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Research Into Target Audience

This is my research into my target audience.

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Research Into Target Audience

  1. 1. Target Audience This section will tell you who my magazine is aimed at, and my how I have gotten these ideas.
  2. 2. 1 2 1 1 3 3 Images of popular rap artists would appeal to my target audience as it would attract them into purchasing the magazine. This means that my magazineI must include information about current artists, so that it would draw them into reading the magazine. This shows that bright colours would attract my target audience because it will catch their eye. Magazines, such as Kerrang, use bright colorus to appeal to their audience. The content on the front page needs to be about band information, such as tours and albums, which would attract my audience as this is something which wouldd like to see, due to my research that I have found.
  3. 3. 3 2 3 3 2 2 3 These colorus would attract my target audience, so this shows that I must include these colours to make the magazine appeal to them. The effect of making it appeal to the target audience is that it would make them want to puchase the magazine, due to it having colours that attract them. By having these common conventions of a magazine would make my magazine appeal to my target audience, as the it would look like a typical magazine (making the target audience wanting to read the magazine), meaning that page numbers and websites need to be used to make this happen. As well as this, due the having “small subtitles”, then this would interest the reader as it would break up the text, so it would make the text different to read, instead of the same font. The target audience wants to see images on the contents page as well as the double page spread. This is because the images would break up the text, which would make it seem as though there isn’t a lot of text. Also, the images used would attract the audience because having someone famous would attract the reader. As well as this, the target audience has told me that having filters on the images, such as a black and white effect, it would attract the reader because it is something different and unique to look at. Having a lot of text on the double page spread doesn’t put off the target audience reading the magazine as, in their opinion, they believe that having more text is more convenient as they can know more about the issue.
  4. 4. 4 4 5 3 4 5 2 4 This shows that by having a lot of text, images need to be used to break up the text. This would attract the audience because, individuals who I have researched, had all said this. This shows that I must incorporate these ideas when creating my products. This questions asks that there has to be a clear house style, between all of the pages, to ensure that the link up together in some way. Some ideas which I have decided to use was to have the page numbers in the right hand corner, and then the website on the left. This has to be used on each page, to show a clear house style. This shows that the price of the magazine has to cost around £3, slightly lower or higher is fine. In my opinion, I believe that the best option for the pricing is £2.50, or even £2, as the magazine is a weekly issue. However, if the magazine was a monthly issue, then the price would need to be higher, for example it could cost £4.00
  5. 5. How I am going to use the feedback? Each individual feedback which I had received from my research group has helped me to create magazine which is tailored for my target audiences needs. All of the feedback which I had received has contributed to the way that my magazine is going to be made, from the house style of the magazine to the different images which I am going to create. Each piece of feedback which I have gained from my research will be used to create my magazine, to ensure that the magazine will appeal to the target audience. Colours To Use: The feedback which I have been given for the colours to use has been effective because it has told me correct colours to use such as red, black and grey. It has also told me which colours not to use as it doesn’t relate to the genre of my magazine, such as green, pink and brown. Images To Use: The feedback which I have been given for the images and the image style has been effective due to being able to know the types of images which would attract the target audience into reading the magazine. From the feedback given, I know that I must use filters on the images, to create a certain effect. Filters such as black and white and lens flares should be used as then this would attract the target audience into reading the magazine. Actor To Use: The actor which I have chosen to use is a student within the sixth form, who has an interest in the magazine that I have chosen to do. The actor that I have chosen to use has the typical style of what an artist of the rap artist has, which means that the magazine would appeal to the target audience. Price To Use: The feedback which I have been given for the price of the magazine has been effective, due to knowing the amount of money which the target audience is prepared to purchase the magazine at. By knowing the price of which I am going to sell my magazine at, which is going to be £3.50 for a monthly issue, then this would also attract my target audience into purchasing the magazine, due to knowing the correct amount of money which would appeal to them.