Familiar Faces Chapter Eight


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Familiar Faces Chapter Eight

  1. 1. Welcome Back to Familiar Faces! Chapter Eight: Dad or DNA Donor?
  2. 2. So when we left, Cary Familiar; incoming heir of the Familiar Family had just turned teen. He's a Family sim with a weird want to top the Music career track and be a Rock God. To refresh memories regarding my play rules, before creating the family I used SimPE to import all the Maxis created playable from the various neighborhoods and sub hoods and turned them into townies. Those former playables are the breeding stock for the Familiar family. I also play by the rule that the first born legacy legitimate child will be the heir. I'm interested in the possible mix of genetics that will spring up but I'm not that worried about getting the prettiest or the ugliest. This is a good thing for Cary, he's not ugly he's just not that pretty.
  3. 3. In deep mourning for his wife Dina, who passed away this evening, Abe is consoling himself with lobster. He's not hungry, he's just lonely. If he'd just turn around he'd see that his daughter Betty already served a meal. "You mean of course that Betty burned a meal, Betty's good at burning meals."
  4. 4. This is true. Betty burns about half of the meals she cooks, plenty of skills she's just not interested in cooking. Must be why she's hasn't rolled a lifetime want to be a Celebrity Chef. Betty's the reigning heiress of the household, she's a romance sim and has completed one lifetime want to woohoo 20 different sims. She's almost completed her second which is to be a Hall of Famer. Betty isn't married and most likely never will be, she changes men faster than most women change clothing. Cary is the result of a liaison with Chaz Whippler university bin sim from Academie Le Tour. Betty is currently pregnant again, this time by Kiernan Tricou.
  5. 5. Cary's pretty serious about the Rock God thing, most days after school he's to be found in the basement practicing his rifts and cords and most importantly his musical grimace.
  6. 6. "I thought you said I'd be dead before this happened!" I said maybe, if you were lucky.
  7. 7. Welcome to the world Clint Familiar! Named for the familiar face of Clint Eastwood, this little tykes got dark brown eyes, black hair and the lightest skin tone
  8. 8. "Cary stop bathing Snicks and hold your brother" The classic pass off of the baby can only mean one thing.
  9. 9. Welcome to the World Cher Familiar! Named for Cheryl Sarkisian LaPiere, better known as Cher, this one has the same dark brown eyes and black hair as her twin but she has the second skin tone
  10. 10. By the time Cher was born Abe had lost interest and gone to bed. He'd need plenty of rest in order to conquer the mountains of diapers he'll be changing shortly.
  11. 11. Good family sim that he is Cary immediately formed a caring and protective relationship with his new siblings. With Abe just days from joining his wife in the backyard Cary would make a huge impact of their lives from day one.
  12. 12. Abe had resigned himself to diaper duty and he wasn't to be disappointed. If only he could sell dirty diapers he'd be a millionaire. "Good idea! I'll go check the internet see if there's any financial potential in these things." Somehow I doubt there will be, but you never know, some folks will buy anything off Ebay.
  13. 13. Second lifetime want complete! What's next Betty? "Professional Party Guest!" Sounds good you shouldn't have any problems with . . . dang it don't turn around Betty you probably don't wanna watch.
  14. 14. Noooooo not Snickers! Word to the wise folks, never create an in game pet after one you know in real life. *sniff* Snicks was one of my favorite dogs in game just like his namesake is one of my favorite real life dogs.
  15. 15. Without the peacekeeping presence of Snickers in the house Sassy and her devil spawn Blacky start the fur flying. Sad thing is they actually like each other, they just fight cause it's fun or something. Aggressive dogs see challenges the same way mean kids see noogies, they raise social and give positive relationship points to the one that does the challenges, while they lower relationship points for the receiver.
  16. 16. Yeah way to thank your mother for giving you life. Okay everyone to their corners, no more bloodshed in the kitchen, the maid needs to get back to work.
  17. 17. "Of course I'm hot Hermia, I'm a Rock God in training. Stick with me babe and I'll take you all the way to the top."
  18. 18. "Looking is fine just no touching, don't touch me! You're invading my personal space, I have issues!" Back slowly away Cary, there's a good reason why the Capps are considered kinda mental.
  19. 19. "Haha! Do you realize what you just did? You just cost yourself the chance of being the legitimate high school sweetheart of a legacy sim. Jenn wants a Verona Villian moved in, we're both family sims and we have great chemistry potential! You could a been sent to uni and grown up and then married to me and living the high life. But nooo you had to go nut case didn't you? Have fun living on the streets you crazy wench!"
  20. 20. Eeep! This could get messy, Cary wished for love in order to get a high school sweetheart and out popped cashier Aurora. They have three bolts. Cary, remember the family, it's the important thing. You can play with her but you can't be her Prince Phillip.
  21. 21. Hey you townie chick with the hat why are you messing up my picture of the synchronized toddler toss? "I'm just passing thru on my way to the hot tub"
  22. 22. "You said I could bring a friend!" Yeah but I expected you to at least notice that your children were having a birthday. Not just walk in and head to the hot tub with said friend.
  23. 23. Clint Familiar Aquarius 2/5/4/6/8 Messy and nice, he's a little sweetheart.
  24. 24. Cher Familiar Aries 6/8/5/6/6 Very middle of the road personality with the exception of her outgoing she doesn't have any extremes.
  25. 25. "Baba Dada!" "Do I look like a nanny kid? I don't have time to get bottles, I've got a hot one waiting for me in the hot tub" Well this father bonding experience is going well isn't it?
  26. 26. Kiernon Tricou puts new meaning into sleezy romance sim. It was bad enough when Chaz spent Cary's birthday in the hot tub, but at least he was with Cary's mother not some nameless floozy.
  27. 27. "Dada play?" "Play? Play what kid? I don't think you can hold the pool cue and I ain't interested in no peek a boo crap!"
  28. 28. *I am so glad my mother didn't marry this slime wad* So am I Cary. Now go call your father and thank him for at least giving a dang. Cary and Chaz are best friends. Chaz calls him all the time to talk.
  29. 29. It's okay Cher you don't need a Daddy you've got Grampa Abe. He's wonderful with kids and couldn't love you more.
  30. 30. I'm afraid though that they won't have Abe for much longer. He's just waiting for the chance to clock out. He's done everything I asked of him and now he's ready to go. The garden's in great shape and Betty got her gold so she can take over there. The twins are potty trained and Cary's an overachiever.
  31. 31. Abe even finally got that gold toy making badge so that the dogs can wash themselves. Betty's got an inventory full of crafted odds and ends. One of these days we'll open a business and the Familiar's can have a garage sale.
  32. 32. Speaking of Betty she's starting to realize that she's not getting much face time at the moment so she dramatically sets the kitchen on fire yet again in order to play hero and save Cher. Betty has a history of setting fires for her own purposes. "I do not!" Umm lets see, there was the fire you started so that Barbie wouldn't get her first kiss, the fire you started at your graduation party, the fire when you found out you were pregnant a second time and this fire. I'd say there's a trend in there someplace.
  33. 33. Devil dog though he is Blacky can't resist the lure of a toddler cuddle.
  34. 34. Grim came calling and found Abe just where you'd expect him to be, in the nursery with the twins. He'd just finished teaching Cher to talk and was more than ready to go see Dina again.
  35. 35. Rest in Peace Abe and Dina Familiar Generation two is always the hardest generation to let go of for me.
  36. 36. "Why did Dad have to die now? Couldn't he have gotten the twins training finished up first?" You can't lie to me Betty, you've had the want to teach them to walk locked since they turned toddler. We've been saving it for now so that you'd all get a good memory in at a bad time.
  37. 37. And Cary gets his memory wipe by asking Aurora to go steady with him. As much chemistry as the two of them have Cary has very few wants for Aurora. It might be because wishing for love automatically puts the relationship score so high that there's no need to raise it, or it might just be that Cary's smart enough to know that the relationship won't last long.
  38. 38. "Generations of dogs at this house have lined up and waited patiently to be patted by me. I always like this house cause the dogs were nice that way. Now they line up to fight over who gets to chase me. I'm asking my supervisor for a new route!" I keep trying to breed in more nice genes but if anything they just keep getting meaner. Bad dog Sassy! Bad Dog!
  39. 39. Cue music from Jaws "I'm back!" The Familiar's haven't needed a Nanny on a regular basis since Betty was a toddler. It'll only be for one day. The twins turn to kids tonight and after that Cary can handle them.
  40. 40. We've got fears of parties in the panels so the kid spinning is a small event just the immediate family.
  41. 41. Whap! "You didn't even come in the house to see them age!" Well we can blame him for lots of things but we can't really blame him for that, Betty didn't get home from work in time to call him over before the tossing had to be done if they wanted cakes. But that doesn't mean we aren't watching him carefully. And this time when he asked to bring a "friend" we said no.
  42. 42. "Daddy! you made it!" "Don't hug me you brat!. You probably have all kinds of kid type germs that might get on me!"
  43. 43. *sniff* "My Daddy doesn't like me." *sniff*
  44. 44. Okay bucko it's time you and I had a little chat. You see I'm a very lenient simmer, it takes an awful lot for me to hurt a sim. I realize that your little pea brain can't handle all that much at any one time, so I'll make it easy. There's only one real rule in my game, take care of the kids. You hurt my kids, I hurt you. You make my kids cry, I make you cry.
  45. 45. Unfortunately there's two little kids in this house walking around with a fear of a family member dieing so I can't kill you yet. But you're walking on very thin ice, and Cary is no way as nice as I am. He's also extremely protective of those kiddos in there, shocking isn't it.
  46. 46. There that's a little better, now you're crying aren't you? Feel a little sick huh? Make an effort to make nice to your kids and you might live to see them be adults. Now get the frack outta here!
  47. 47. "I smell something yummy" What you smell Betty? "Fresh meat!"
  48. 48. I needed some regular townies, for my spares and for the other families in the hood. I retrieved the normal ones. I had always intended to have the normal townies in addition to the legacy legal ones, but there was a problem when I created the hood and they didn't generate. I only had one townie teen along with the downtownies and dormies.
  49. 49. Welcome to the neighborhood Brandon, we hope you enjoy your stay. He's so thrilled to be here, he immediately got food poisoning so that he'll be able to throw up in toilets around the hood for the rest of eternity. Way to make your mark on a town.
  50. 50. "Chaz! What did you do to yourself babe? You look like you lost weight! I gotta tell you I like the hair but really hon, take me with you next time you go shopping you don't have any taste in clothing!"
  51. 51. "I'm telling you lady, I'm not that college kid named Chaz. Names Ben, you know Ben Long?" "Yeah I know it's been a long time, but I've told you sweetie I don't do repeats."
  52. 52. "Wah!" What's wrong Dina? "You! you deleted my hair! Wahhhhh how could you?" Actually I don't think I did, I think it just got moved.
  53. 53. "You're sure you want another one?" Sigh, yeah we want another one, thanks. Sassy's getting up there and Blacky needs a mate.
  54. 54. Welcome to the family Daisy Familiar Good idea there get started on the kung fu early you might have a better chance at beating up your future mate that way.
  55. 55. "I'm a spare, why do I have to skill?" Cause it's fall and you have the want to gain a skill point in your panel and cause watching you play with the dollhouse gets boring after a few hours.
  56. 56. "I am quite sure that watching me read this fascinating cleaning theory is thrilling ma'am but please move the camera so that I can pull my graphic novel out again."
  57. 57. "I wish that there was a way for us to get skills without you know actually skilling." "Me too sister, maybe someday there will be a magic potion we can drink to add skills to our panels so that we won't have to work so hard. Oh wait there is a magic potion, Jenn's just too mean to let us use it."
  58. 58. Fine fine fine you brats win. Drink up. There will be no more actual meals served in this house you will now fill up on eggplant juice. I don't know why you'd want to though it looks pretty nasty to me. Yuck!
  59. 59. "I am truly a Rock God!" No Cary you aren't yet, but you won't have much work to do once you return after UNI you've got most of your skills taken care of already. "Does that mean I get to go to UNI soon? I'm almost an adult and I'm still here." You can soon we're just waiting for the twins to get a bit older, you don't want them to have to have the scary Nanny again do you?
  60. 60. Sooo Betty, who's the new town slapper? "OMG it's my brother in law! And you won't believe what Darren's doing with the maid over there, wait till Barbie catches him!" Believe me Betty I know very well what he's doing with the maid over there, or more frankly what the maid is doing with him. It's her idea he's just too dim to say no.
  61. 61. "I don't see why I have to cook for the stupid headmaster. I got Cary into private school without ever having to feed him anything. But if I have to cook could you please move the dang smelly dog outta my way so I can burn this turkey?"
  62. 62. It's a different headmaster Betty you don't have a previous relationship with him, you have to actually feed him. "I'm glad you're enjoying the meal, are you ready to move to the woohoo portion of the evening yet?" *gulp*
  63. 63. Thank you for getting the twins into private school Betty. "No problem thanks for letting me reward myself, now leave us alone"
  64. 64. Sassy's so mean that Grim had to bring a wolf with him for protection. Okay, okay bye Sassy we'll miss you!
  65. 65. Rest in Peace Snickers and Sassy Familiar Three generations of Familiar mutts in the back yard.
  66. 66. So that's what three lifetime wants completed now? What's up next? "Twenty simultaneous loves" Good luck with that, you've lost most of your previous loves, but we'll see what we can do.
  67. 67. Okay Cary you can go. Your Mom has three days off and on the third day the twins can spin. "Thanks! I can't wait to get my band formed."
  68. 68. Cary's got him self a rocker make over and he's gonna hang around the dorms for a bit till everyone else gets here. We'll see you soon Cary! "I'll be home for the birthday parties!"
  69. 69. *poof* Well now that's an interesting looking dog. Welcome to adult hood Daisy, you ready to duke it out with Blacky? *woof*
  70. 70. The family's all here, must be time for a birthday. Betty gets to be the first of her generation to be crusty.
  71. 71. "Did you see all the aliens here? Aliens are soo cool I wanna be friends with all the aliens"
  72. 72. You'll have plenty of time to get to know the aliens Cher don't worry. Just don't get too close to Uncle Bob he might bite. "Lies, lies I tell you!" Yeah I know, sorry Bob. Most of the time I don't think that anyone including Bob realizes he's a vampire. His wife's a knowledge sim and yet she's never rolled the want to be bitten and he's never rolled the want to bite her. "We're waiting for the boys to grow up, we know how much trouble you have keeping just one vampire alive do you think we'd risk you getting our kids taken away?" Touche
  73. 73. Ready to age Betty? Have you made your wish? "I want a new boy toy!" Well I saw that one coming a mile away.
  74. 74. Here you go Betty! Happy Birthday!
  75. 75. "I just love presents, they're sooo much fun to unwrap!"
  76. 76. Okay break it up you two! Time for your we're still cute kids birthday photo op!
  77. 77. "Aw man but we were having fun! Don't you think it'd be better to take pictures of us like we really are and not some staged fake thing?"
  78. 78. We can do both, now smile!
  79. 79. It's time once again for a twin turning, spin with the sparkles and make your wishes!
  80. 80. *hmm he actually watched us age this time maybe he's turned over a new leaf*
  81. 81. "So Dad, I know we haven't always gotten along all that well. But I was thinking that maybe it was time we let bygones be bygones and you know try again. We don't have to be best buds I'd just like to call you every now and then and you know say hi. Okay?"
  82. 82. "Look kid I've told you I don't have time to be a parent. Now scat I see a hot alien babe over there that I'd like to meet."
  83. 83. "Okay Mister, that's it! I'm no longer a kid and you've hurt my little brother's feelings one too many times. No more mister nice guy get up so we can settle this once and for all!" "Yeah right kid, you and what army?"
  84. 84. "My army Kiernan. Haven't you noticed that the neighborhood's been changing lately? The Unnatural Army is growing and we will keep slime like you away from the decent people of this town. You'd better watch your step or you'll end up recruited. The zombie corps needs more foot soldiers."
  85. 85. "You're gonna let him zombify me? What did I ever do to deserve being a zombie?" Do I really need to refresh your memory Kiernan? Now the parties over so stick your tail between your legs and run run run.
  86. 86. Well now that was unpleasant wasn't it. Sorry to spoil the party Cher wanna tell everyone what you rolled? "I rolled popularity and I want to be a cult leader, I'm going to start recruiting my cult members from the alien population. I want to meet aliens, hopefully before I leave for University since I really want to get that scholarship" Okay thank you Cher. I have the hack that lets sims roll lifetime wants for uni careers so that's where the cult leader thing came from.
  87. 87. And how about you Clint what do you want? "Money, lots and lots of Money. Enough money to buy justice in this town. I'm gonna be The Law around here." Translation Fortune, top of the law career track.
  88. 88. Here you go Cher! Happy Birthday! "Wow for me, thanks Mom. Oooh a cell phone and a romance novel? Neat!"
  89. 89. You too Clint this ones for you! "Awesome, ooh a cell phone and a picture of social bunnies doing the chacha? Thanks mom!" Betty really wanted to give them gifts and she'd recently been shopping at Bo's Brush, the Art and Book store. *shrug*
  90. 90. Clint really wants to get scholarships. All that complaining as a kid about skilling now it's all he wants to do. He gets one scholarship and rolls up the want for another one. More scholarships, more money.
  91. 91. The only scholarship Cher wants is the one for meeting aliens. She's absolutely obsessed with aliens. "I am not!" You are too I can see your wants panel. Want alien scholarship, want to be friends with Uncle Bob, want to be friends with cousin Benjamin.
  92. 92. And when it's not aliens it's play guitar, never drums always guitar. "Cary's the drummer for the band, I do guitar, Clint's on keyboard."
  93. 93. See this is what happens when a small dog goes out in the snow to play with the water wiggler. It becomes a block of ice in the backyard.
  94. 94. "That's your genes at work there Lex. I was never a doofus like our grandson obviously is."
  95. 95. Come outta there Abe you aren't scaring me and everyone else is asleep.
  96. 96. "Aww you're no fun anymore!" I know, my patience is wearing thin.
  97. 97. "nah nah nah nah nah you can't hit me"
  98. 98. "Ow that hurt! Hey aren't you supposed to be nice Cher? Cary's the mean one not you."
  99. 99. "You kinda loose all nice points when you run outside with no coat on in order to play in the snow."
  100. 100. How many you got now Clint? "This makes six, five for skills one for grades. I just need charisma and body after this."
  101. 101. "But Clint really why do you need all those scholarships? The important thing about UNI isn't grades or skilling it's getting into the secret society."
  102. 102. "While I believe that the secret society is an important family tradition and that the friendships we'll make as members will be important: the society is no longer of that much importance to legacies, since the money glitch was fixed."
  103. 103. And that's it! You're done Clint time to get a move on to UNI. We gotta get you outta here, your Mom's going thru a midlife crisis and you shouldn't be a witness to it.
  104. 104. See, Betty has a glitch, she still thinks she's an adult. I had to delete the carpool one night with her in it and she came back with her life bar as an adult instead of an elder. I'm pretty sure I can fix it, I just want Cary in the house when I do just in case. So the twins are off to UNI and we'll catch up with them there next time. Until then, thanks for reading and Happy Simming!