19
  12. Would youAt leasta lousybuck? pay?[ imagine what your efforts & views could end up to ]
  13. Surelike to hearyour thoughts.Keep on rocking Slideshare!Thanks, Nick Decrock@ndecrock