Familiar Faces Chapter Twelve


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Familiar Faces Chapter Twelve

  1. 1. Welcome back to Familiar Faces Chapter Twelve: Weddings, Babies and Servos
  2. 2. When last we left the Familiar family heir Cary was returning home from his four year tour of university. At university when he wasn't romancing his first cousin once removed Amelia Bross he was getting to know his potential wife Cassandra Goth. Once he got home he invited Cass over and proposed cause he truly loves her and it was the proper thing for a legacy heir to do. "And cause you threatened me with multiple energizer failures if I didn't" Well true, but it's not my fault you didn't roll the typical family sim want to get engaged as soon as you fell in love with her.
  3. 3. Once the proposing was taken care of, Cass moved in and got her make over and the two of them spent several hours with their heads stuck in renu-orbs. I eventually was able to figure out that seasons apparently changed turn ons and turn offs so that custom hair only counts if it's genetic. Once they were set to appreciate each others natural hair colors they became a sickeningly sweet three bolt couple that would rather pillow fight with each other than take care of their own basic needs like eating and sleeping. And we were ready to begin a round of wedding parties, or so we thought.
  4. 4. Before we could start throwing parties we had to take care of some anger issues around the hood. Everyone it seemed was ticked off at someone and it all went back to those wild Greek house parties university.
  5. 5. Primarily it was the fault of Amelia and Bo Bross. No matter how happy they look at the moment, they spent much of the generation four's university years having slap fests with each other. If it wasn't Amelia snogging with Cary it was Bo getting kissed out of the blue by some random dormie.
  6. 6. It didn't matter that Amelia had been caught cheating on Bo several times in the past, it was Bo cheating on Amelia that set the neighborhood on it's ears. Sims are all a bit more likely to look the other way when someone in their family is indiscreet. But when it was Bo cheating, the family took the attitude of mess with one, mess with all.
  7. 7. And for a while there the Bross house never saw a newspaper and had the exterminator on speed dial. Even those members of the family that should known better were apt to be caught out in the sun when they should have been at home safely in their coffins and not burning to death.
  8. 8. In the hopes of correcting the furious states of the family I had the bright idea to put Betty to work. Betty was bored anyway, she'd been fired from her job as a Professional Party Guest just one scant sim day after correcting her age to display her as an elder and therefore unable to get her adult job back.
  9. 9. So the Familiar family finally purchased the Orchard and Fruit Stand that had been built for them back when Abe was an adult. Betty had been carrying around a bunch of extra fruits and veggies ever since her father passed away. We thought that with three generations worth of produce they'd have a big enough stock to at least get started.
  10. 10. Things went fairly smoothly at first. Betty had never been a wiz at math but she did eventually figure out the cash register. Her real strength though was in sales. Putting her fully maxed charisma to use she could sell just about anything to anyone.
  11. 11. There were a few problems though, I didn't realize that Brandi Broke had carried a grudge towards Cassandra all the way from Pleasantview. "But I'm the Pleasantview family sim that everyone wants to make a good match for, Cassandra already has Don and Darren she doesn't need Cary as well." Sorry Brandi, but well there's no nice way to put this, I hate you. You're the worst excuse for a family sim there is. Yeah yeah your husband died, leaving you broke with 2.5 kids to raise, wah wah! What do you do to fix your life? You spend your time lazing around in your expensively decorated bedroom waiting for your son to come home from his afternoon job, so you can yell at him about his grades. And when he attempts to get you to help him with his homework you refuse to do so and yell at him some more. So go ahead and cry me a river, you WON'T be marrying into this legacy anytime soon.
  12. 12. "Yeah what she said!" I fell a little bit in love with Cass when she autonomously picked a fight with Brandi and kicked her butt all over Familiar Fruits and Veggies.
  13. 13. Between the strawberry juice, lots of apologizing and some cash being passed around pretty soon everything was back to normal in Familiarity.
  14. 14. And we could finally get started on the round of wedding parties we'd been waiting for. The Familiar family loves nothing more than a huge party where they can all get together for fun and frolics.
  15. 15. Eleven sets of vows were exchanged. (Clint and Lucy Familiar)
  16. 16. Guest's were Bleh'd (Bade and Rebecca Dreamer)
  17. 17. Grooms were scared by the ghosts of their bride's grandmother. (Becca and Blair London)
  18. 18. Brides were goosed by their grooms (Cher and Johnny Smith)
  19. 19. Servo's were snuggled (Ben and Betsy Familiar)
  20. 20. Honeymoon limo's were jumped in to (Cary and Cassandra Familiar)
  21. 21. And there were lots, and lots, and lots of babies born nine month's later. (Baird Familiar with his eldest, son Cory, who proves that sim genetics work. Cory has red hair that can only come from our founder's wife Chloe Singles-Familiar)
  22. 22. Psst Betty "Yeah Jenn?" While Cary and Cass are on their honeymoon, I want you to sneak into the living room and activate the servo that Ben gave them as a wedding gift. "You want me to activate it? But it's their gift, I don't think I should take possession of it like that. Wouldn't that be kinda rude?" Of course not! You have more skills and badges than either Cary or Cass have and besides, I really really don't want a family aspiration servo that will spend the next five generations whining about wanting to get married and have babies.
  23. 23. "Now that's what I call a boy toy!" Welcome to the family Adonis Familiar! Like his creator Adonis is a Sagittarius Romance Sim, his lifetime want is to be a Celebrity Chef. Easy as pie since he's already maxed in cooking and creativity, he just needs a logic point or two. Don't get the wrong impression from this picture, Adonis and Betty have zero attraction for each other, they were just setting his gender preferences.
  24. 24. Cass and Cary on the other hand now have mega bucks of attraction for each other, and as soon as they got home from the honeymoon they set off to create the next generation of Familiar's.
  25. 25. As every good servo does Adonis spends much of his time attempting to stuff everyone's face with copious amounts of food. I don't want to install the no servo do chores hack, cause I like it when they take care of kids, and clean the house all on their own. I tremendously dislike it when they up the grocery bill by two hundred percent while continually serving food that will go uneaten due to the fact that I'd rather let the family sleep than wake them up to eat unless they are about to starve to death. Unlike many of the other servos I've had Adonis actually cooks full meals and not just desserts.
  26. 26. Cary got his gold badge in gardening so that he can take over the plants in the house garden. I really find the gardening badges to be much easier than any of the OFB crafting badges. Almost every one of my sims is a gold badged gardener while I think I only have two gold badged robotics and one or two gold toy badges in the hood. I still don't have a gold flower arranger in this hood, I'm trying to stay away from snapdragons at the moment they make life a bit too easy for me at times.
  27. 27. *The crowd goes wild! Cary! Cary! Cary!* "Thank you Sim City I love you!" Cary of course also took a job in the music track and went to work twice before becoming a rock god and perma plat. I have a hard time with Cary cause I do like him an awful lot, he's just really not that interesting. He's a very typical family sim, he rolls up romantic wants for his wife and wants to play with the dogs or talk to his friends. When he's on free will he stalks Cass, or plays in the tub.
  28. 28. Cass is generally the same as Cary, she rolls up wants for her husband and for the dogs. Occasionally she wants to be friends with people she meets, but except for that one time when she beat up on Brandi she's generally pretty mellow. Not playful enough to be a tub pirate she spends her free will time playing pool. When she joined the family she was low level in the Law Enforcement Career Track, but I had her switch to Education since the family still doesn't have a bookcase. Cass's lifetime want is to graduate three children from University which shouldn't be a problem.
  29. 29. In fact, child number one made itself known almost immediately. Cass started spending her days eating all the food Adonis put in front of her. At least one person in the household appreciates Adonis's chef skills.
  30. 30. And Betty, well Betty goofs off a lot. She doesn't have a job, and there aren't any grandchildren to take care of yet. The family has a servo, plus a maid and a gardener so there's not a lot of work to be done. I could force her to finish up the few skills she hasn't yet maxed or work on a crafting badge but, well I adore Betty so I just let her do what she wants to do. She has about forty best friends so I do make her work the phones almost every day to keep track of them.
  31. 31. Just every other day she and Adonis head to the store and she works at helping the neighborhood deal with their relationship issues. "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny I know that Cher had some commitment issues when she was in college but have I got a deal for you! If you get your wife a cucumber she'll never look at another man again."
  32. 32. Wow! I just realized that it's been three and a half chapters with no gratuitously cute puppy pictures.
  33. 33. Oh yeah that's because most of the time the pups don't act all that cute. At least there's no dust storm in this picture. That's Daisy on the left with her mate our petacy heir devil dog Smokey on the right. I know I say this all the time, but they actually like each other! Amazing isn't it!
  34. 34. "Come out, come out whoever you are!" Cary, Cass and I are all anxiously awaiting the birth of the generation five heir.
  35. 35. "He didn't mean right this instant!" Cary went to take a bath and so the baby figured it might be the only time it could get it's mother's full attention.
  36. 36. "I don't think I'm ready to be a Dad, Jenn. I don't know anything about being a father, mine wasn't ever around so I don't know what I'm supposed to do." Sure you do Cary, you had your Mom and your Grandparents you didn't need to have Chaz around all the time in order to know how to be a parent.
  37. 37. Honestly folks have you ever had a sim with this reaction to being a parent? Family sim? Yeah right!
  38. 38. "Oh wait I'm supposed to be happy about this! Cool it's a baby alright!"
  39. 39. Welcome to the world David Familiar! David is named after the familiar face of rocker David Bowie. I'd just read Aaroc's Space Oddity when he was born so I had Bowie on the mind. David gets most of his genetics from his mom, he's got dark brown eyes, and black hair, but he does have his father's lightest skin tone
  40. 40. "I don't get it, how does a promotion in culinary field equal nursery duty?"
  41. 41. Just one of the joys of being the family servo Adonis, you get to do all those things that no one else wants to make time to do. "But I thought that grandparent's were for diaper duty."
  42. 42. Yeah well Betty's got other things to do. You know how busy she is *rolls eyes* "What about his parents don't they want to bond with the baby?"
  43. 43. Cass wouldn't mind doing diaper duty, but it's night time and she's the only one that Abe's ghost likes to pick on. Gotta let the ghosts have some fun. Abe's actually the only one that does any scaring.
  44. 44. "I beg to differ with you madam but there is another ghost that frequently likes to scare. I am most often targeted for that ghosts particular hatred."
  45. 45. Oh yeah Sassy likes to scare as well. Or maybe that's Suzi, kinda hard to tell. I can't remember which one had the curly tail, I think it was Sassy. If you'd just stop migrating to the kitchen and constantly cooking she'd leave you alone. I've never seen her ghost any where in the house but the kitchen.
  46. 46. Cary now he doesn't do diapers. One neat point, so he's petrified of dirty nappies. "He's perma plat, his fears don't matter." True, but you have no diaper fears at all so why trigger fears even on perma plat sims when it's not necessary? "I only have two neat points, and I'm not perma plat!" Yeah but since David's not your son you don't have fears of diapers. Besides I love how you whine about doing your chores. He does too and it's so much fun *hehe* every time the do chores icon pops up he gives the who me? sigh before cleaning autonomously.
  47. 47. Just in case anyone was worried, Betty hasn't given up on being a romance sim, at least not all the way. True she gained aspiration points for each of her children and their cousins' marriages and for the births of her grandchildren *cough* family sim *cough*. She currently has two grandchildren as Clint's son Christopher was born during his and Lucy's first seasonal rotation. Cher's pregnant but hasn't had the baby yet. But getting back to Betty as a romance sim. As an elder she's pretty much a generic romance sim, she's hit most of the major benchmarks for numbered wants. The only 20 want she doesn't have a memory for is 20 simult loves (her forth lifetime want), but something is fishy there cause by her relationship panel she has 22 loves, by her memories though she's only fallen in love with 18, no memories of falling out of love either but I'm pretty sure she has lost a few. When she wants a date or a woohoo partner she either calls up one of her contacts or makes a wish.
  48. 48. And she makes good use of her time at work as well. Peter Ottomas was one of her very first loves way back in freshman year he dropped outa the wishing well. They went on a date and added a notch on her bedpost then she never rolled a want for him again till he showed up on the business lot. Suddenly she wanted to play with and flirt with Peter. So she did *shrug*
  49. 49. "I'm telling you Buzz the service in this place is horrible! " "You said it Nervous, why did we ever leave Strangetown? None of Bob's business's are as shoddy as this one! Or Uranium now she's what I call a business owner! We'd never have to wait in line while she romanced with a customer!" -------------- Bob - The Prettacy - Candi020765 Uranium - Apocalypso A-Go-Go/Ugothlacy - EphemeralToast
  50. 50. Now come on guys, don't be so hard on Adonis, he's the best shop runner I've ever had. So what if he takes breaks on occasion to juggle coffee cups, it's his due since he pretty much runs this place single-handedly. Sure Betty is awesome at selling cucumbers but she tends to take advantage of the timelessness of the business lot in order to keep up with all her friendships. Adonis on the other hand has racked up at least a silver badge in every business related field, he runs the cash register, restocks and sells with one hand tied behind his back.
  51. 51. And he takes time to chat up the customers and make them feel at home as well. "Of course I can see the likeness now Dora, you're absolutelyy correct; Sharladefiantlyy did inherit your rat like facial features!"
  52. 52. "Whatcha doing hon?" "Just reading the forums, surfing the net. You know the internet is really really great. I've got this fast connection, so I don't have to wait. I browse all day and night, it's like I'm surfing at the speed of light!"
  53. 53. "Women! The internet is for _ _ _ _!"
  54. 54. Cary! Get your mind outa the gutter and come cheer for David's toddler turning. Come on Cass toss that baby and lets see what happens.
  55. 55. Well, he's himself that's for sure. David's a Sagittarius like his father and his grandmother but he's not exactly a clone of either one. At 1/7/9/8/1 he's sloppy, outgoing, active, playful and mean. He'll be a prankster that's for sure. I'm hoping he rolls popularity or romance with that combination.
  56. 56. And he's got his father's nose. His features are quite unique and um *cough* interesting.
  57. 57. His parents both rolled wants to teach him things, but generally when it was time to teach him they couldn't be pulled apart long enough to actually do so. They are trying very hard to give David a brother or sister but they have some fertility issues and lots of high rolls.
  58. 58. While Cass and Cary work on bringing about a spare or two we let Adonis enjoy the thrills of toilet training. Are we having fun yet Adonis? "Joy of joys madam"
  59. 59. Smokey poofed to an elder while I wasn't looking and I realized that he and Daisy needed to get on the ball and have puppies if we were gonna have a petacy heir this generation. I've been trying to space the dogs out a bit. Ever since the five dog pile up back in generation two I've moderated the speed of their breeding in hopes of three max at any time, with the normal being two.
  60. 60. This generation Daisy had the normal two pups, one male one female both with horrible personalities as usual. Since last generation we kept the male this time around we'll keep the female.
  61. 61. Welcome to the world Buffy Familiar! As is also normal for me the Devil dog has kinda grown on me. Yeah he aggressive and likes to fight with his mate but he's also quite capable of being sweet.
  62. 62. I think all it takes is for the dogs to get me is for them to autonomously seek out a toddler cuddle. But really who can resist this interaction?
  63. 63. "Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he said, but I help him to drink his wine." Every time a Daddy bathes a toddler I think of The Big Chill and that song.
  64. 64. "Ever have one of those days when just nothing seems to go right?"
  65. 65. "Lightning strikes a tree and all your customers run out to panic and lose stars?"
  66. 66. "Then your servo runs amok?"
  67. 67. "After chasing the Servo around the lot for an hour you get struck by lightning yourself?"
  68. 68. "And then to top it off you pee yourself just scant inches from the toilet?" "Ever have one of those days? No, well believe me they suck!"
  69. 69. Cass is having a less yucks day than Betty she just got promoted to Substitute Teacher ya rah, hurry it up with the promotions woman gah!
  70. 70. Strike that on the promotions time to take another three days off to have a baby. Good thing I'm the only one that wants her to get promotions. She always likes to have her maternity leave stretch across weekdays rather than on weekends when she has time off anyway.
  71. 71. Family members invited for dinner *check* Cake on the table *check* Must be birthday time again *check*
  72. 72. Shake that money maker Davey! It's time to grow up well and hopefully grow into your face a bit.
  73. 73. Ah well at least he grew up well :)
  74. 74. So Adonis now that you're a perma plat celebrity chef how do you feel? "I'm a romance servo that's never had his first kiss, how the frick do you think I feel" I think I'm going to refrain from answering that, pg-13 and all.
  75. 75. In all the people that he's met between the home lot and the business lot he never has meet anyone that struck attraction for him, so he'll try the wishing well and see what happens. Betty has always had good luck with the wishing well.
  76. 76. Adonis gets his wish and pulls animal control officer Arianna outa the wishing well, but what the frick they've only got one bolt? I've never had less than a two bolter drop from the well before.
  77. 77. But Adonis is a romance sim who's never had his first woohoo, and romance sims aren't known to be picky anyway.
  78. 78. Ways to glitch a headmaster #327 The newspaper gets stolen and the headmaster breaks out of script in order to scold the stealer.
  79. 79. He's then able to complete the tour successfully and like always he loves the house.
  80. 80. But he can't sit down to eat nor can he be talked to or smoozed in any way. He'll drink coffee and he'll attempt to get in the hot tub (giving points for both) but that's not enough to get David into private school.
  81. 81. So David gets to spend an extra day in public school, while we arrange a second tour. Things are so much easier when the headband headmaster that Betty can greet with a romantic kiss and shoot the smooze score up to 40 with a simple flirt does the visit.
  82. 82. In addition to his private schooling David starts to get his special heir tutoring from the adults in the household. When Adonis does the candy machine training David learns the proper method of boxing, when Cass or Betty do it he learns the proper method of stuffing ones face.
  83. 83. Speaking of Cass, she's the first human of the household to use the water wiggler autonomously. The dogs use it quite often but none of the kids or adults ever have. "Being nine months pregnant in the middle of August is uncomfortably warm even for sims."
  84. 84. Well you won't be uncomfortably warm for very much longer! "That's right honey, deep cleansing breaths. Just in and out and in and out!" "I'll show you deep cleansing breaths if you don't shut up Cary!" "Now honey you don't want the baby to come into the world hearing it's mother screaming at it's father do you?"
  85. 85. "Hold this one." Pass the baby time, it's twins!
  86. 86. Welcome to the world, Dwight Familiar! Dwight is named after the familiar face of the 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. What you don't think Eisenhower's face is all that familiar in this day and age? Okay, so he's named after the boy I had a crush on in third grade and I rationalized it so sue me, besides I'm old enough that I could probably pick Eisenhower outa a line up. Dwight has black hair, brown eyes and medium skin tone.
  87. 87. Welcome to the world Demi Familiar! Named after the more familiar face of actress Demi Moore. Demi also has black hair, brown eyes and the medium skin tone.
  88. 88. And we'll wrap up the main house portion of the legacy up here with Cary showing everyone where his children get their table manners from. The next few pictures will show where the spares and the first cousins families are at this point.
  89. 89. Clint Familiar married his cheerleader Lucy Smith
  90. 90. And they have one son Christopher Familiar.
  91. 91. Cher Familiar married Strangetown alien Johnny Smith
  92. 92. And they have one daughter Celeste Smith
  93. 93. Bade Dreamer married the stupidest vampire ever, Contessa Rebecca. I call her the stupidest vampire ever since it took her nearly a year before she bit Bade, while during the same time she attempted unsuccessfully to bite everyone else in the house from her mother-in- law
  94. 94. To her son Carlise Dreamer. I'll have to see how this kid turns out, as of this writing he hasn't yet turned teen but he carries a memory of becoming a vampire from when he was an infant. Will he turn into a vampire as a teen or will he be normal? Only time will tell.
  95. 95. Bailey Dreamer married Mitch Indie and proved to be the most fertile sim I've had in a long time.
  96. 96. Their first daughter Caitlyn Indie had a weird facial look as a child.
  97. 97. Son Calvin is fairly normal looking though. Watch for further installments for the rest of the Indie children to appear.
  98. 98. Bob Familiar finally vamped his wife Sierra. I didn't have the heart to let Sierra grow old and die if Bob never would. He woulda been heart broken to lose Sierra, and I didn't wanna deal with a vampire in a mid-eternity crisis.
  99. 99. Their son Boris and his wife, Academy Le Tour student, Ellen Frost live with them.
  100. 100. Boris and Ellen have one son Caden Familiar
  101. 101. Down the street is son Benjamin, the man most likely to marry a servo did just that. He and Betsy are one of my most favorite couples.
  102. 102. Soon after they got married Ben rolled up the want to have a baby, and so with Betsy cheering him on he took a spin in hopes of meeting aliens for a second time.
  103. 103. Eventually it worked and he returned with these two cuties. Cooper Familiar on the left has the typical alien bug eyes and no nose, while his twin Cameron Familiar has smaller alien eyes and a nose. Both of them have very small ears as well. And that's where the cousins families are at this point in the legacy. I'll update both the main line cousins and the extended family some more before the end of this generation. Until next time, Thanks for reading! and Happy Simming!