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Lightning Talk: Troubleshooting Access Project


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Michelle Polcow, Electronic Resources Librarian, UC Davis

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Lightning Talk: Troubleshooting Access Project

  1. 1. Lightning talk: Troubleshooting Access Project Michelle Polchow Electronic Resources Librarian University of California, Davis May 10, 2019
  2. 2. Reoccurring access issue? Do you answer the same question over and over? Involves a “yes” or “no” patron response? Follows a route pattern?
  3. 3. Case Study – Common User Scenario  Authorized users want to access online resources  Two methods to authenticate: On-campus VPN – simulates an on-campus IP address  Submit ticket when denied access Problem = off-campus remembering VPN too late Vendor cached the first visit with unauthorized IP address
  4. 4. User reports problem
  5. 5. Technical Services Process  Common problem  Known data element helped identify occurrence Ticket system collects the user’s IP address  Routine response from Technical Services Manually answer Respond during business hours
  6. 6. Ticket <URL: > Name: XXX XXXXXXXXXXX Email: IP Addr: On Campus/VPN: false On VPN: false Title Information: ------------------ Type: journal Title: Curriculum Perspectives Author: Date: 2014 Publ.: Springer Place: Boston, USA ISSN: 0159-7868 Comment/Problem: ---------------- I cannot be automatically logged-in in this article Ticket system captures the user’s IP address (key info)
  7. 7. But, there’s more to the answer …  When users are off-campus they need the VPN  Glitch- vendors store IP from first visit and browser keeps unauthorized address  Clear their cache - FIRST  VPN works only if first visit without VPN is cleared  NEXT- engage VPN It’s complicated!
  8. 8. Automate the answer  Data point -- IP address of patron  Mathematically run the number against the range of authorized IP addresses  Idea- when IP range is off-campus, provide pop-up instructions for this select audience
  9. 9. Web Form VPN Warning Hyperlinks: • Clear your cache • VPN
  10. 10. Ticket Confirm / Thank You web page
  11. 11. New website content 'Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.'
  12. 12. Library Research Troubleshoot Tips Personalize user experience Interjects guidance at the point of need Fills a gap in knowledge Opportunity to educate user Provide services outside of business hours High value library transaction
  13. 13. Michelle Polchow Electronic Resources Librarian University of California, Davis Thank you!