Familiar Faces Chapter Eighteen


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Familiar Faces Chapter Eighteen

  1. 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Eighteen: Two For The Show
  2. 2. When last we left the Familiars heir David and his wife Titania had just presented the family with their second and last child a daughter Elle. I say last child since with Elle's birth the household is now full and I doubt that the two of them will be able to have anymore biological children. If you have just found Familiar Faces, Welcome! You may wish to go back and read the previous chapters before diving into this one. The premise of this legacy is simple, all Maxis pre-made characters were extracted in SimPE and added to the neighborhood as townies. Those characters are the breeding pool for the Familiars. Since I refuse at this point to play my game without certain hacks installed I am not keeping score, however I fully believe in the spirit of the legacy and won't overtly do anything that I feel is against it. I play by the rule that the first born is the heir, I'm not going for prettiest, or ugliest, I'm happy with average.
  3. 3. Currently in the Familiar household we have heir David, his wife Titania (Summerdream), and their two daughters Emma who's currently a toddler and Elle who's an infant. Outside of the household Titania's two children from her previous relationship with Oberon Summerdream; Puck and Bottom are an active part of the family's lives. Unknown to either David or Titania at this point, David has a son, Elliot, with his former girlfriend Juliet Capp. Filling the house to overcrowded we have David's parents Cary and Cassandra (Goth), the families long suffering servo Adonis and the family mutts Buffy (gen five), her mate Scotty, and their son Eddie (gen six).
  4. 4. While Cary and Cass are known for their constant snogging and stalking, David and Titania are more reserved in their amorous actions. It's the difference between three bolts and two bolts. Despite their lesser attraction however David and Titania are fairly well matched. Titania is just lazy enough to not care that David spends half his time trying to make a supernatural connection. He mainly does those things while she's asleep after all. When she's awake she does try to be supportive of his dreams.
  5. 5. A couple of times a week David and Adonis venture down to the family business Familiar Fruits and Vegetables. While off loading day old produce Adonis keeps in mind matriarch Betty's sales motto; Happiness is only a Cucumber away. David is still trying to learn the finer points of the cash register and restocking, but for someone that has zero interest in business he does pretty well. The store maintains it's ten star rating easily since Adonis could run it with one hand tied behind his back. Adonis does humor Master David though and lets him believe that he's in charge. HA!
  6. 6. But that's enough of recapping and blathering, it's time for minion number one to do her wiggle and grow up. You're here for a legacy after all and legacies mean birthdays. *whine* legacies mean gratuitously cute doggy snuggles too *whine* You know something Buffy, you're right. Incoming doggy snuggle cuteness alert!
  7. 7. AWWWWWW! I really think this is the only reason why I continue to keep the pets expansion installed and why I allow my family's to have animals. I'm a sap for the cute stuff what can I say?
  8. 8. It was a small birthday party, only the immediate family. Puck and Great Grandfather Mortimer came by as did David's siblings twins Dwight and Demi. It was a weeknight so with the curfew Bottom couldn't be there, though she wanted to be. I'm saving the larger parties for teening, with all the extended family the house tends to get a bit slow. The Familiar family is a very close bunch of people and there are visits back and forth between the twenty or so houses on almost a daily basis.
  9. 9. Emma does her dance and everyone cheers her on to cuteness.
  10. 10. I think she's cute at least. I can't really tell at this point if she has her father or her mother's nose. David gets his nose from the Ben Long face which on women is the Marylena Hamilton (NPC not Hoodie) face, but Titania has the stock female elf face which has it's own pointed nose included. The chin though is defiantly David's.
  11. 11. While Emma was prettying herself up Demi took a few moments to corner Dwight and give him a hard time about not having yet cured his little infection. He's a romance sim after all he shouldn't enjoy being a vampire. Besides her girls were starting to forget what their uncle looked like since he couldn't be a part of the weekly family gatherings that are held around the neighborhood on weekend afternoons. "The phone just isn't the same as personal contact Dwight. I want Delphy and Denise to know more than just your voice. I miss you as well, I love David he's my brother but you're my twin and when not there it's almost as if there's a part of me missing as well."
  12. 12. Dwight took his twin's words to heart and went in search of those that might be able to help him find a cure. His vamping had occurred during a particularly messy house party which left it virtually impossible to buy from the gypsy lady. "Why wouldn't you want to stay a vampire Dwight? Being a vamp is great, Bob and I love our lives. You've got eternal youth, why grow old if you don't have to?" "I think it lies in what you just said Aunt Sierra, you have Bob to share eternity with you. While my townie flings might stay forever young with me, I don't see myself settling down with any of them, so it's really not the same. Plus Demi said something last night that really struck a cord, she said that when I wasn't around it felt like a part of her was missing. I don't want to spend eternity with the part of me that's my twin not there." "I guess I can understand that Dwight, but you won't find any spare potions here. We've never had a reason to buy any never had a thought of being cured."
  13. 13. "Hmm so what you're looking for is someone that might have an excess stock of potions handy? You know your Grandma bought a bunch of them when I was first vamped kinda a fail safe in case there was an emergency. I guess they were never passed down though, probably didn't see the need." “If they did, David probably has them now and he'd never hand them over. He's still rolling the want to be a vampire himself, and Jenn won't go for another immortal in the main house no matter how much he begs.” “Hey, I know who you need to talk to! Go find Rebecca Dreamer, she used to be a grand vamp and at one point she even vamped her husband Bade; but now they've both been cured. Knowing Jenn's penchant for overdoing things I'm sure that one of them will have a stock load of extra potions in their inventory.”
  14. 14. “Wow thanks Uncle Bob! I think I know Rebecca; she works with my roommate Clay so I'll just ask him to invite her home with him. I'm glad you're the keeper of the family memories and not me, I don't think I could keep everyone straight the way you do."
  15. 15. “So you see I was hoping that you might just have an extra potion or two handy that you could pass my way. I'll pay market cost, or even a bit more for em no problem I just need a source ya know.” “Word to the wise young man never tick off a gypsy they have long memories and tend to hold a grudge for a lifetime. Hopefully you'll learn from this lesson. I'll be happy to pass along one of my extras to you, for the right price of course.” There's family and then there's business. Never say that a Familiar isn't astute when it comes to money.
  16. 16. “You're sure this is safe' It looks a bit suspicious.” “Perfectly safe, not to say it isn't nasty tasting. Just a warning though the change over is a bit discomforting.”
  17. 17. "You want to take me to beach on Saturday?! That sounds like a blast Uncle Dwight! You're the best Uncle ever! I'll ask mom but I'm sure she'll let me go, since it's you."
  18. 18. "You want to go to the beach with Uncle Dwight? What are you gonna give me if I let you go? Huh? Huh? I think you'll owe me at least ten giggles in advance if you're gonna be gone a whole day. I'll need to stock up on Eli giggles if you're gonna be gone that long!" "*giggle* Mom stop it!*giggle* I'm not going till weekend and that's like a whole forever from now! *giggle*"
  19. 19. In the tradition of the family it was deemed appropriate that Emma be accepted to private school. "A spectacularly prepared dinner of pork chops if I do say so Mrs. Familiar, greens from your own garden no less. Why aren't either of you two joining me in this feast?” "My diet consists of muffins and eggplant juice sir, and I drank my dinner already tonight." "While the pork chops do look tempting and I'm told that Adonis has a fine hand with them. I'm of Sylvan decent, and as I'm sure you know we don't eat meat.?” "A vegetarian? I see, how very interesting." *This family just keeps getting weirder every generation*"
  20. 20. And so Emma set off into the world of private school education. Some may wonder why it's so important to the Familiars to have all the kids in private school. One word fun, yep that's it fun. Private school means rarely having to deal with whiny brats and their fun meters in the afternoon. Sure handling fun isn't that hard, there's TV, gardening, viewing art, and the ever popular red hands. But, faced with the option of dealing with the fun meter daily or not having to deal with it, well you make the choice.
  21. 21. Shortly after installing BV I noticed a new trend hitting Familiarity. No it wasn't the hula or even the slap dance though both are dreadfully popular. It didn't even have anything to do with Bon Voyage. I guess you could say my sims are a bit slow on the uptake.
  22. 22. The trend that struck Familiarity was Plantsimism. I blame it on Cael Familiar (Fred - Al - Aaron - Barclay) he was the first and as soon as the news hit, every knowledge sim in the hood rolled up the want to be a plantsim. I'd had a sim turned into a plantsim early on in the hood but there never seemed much interest from others when it occurred. This one however did take and the craze was begun. All around the town lady bug houses were sold, greenhouse walls were torn down and barrels of pesticides were purchased. It wasn't just Cael, there were others turned. Elder Benjamin Familiar was planted as was Barnard Dreamer's pretty little wife Tara. The kicker came when David's rival, Cousin Calvin Indie (the one caught in the act with Juliet) became a plantsim. David was incensed that yet again a super natural phenomenon had occurred to someone other than himself and he began to dedicate even more time to the household
  23. 23. My first thought when the plantsim trend hit town was OMG Plantsim Sqeeee! But after I recovered I was hit with the problem of potential spores. Sure Plantsims are fairly cool, but did I really want Familiarity to be overrun with a bunch of non university educated adults? It's been ages since I played any born in game sim without sending them to UNI, how would I find them a mate? What would they do with their lives? A spore baby is just one step up from a CAS sim in my mind, sure they've got whatever skills they inherited from their sim parent but skills are easy, especially if you're born with a gold gardening badge. Pod babies have few contacts outside their immediate family, the teen years and uni are for networking if nothing else. I've only had a handful of sims in recent history leave university without the big man on campus memory.
  24. 24. Once again it was Bob and Sierra to the rescue! The perma plat many times over vampires were in dire need of a new challenge. There life together had become a bit placid over the years. Up until recently Bob and Sierra had lived with their son Boris, and his family. But well with four generations trying to live together under the same roof there were issues with crowding and privacy. So for the sake of family harmony the two of them moved into their own home just down the street. They quickly decided that the new house was too big for just the two of them, and they'd set about rectifying that issue. The first thing they did was put Bob's gold robotics badge to good use and initialized a metallic `son' that they named Adam. After Adam came the dog phase. But Bob and Sierra still seemed at a loss. While Adam and the dogs were good company it just wasn't the same.
  25. 25. When approached with the problem of what to do with Dryas Familiar and other former spore babies like himself, Bob and Sierra willingly agreed to open their home to any adult spore child that might find themselves at loose ends. The spore children would get a leg up on life without crowding their family homes while Bob and Sierra would maintain contact with the younger generations of the family. The problem of potential spore children seemingly being solved, the hood was given the grudging nod to continue with the plant sim infestation and to allow each adult plantsim the right to spawn one child each if they so wished to do so.
  26. 26. On a bright day in the middle of spring while David was doing his normal spray pesticides, inhale deeply exercises his nose began to tickle in a manner that wasn't at all normal. Reaching up to rub it he caught site of his fingers, they were green! Feeling his hair he found it wasn't it's normal texture and plucking a bit out saw that there were now leaves growing from his hair. Supernatural contact had finally been made. David put down his tools and ran into the house to record his discoveries, and get a drink of water he was parched.
  27. 27. "Honey I'm home! Oh my Wright! What happened to you?" "Now Tania, please don't get overly excited; you know that I've been experimenting with pesticide properties in the hopes of becoming one with the trees. Well someone has been listening to my pleas and my dreams have been fulfilled! Please be happy for me, I know what I'd do if you were disgusted by my current incarnation."
  28. 28. "You mean you figured it out? That's so exciting Dave! I know that you've been hoping for something like this to happen Of course I'm happy for you, you've finally been able to make a supernatural contact like you've always dreamed of doing. Just think of the publication potential in this. You will publish your findings won't you? This is too big to keep to yourself. The academics will go wild with your discoveries." "Of course I'll publish! I may not publish first; Uncle Ben has something in the works already I'm sure. But I'll beat lazy Calvin both in speed of publication and in recorded facts. I can't tell you how much it means to me to know you're behind me in this Tania. When the change occurred this afternoon I was ecstatic with the happening but also worried about your reaction. I'd like to stay a plantsim for a while at least. There's so much we still don't know about the species and I'd like to explore it some. I just hope you like green on me."
  29. 29. "I've always thought that green and red go exceedingly well together. I believe there may be some hidden benefits to having a husband that never needs sleep. Besides I'm a vegetarian, remember *chomp*" While there were no changes to the bolt numbers that David and Titania had together David's alteration seemed to kick their chemistry up a notch. Still not the stalkers that Cary and Cass were (thankfully) they seemed to roll up more romantic type face wants for each other than ever before.
  30. 30. "Emma you're the family heiress, and as such there are several things that you need to know and/or do in order to be the best heiress that you can be. First off her name's Jenn, not hey you, creator or wench. Secondly the family business may not yet be important to anyone but well, one must make appearances in order to maintain the family image. Last but not least it is not acceptable for an heiress to slouch ever and that's something that you'll have to work hard at overcoming. Your mother, Wright love her is a wonderful woman but the lazy gene hasn't been seen in this household since my grandmother Dina was alive and it's just not considered to be the thing." Cary is working hard to encourage his nine active points onto his granddaughter's miserable two active points. Lazy sims ugh! It's the one trait I can not stand for a sim to have at the moment. Whine I need to sit down, whine it's six pm and I need sleep! What you mean its six am. and you want me to get up already!
  31. 31. Of course I don't know as if Cary has much right to comment about laziness seeing as how he never takes off his pjs. He even wears his jammies when it's his time to do the toddler tossing honors for Elle. Once again David was at work when the tossing occurred. The rest of the household however was there to cheer her on.
  32. 32. She's defiantly a Familiar! Personality wise Elle follows four generations of Familiars down the Sagittarius road. 1/9/9/8/7 can't get much more extreme than that. She's sloppy, outgoing, active, playful and nice. Again with the niceness!?! Both girls take after their mother that way, which is a bit strange. Of course Betty was 8 nice points so niceness isn't unknown in Familiar's its just odd.
  33. 33. "Ha-Ha! You want me to do what?" "Well I was just noticing that the house was in a bit more of a shambles than it normally is and I was wondering why you'd slacked off on your chores." "I got my do chores removed; you can't make me clean anymore! I'm Free! Free! Free I say!"
  34. 34. You can also have your do chores replaced as quickly as it takes me to reboot the game, and therefore you will continue to do those few things that myself and your family ask of you, caprice? "What? More work? Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" Yeah I finally installed no servos do chores, I got sick of the food.
  35. 35. "Thirty-five slides and no plot advancement yet *angry-face*" *Sigh* okay Elle, just for you!
  36. 36. "I wanted to stop by today so that you and I could get down to the nitty gritty Juliet. Once Elle has her childhood birthday next week, Cary and I are planning on taking all of the children to the lake house for a bit of a bonding vacation. Cary already told you that we'd like to include Elliot along with the girls and their cousins. He also told me that you seemed unwilling to allow us to do so unless there was some monetary type advantage to yourself. You may not realize this but despite what you may have heard about legacy families we aren't that wealthy, Jenn has never concerned herself with amassing a large amount of ready cash for us. Most of the family money has gone into the houses, the business or trust funds for the children. However, I'm sure that we could scrape together whatever amount you decide is necessary to help ensure your son gets to know his family."
  37. 37. "What is it with you people? Every time I turn around one of you is trying to bribe me with material possessions. First it was Betty with the family pearls if I got together with David and now its cash for letting my son spend time with you. Why is it that everyone seems to believe I can be bought?" "You were the one that mentioned a bribe first dear, not us." "Don't call me dear in that sickeningly saccharine sweet tone of voice. We both know what you think of me. At least be honest enough to call me a witch to my face, if that's the way you feel. I mentioned a bribe because I wanted to see the reaction I'd get, and I got exactly what I expected, Familiar superiority at it's finest!" "Well then witch, what is it that you really want from us? I'm sure there's something, there always is."
  38. 38. "What I want is what's best for MY son. What I know to be best for my son may not be the same as what you feel is best for yours." "Time and again you made it clear that you never cared what was best for David only what was best for you. I can only hope that you never have to feel as torn over an issue with Elliot as David's father and I have felt since we found out about our grandson." "My son will never give me cause to be torn over such an issue, I'm raising him better than that. I have a very caring and open child that would never hide from his problems." "David doesn't know he has a problem to hide from! You've never told him! What type of a man would he be if he went running every time his ex girlfriend called? He determined that the best way to get over you was to avoid you, and while I may not totally agree with that it's worked! As far as he's concerned you're old news why should he be worried about what you want at this point?"
  39. 39. "Because we have history, because we spent the better part of six years in each others pockets and because he should know me well enough to know that I wouldn't be as persistent about seeing him unless it was important!" "This is getting us no where, Cary and I want to take Elliot to the beach house, we want that time with our grandson and our other grandchildren. What are we going to have to do in order to make it happen?" "Fine! First off and most importantly I don't want any of your family to discuss David with Elliot. You have no right to raise his expectations or hopes regarding a future that includes his biological father. I've told him enough to satisfy his curiosity without getting into details or naming names. When he's older and it's no longer enough I'll tell him the truth." "Your version of the truth? Or the whole truth?” "The truth, truth!"
  40. 40. "If you expect that the children won't talk amongst themselves and come up with some form of explanation as to why Elliot is with us on our trip you don't understand children very well. We'll come up with something to tell them but it won't satisfy them fully as they're all intelligent and curious." "You can tell them whatever you need to tell them so that they won't be running home and telling their father all about their `brother'." "Is there anything else you want?"
  41. 41. "Understand that I don't want anything for myself. I only want to make Elliot's life better." "How altruistic of you." "Well just take a look around here, it's just one step up from a slum, and unlike others I wasn't granted a trust fund to fall back on I've only had my sweat. Elliot deserves better." "Fine we'll place a deposit into an account with your name and a nominal amount will be added seasonally up until the point that Elliot leaves for university. Realize that a trust fund was set up as soon as we were made aware of his existence, he won't have access to it until or unless he graduates from university. We expect all the children to work hard for scholarships and to get good enough grades to pay their own way once they're there. You won't have access to that account unless he wishes it once he's an adult."
  42. 42. "Mmm I'm going to miss you today, are you sure you don't want to come with me and Emma, you could play hooky and call in sick!" "I wish I could but if I want this promotion I really need to at least pretend that I like my job. You and Em go have fun, your mom's looking forward to spending the day with Elle says they're going to tackle potty training once and for all." "Yay! no more diapers!" Yeah like you've ever changed a diaper Mr. Scaredy Pants!
  43. 43. "Alright slug a bed time to wake up! We've got a big day ahead of us." "Leave me alone, don't wanna get up." "Well then I guess I'll just have to go to the beach all by myself. I'm sure I'll find something to do all by my lonesome but it sure won't be as much fun to build sandcastles if you aren't with me!" "No! Don't leave me here, I'm awake!"
  44. 44. "Can I get some ice cream Daddy? I want some strawberry ice cream with lots of sprinkles on top!" "Well if you want ice cream we'll just have to go get some ice cream then. Can't have a hungry princess on my hands now can I?”
  45. 45. "Look Daddy there's Uncle Dwight! Hi! Uncle Dwight!" "Dwight's here? Who's that kid he's with? Don't yell Emma, I don't think he can hear sweetie. Why don't you run get your ice cream and I'll go down and say hello okay? When you're done you can come down and join us. I've heard Uncle Dwight is a class A sandcastle builder!" "Okay!"
  46. 46. "I'm having so much fun Uncle Dwight! Thank you for bringing me here! Can I get some ice cream now?" "Sure thing kiddo, you go grab some ice cream and when you're done we'll do some body surfing in the waves, how's that grab ya?" "Awesome! Bye!"
  47. 47. "Hey kid, when you get up there look for a little girl with dark poofy hair, names Emma. You look to be near the same age, why don't you kids play together, while I talk to `Uncle' Dwight. Okay?" "Sure thing mister! Cya' later Uncle Dwight!"
  48. 48. "You old dog you, who's the kid? One of your lady friends, I assume?" "It's nothing like that Dave he's the kid of a friend of mine. His Dad's not in the picture so I try to spend time with him when I can."
  49. 49. "Right you spend time with him out of the goodness of your heart because you feel sorry for him. Nothing in it for you at all, I'm sure his mother is very grateful to you for babysitting. How do you get paid for your services?" "I told you it's nothing like that! I've known him most of his life he's a good kid that's had a bit of a rough go so far. He deserves some fun and his mother deserves some time off."
  50. 50. "Yeah and he calls you Uncle cause you're such good friends. Please, it's obvious that he's your kid, what I don't get is why you never told the family about him. It's nothing to be ashamed, long as you make the effort to be a part of his life. Or have you told the family about him just not me? I remember Mom mumbled something about a grandson once but then she said it was nothing. Is that who she was talking about?"
  51. 51. "Frammit Dave! I've had about enough of you lately. Did you take a good look at Elliot? Did he look familiar to you? Have you seen his face somewhere lately? Say maybe in your mirror this morning?" "What?" "Crap! Just forget I said that."
  52. 52. "No I'm not going to forget it, what did you mean by that remark Dwight? You better tell me, now." "Bro, I've been telling you. How many times have I told you that you needed to talk to Juliet?"
  53. 53. "Juliet? Are you telling me that she, that he's that I'm" "I'm not telling you nothing, I promised that I wouldn't and I keep my promises. Just go talk to Jules before its too late, k? Do it now if you want I'll watch Emma."
  54. 54. "Okay so you're the dots and I'm the sticks and my five is higher than your three so I get to take it. But then you've got that flower and it's better than my wind so you get that one from me but because it's Saturday my dragon is worth more than your wind. If it was Tuesday your wind would beat my dragon. Do you get it now?" "Wow this game is harder than it looks." "Emma! I have to go for a little bit something came up, I'm sorry Princess but you can stay here with Dwight okay?" "Okay Daddy, but this was supposed to be our day." "I know baby, I'll make it up to you I promise."
  55. 55. "Well, well, look who finally decided to show his face on this side of town again, what are you doing here David? Lost?" "I think I'm where I planned to be, I thought you'd be glad to see me Juliet. You've asked me to stop by enough times. Can I come inside so that we can talk?" "No I don't think so David; you have something to say you can say it out here. Tell me why you decided to come by today, it can't be that you finally decided to grow up and stop hiding from an old friend."
  56. 56. "Fine you want to air dirty laundry in public we'll do it your way. Guess where I was before I came here today? My daughter's been bugging me for weeks to take her to the new beach and so we got up this morning and went. Guess who we ran into there? Imagine my surprise to see MY BROTHER! building sandcastles with MY SON!" "Your son? Oh he's your son now that you've decided to claim him huh? No David, Elliot's MY SON you're just his father." "Of course I claim him! This is something you never allowed me the right to do in the past. That will change Juliet you can't keep him from me now that I know!"
  57. 57. "Keep him from you? David! I've wanted to tell you about him since before he was born but you refused to listen to me, I haven't kept a single thing from you. If you've missed out on Elliot's life it's your fault not mine." "All you had to do was tell me Jules! But no you refused to be upfront. Like usual you tried to play head games with me instead. `David I miss you I'd like to see you? `David why won't you talk to me?" `David I have something to show you, I'll think you'll like it?. Yeah you invited me over, but the invitation in your voice was a trap I wasn't about to walk into again. You and I are done, we're over my son's existence doesn't change that." "You are so conceited David! You think I've been sitting over here pining for you? You're not as much of a prize as you think you are; you never were. The only thing I regret about our break up was that I didn't have the courage to dump you First!"
  58. 58. "Ma'am is everything alright here; your neighbor called and said they'd heard a ruckus going on." "Everything's fine bub, move along back to the donuts shop." "I was asking the lady, not you."
  59. 59. "Everything's fine Robert, did old lady Mint really call you? Or was that just an excuse to stop by during your shift?" "She really did call, ma'am." "Oh all right, don't worry we're just having a discussion here, we'll keep our voices down. If Mrs. Mint calls again just tell her to go inside and keep her nose on her side of the fence. And when you get off duty you can come back by and arrest me because I've been a bad girl Officer McAuley. I've been really bad I think you'll need to bring your handcuffs." "Come on Julie, stop it, I'm on duty here. I'll stop by at end of shift to make sure everything's okay ma'am." "Thank you Officer!" *wink*
  60. 60. "Same old Juliet, anything in pants is a potential conquest isn't it?” "Who? Robert? So what if I'm involved with Robert; we've been seeing each other since Elliot was a baby. He loves me, he loves Elliot, He wants to marry me and be Elliot's daddy." "Well that will never happen; he has a Daddy already." "No Elliot has a father, you're not his Daddy you haven't earned that right. A Daddy is there for his child, takes care of his child and loves him. Why your brother's more of a Daddy to Elliot than you are."
  61. 61. "And just how did that happen huh? How come you shared this secret with Dwight and not with me and how come he never said a dang thing? He and I will be having words over that soon." "Dwight knows because he was interested enough in my well being to take the time to find out. He didn't tell you because I made him promise not to, same with your parents." "What!! Mom and Dad know about him too? Great am I the last one in town to find out?" "Probably not the last, I'm sure there's a few down townies that haven't figured it out yet."
  62. 62. "Mom, mommy I'm home! It rained so hard that we had to leave the beach early. But we had such a great time, we made sandcastles and swam in the sea and Emma and I played Mahjong and hunted for seashells, and Uncle Dwight found a Crab! Ha-ha it was so funny he yelled so loud, and did you know that Uncle Dwight is Emma's Uncle too? Why's Emma's Daddy here? Is Emma here too? Can I go play with her again?" "Whoa there cowboy! Slow down a bit. It sounds like you had a busy day; I bet you're hungry aren't you? I think there are some cookies left why don't you go grab one to tide you over till dinner. Robert's going to come by and maybe we'll have spaghetti okay? Mr. Familiar and I were just having a conversation but he's going to be leaving now. I'm sure you'll see him and Emma again later."
  63. 63. "I'm not going anywhere until we settle this Juliet." "And I won't have you here upsetting Elliot. When you're able to deal with this calmly you can spend some time with him. But not while you're acting this way, he wouldn't understand. I'll have to explain things to him. He doesn't know who you are; there was never any point in giving you a name when he didn't have a face to put with it." "You can't keep him from me Juliet, he's MY SON, you'll be hearing from me soon, real soon."
  64. 64. "And up you go! That's momma's big girl. We gotta get you walking in time for your birthday tomorrow. Once you get walking though I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with you, and you'll be running before we know it!" "Tania can you come in here, I need to talk to you." "Be there in a minute hon, Elle and I almost have this walking thing figured out."
  65. 65. "What's up Dave, you look upset over something. Did something happen with work? Emma said you had to leave her at the beach with Dwight. She was disappointed; you'll have to make it up to her." "No nothing at work, and I'll make it up to Em. I discovered something while we were at the beach and I had to go deal with it. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth because I don't think I could handle any more deception at this moment." "What? Of course I'll tell you the truth what's going on Dave it isn't like you to be this flustered." "Did you know I have a son? Am I truly the last one in this family to know that little fact? Have you and my parent's and my siblings been discussing this behind my back all along?"
  66. 66. "What do you mean did I know you have a son? You have a son? When did you find this out? Better yet when did he happen? Asking me if I've been talking behind your back? What have YOU been doing behind MINE?" "No, I would never do that to you Titania, you have to believe me. I would never break our trust like that. I'd never hurt you like that, I don't think I could live with myself if did." "Okay then explain" "Pff I found out today that I have a son with Juliet Capp. You know just about everything about my relationship with Juliet, the thing you don't know is that after we came back here, after graduation but before I even met you, there was this one night and well I went to her house and I'm not very proud of what happened, but we ended up in bed. I only saw her again once after that, we had a fight and don't think she even knew she was pregnant yet. Then I met you and we fell in love and anytime Juliet called I refused to talk to her, I just didn't want to deal with her anymore."
  67. 67. "Please say you believe me Tania. I couldn't stand it if you didn't believe me. You know how important it is to me that you and I can trust each other completely." "I believe you I do; it'd be pretty easy to verify the baby's date of birth if I didn't. Well I guess he's not a baby is he? He must be older than Emma, which means he's your first born. Which means he's the heir? David! Is he going to replace our daughter as heir?" "I don't know I really hadn't thought that far yet. I guess maybe he does. I don't know, I don't see, maybe? If he is heir that means it's even more important to get him away from Juliet than I thought."
  68. 68. "Wait a second did I just hear what I think I did? You want to take him away from his Mother? David you can't do that. No matter what you think about Juliet you can't take away her child." "But he's my son!" "Yes he is, but he's also hers, there are two parents involved and at the moment she's the only one he knows. Unless you think he's being abused in her care and I don't think you'd have left him there for a moment if you thought that, then you'll have to find a way to deal with her and with him." "But he's MY SON!"
  69. 69. "And Puck is my son, and Bottom is my daughter and yet they've done fine with their father all this time. I'd give anything to have the two of them here, but we both know it's not possible. We've done what we can to make sure that they know we love them and that we are here for them, even if they don't live with us." "You're right, I'm sorry I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean to I open old wounds for you. You know I wish they were with us too." "And they'll be here tomorrow for Elle's party so let's just take it one step at a time. Don't ruin the day for her."
  70. 70. Puck and Bottom had done some growing up of their own recently. Since my intention is to have the two of them as part of this generations Greek house crew at university, Bottom in particular needed to be aged. My simself played host to a group of townie kids and teens for about a week in order to get them all prepared for their advent on Campus. All of the various extended relations of the Familiar family will be attending University with their siblings and cousins this go around. I figured that I was already going to have so many in the university generation that a few more really wouldn't matter all that much.
  71. 71. And so when it came time for Elle to do her birthday wiggle there was a good sized group of family members there to cheer her on. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, even a couple of Great Grandfathers. If there was a strain in the air around the adults Elle thankfully didn't notice, the family was doing their best to keep things as normal as possible for the girls.
  72. 72. My feeling is that Elle looks more like her mother than Emma does, while she does seem to have a bit of the Familiar chin it's more like Cary's than David's so it's not as pronounced. Elle's such a go getter that upon growing up she wanted to do her sister's homework. Of course that could be because Emma threatened to put spiders in her shoes if she didn't but still she asked to do it.
  73. 73. *grrr* Fill those food dishes human child! My progeny are hungry!*grrr* For a large part the family ghosts aren't much of a problem, but woe be anyone that spends time in the kitchen in the evening for that's when the doggy ghosts come out to haunt and they almost always congregate around the food bowls. Of the human ghosts Abe is the most active but he leaves almost everyone alone. For some reason he does have a particular fondness for scaring Cass.
  74. 74. "What right did the two of you think you had to keep the fact that I have a son from me? What did you think to accomplish by hiding that from me?" "We didn't want to keep it from you Dave, we only found out ourselves a short while ago and Juliet threatened to take him away if we told you. It wasn't an easy thing to keep a secret, but if she'd run away with him we might all have lost him again. We hoped that by doing things her way we'd be able to chisel down her reluctance a bit." "And how did you find out about him in the first place? Did Dwight tell you and not me?" "Dave, don't blame Dwight, he's so worried about all this. No he didn't tell us anything, your father had this feeling that something was going on in the family that we should be a part of and it kept getting stronger and well one night we hopped in the car and started driving around town trying find the source of that feeling. We ended up walking in on Elliot's birthday party."
  75. 75. "Look Dave you can be as angry as you want at your Mom and me for not telling you about Elliot sooner, we expected you to be angry at us. Just don't let that anger with other people cloud your ability to get close to him now that you know. He really is a great kid. He reminds us so much of you always asking questions and wanting to know how everything works. We're really looking forward to spending time with him this week at the lake." "The lake, you're planning on taking him to the lake with the girls? And what were you planning on telling the girls, what were you planning on telling him?" "Elliot knows that we're Dwight's parents, he accepts us as his grandparents for that reason. We were planning on telling the girls that Elliot is a friend of Dwight's and they would have accepted that. The older kids might not have, but the little girls would." "So Juliet is actually letting you take him with you? She wouldn't let me near him, and I'm his father!"
  76. 76. "Well if you were yelling at her the same way you're yelling at us, I can understand why she didn't want you to interact with him at that moment. If you approach her calmly and rationally I'm sure that the two of you can work something out. Give her a call, arrange to meet with her while we're gone, and take Titania with you so that the two of you can present a united front." "Okay Mom that sounds like a good idea, but I'm still going to talk to Uncle Clint and find out where I stand legally." "It's always good to have a back up plan, but remember what's important in all this is Elliot."
  77. 77. "But I wanna be the bad guy for once, why do you always get to be the bad guy?" "'Cause I'm older that's why!" "Girls you two need to stop fooling around and get dressed, we'd like to talk to you both for a minute before you leave." "Okay Mommy! Pow got you last hahahaha!"
  78. 78. "Before you go to the lake house with Grandma and Grandpa there's something you need to know. While you're there you're going to meet a little boy named Elliot." "I know an Elliot! Is it the same Elliot from the beach?" "Yes Emma it's the same Elliot from the beach. I think the two of you had a lot of fun with Uncle Dwight that day didn't you? Now why don't you just sit still a moment and let Daddy and I explain?"
  79. 79. "You know how Puck and Bottom are your brother and sister even though they live with their father and not with us? But it's okay that they don't live with us and you still like them a whole lot and like to do things with them whenever you can? Well see Elliot is your brother too, and he doesn't live with us he lives with his mommy. But that's okay too and I'm sure that you'll like Elliot a whole lot and you'll enjoy spending time with him just like you do with Puck and Bottom." "How come we didn't know he was our brother, is it a secret?" "No Elle it isn't a secret not really, we just didn't know that he was your brother before now. But now that we do know, we're going to be spending more time with him and we're all going to come to love him just as much as we love the two of you and just as much as we love Puck and Bottom."
  80. 80. "This is going to be just as much a surprise to Elliot as it was to the two of you so we want the two of you to be nice to him while you're with your Grandparents and let him see what nice sister's he has okay?" "Okay, Daddy we can do that can't we, Elle?" "I know I can! But that means you can't kick him Emma, I don't know if you can remember that." "I can so remember, sides I only kick you." "Okay girls, I think your taxi is here go grab your bags and head on out, have fun, be good, we love you and we're going to miss you both bunches."
  81. 81. "All aboard the lake house express! Hurry up girls we don't want to miss our flight!" "We're coming Grandpa!'
  82. 82. “Alone at last! I never thought I'd be so happy to get rid of the girls for a few days! What do you say we power down Adonis and relieve some stress?"
  83. 83. "Here you go 125 Lakeside. You folks have fun, and enjoy your stay!" "Thanks for the Ride Judy, it was really nice of you to drop us off, I still can't believe the taxi company would make you work on your wedding day though. I hope you make it in time." "Yeah well they're slave drivers, hey thanks for the tip Mr. Familiar!" *sucker the veil of over tipping works again.*
  84. 84. Vacation! All I ever wanted! Vacation! Had to get away! The Vacation Line up which also includes the intended Greek house line up for Generation Six along with their grandparents. Left to Right Seated: Demi's youngest daughter Denise Nova, Puck Summerdream as a very hawt YA, Emma Familiar Standing: Elle Familiar, Grandpa Cary, Bottom Summerdream, Demi's oldest daughter Delphine Nova, Grandma Cass, and Elliot Capp
  85. 85. The vacation crew will be spending four days in Three Lakes at the new lake house that the family has purchased. I'm really proud of this house and I'd love to show it off some more but unfortunately I can already see this album hitting max size limits. You will see some interior shots while the family is here.
  86. 86. Not a whole lot happened on the first day of the trip, everyone was pretty tired from journey so they spent the day settling in getting acquainted with each other and with their accommodations. Emma spent a few minutes sunbathing on the beach and ended up with a burn that just would not go away; I mean really it would not go away. I eventually had to cure the burn by re-burning her after the vacation was over. Glitch! Glitch! Joy! Joy!
  87. 87. The newly discovered siblings were also getting to know each other in that special way that only siblings can. "Eli stop it!" "I'm not doing anything!" "Grandma tell Eli to stop poking me!" "I'm not even touching her Grandma see my finger's no where near her!"
  88. 88. "So has Puck introduced you to any hot college guys yet?" "Nah, he still thinks I'm a baby. He doesn't want me getting mixed up with the big boys yet. He's no fun; he wouldn't even invite me to his end of semester party." "Man that blows big time, big brother's gonna be in for a surprise when we hit campus this fall isn't he?" "Ha-ha he's gonna have his hands full if he thinks he can control the pair of us!" Bottom and Delphy are the closest of friends they go everywhere together. Frankly I'm a bit scared of them, I doubt uni will ever be the same after they get there.
  89. 89. After dinner there was music and dancing on the porch and then everyone went down to the beach to roast marshmallows in the fire pit.
  90. 90. By the time the family reached the lumber camp the next day friendships were beginning to be formed. "Come on little dude move those legs! You can do it Eli!"
  91. 91. "Boo-Yah! He can get the log a rolling but he can't topple the Puckmeister!"
  92. 92. "Hello? Oh Hi Titania, yes I know exactly who you are. Dinner at Sal's tomorrow to discuss Elliot? Sure I can probably do that, is it okay if Robert joins us? He has an interest in the situation and I'd feel better if he was there." "Uh huh, sure see you then.? " Grrr that rounder! He can't even handle talking to me on the phone for five minutes to arrange a meeting; he has to have his wifey-poo do the talking for him.?
  93. 93. "Hello David. Titania, that color looks wonderful on you." "Hello Juliet, *nods* McAuley" "Familiar" "Well now isn't this nice, I hear they have really wonderful salads here. Have you two been here before?" "Playing the vegetarian card now Titania? Guess it makes sense seeing as you're married to a Tree. As for the food? It's marvelous we love it here, this is where Robert proposed." *flashes ring* "Engaged? Really, well; word to the wise McAuley, get her to the altar quickly and never introduce her to your friends." "David!" "Oh I'm sorry did I say that out loud?”
  94. 94. "You're the one that asked for this dinner David, not me. I won't stand here and be insulted by you. If you want me to be understanding and flexible when it comes to Elliot you're going to have to start by showing me some respect for a change." "Of course, well let's go on in and get this farce started. Might as well at least try to enjoy the meal."
  95. 95. "I guess the main question is how long do you think you can withhold my son from me Juliet' I'd figure that having kept him from me all this time, you'd feel you'd extracted whatever revenge was necessary and you'd be a little bit more willing to show some flexibility." "You can see him anytime you want to see him, just call first. And you'll see him at my house while Robert and I are there as well."
  96. 96. "Well it's all pretty much moot at this point isn't it? I mean Elliot must be about to have a birthday isn't he? Emma's teening is coming up soon and Elliot's a bit older than she is. As soon as he's a teen you really won't be able to stop him from seeing his father if he wants to Juliet. It's a lot harder to cage teenagers especially boys." "I don't want to stop Elliot from seeing David; or any of your family, I just want to set a few guidelines for those meetings at least in the beginning. Elliot doesn't know you; I don't want him overwhelmed by the situation."
  97. 97. "I'm not a monster Juliet, I do have some experience here, and I have other children. They think I'm a good father, at least I hope they do, Juliet I'm going to try very hard to work with you. It seems to me that you're trying to smother Elliot. At least let me officially meet him before you pass judgments on my actions towards him. What do you want me to do Jules; do you want me to apologize' Well I do. I'm sorry I didn't return your calls I'm sorrier than you'll probably ever realize. I've missed out on half my son's life because of it, but you have to acknowledge that I had reasons to not want to see you, to not want to be involved with you any longer."
  98. 98. "But this isn't about us anymore Jules, this isn't about you. This is about our son, my heir." "What do you mean your heir?" "Elliot's my first born there's a very good chance he's the legacy heir, not Emma. It's something we're looking into. Uncle Clint's going to look over the documents and then we'll probably have a meeting with Jenn."
  99. 99. "No, oh no, you can stop right there, that's something I will not allow. I will not allow you to involve my son in any of your stupid legacy plots or it's stupid plans. I never wanted to marry into your legacy and I refuse to allow you to get my son involved with it!" "I don't see how there's anyway you can stop it from happening, he's either the heir or he isn't. That was determined at his birth it's not up you or to me."
  100. 100. "Julie! Stop Julie Come Back!"
  101. 101. Two possible heirs, which one will carry the family forward? Find out when Familiar Faces returns. Until then, Thanks for Reading and Happy Simming! General shutout to all the wonderful cc creators that help my sims and their houses look so good. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the community.