Transforming Green Spaces Transforming Young People’s Lives


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Transforming Green Spaces Transforming Young People’s Lives

  1. 1. Transforming Green Spaces Transforming Young People’s Lives #greenyouth
  2. 2. David HopkinsCatch22
  3. 3. #greenyouth
  4. 4. Which 3 of the following things do you most associate with teenagers?•ASB 60% Being creative 10%•Binge drinking 51% Volunteering 7%•Gangs 41% Improving the community 3%ICM Research
  5. 5. Richard ReynoldsGood at Magic
  6. 6. Dom WeinbergNCVYSMark BoydRSPB
  7. 7. Vinnie O’ConnellNew LeafJake Clapham
  8. 8. Jake Clapham and Vinnie O’Connell FLS
  9. 9.  See hives and worms
  10. 10. WONDERS
  11. 11. The more you know…The more you care.
  12. 12. Some of these kids had never seen a live frog!
  13. 13. Sometimesthey get along….
  14. 14.  Eat your own
  15. 15. Now take the ideas back home And do it where you live
  16. 16.  Grow your own
  17. 17.  Making the news with Huw Edwards.
  18. 18.  The allotment team and receiving a Southwark In Bloom Award
  19. 19.  As a reward for the award we took a trip to Nandos (Vinnie nicking the finger licking chicken)
  20. 20. Marlon draws quite a crowd
  21. 21. Great ideas don’tchange our world…….People that make themhappen do.......
  22. 22. Any questions?
  23. 23. The World Cafe
  24. 24. Question OneWhat are some of the challengesthat you face with this sort ofwork?How have you overcome them?
  25. 25. Question TwoWhat’s worked for you inencouraging young people to takean active role?What’s been exciting? What’scaptured the imagination?
  26. 26. Question ThreeHow do we get more of this workhappening in the future? What are your top three suggestions?
  27. 27. ‘Before I started my life wasn’t great I know, I’ve been there it’s good to let it outLife filled with trouble a mind full of hate Its held in confidence that’s without a doubt We grew some produce and took it home,Went to the local park little did I know, Why buy the food when you can grow yourthis would be the start own?The start of me being someone positive and We’ve done murals making walls tell a story,making changes As soon as I started I knew these projects would be perfectHelping out communities and giving them spaces for me.I always had negative stuff and people was There is litter picks, big tidy ups an d a whole lot morealways mad at me Get involved don’t be a boreThanks to the National Lottery who made all this There is something that can suit you,a reality So get involved in CSC and show everyone what you can do Everyone enjoys this and so have we70 different projects across the U.K From watering plants to pulling out weedsI feel happy to say I have helped make a change I ‘ve always wanted to inspire people with what I do, Being involved with Community Space Challenge has helpedI never knew how an environment could change make dreams come trueCommunities working together can sound insaneYoung people always need someone to talk to Thank you to everyone that has helped us know what weFrom help getting off crime to what they have was wonderingbeen through.. Please don’t hesitate to give us more funding’ CSC member, London, 2012
  28. 28. Thank you…#greenyouth #cscfever