Question 7


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Question 7

  1. 1. Question 7 – Looking back at your preliminarytask, what do you feel you lave learnt in theprogression from it to the full product?Preliminary Main Task
  2. 2. A Starting PointI think that doing the preliminary task gave me a startingpoint as I had never designed a magazine before anddidn’t have a clue where I would start.So I think that doing this task gave me an idea of what isneeded to make a magazine and what sort of designtechniques would be suitable to attract the appropriateaudience.It also allowed me to look at existing magazines andallowed me to see what current 6th form magazines are inthe public and see what type of magazines people likeand allowed me to see which were successful.
  3. 3. Front CoverI believe that my front cover was successful and allowed me tolearn many thing when it come to my main task. As you cansee that many elements from my preliminary task alsofeatured in my main task.For example, Masthead top of page. Left third. Main headline in a box. One main colour.Preliminary Task Main Task
  4. 4. Front Cover I thing that laying the masthead at the top of the page was a really good idea asit looks effective in the prelim task. However, I didn’t like how it took over thewhole of the page. So I decided that I would research and look at otheralternative ways to prevent this. As you can see in my main task, that I have put the mast head at the top of thepage but it doesnt take up the whole page. I think it looks more professionaland effective to the audience. I that my typography skills have improved as thetitle in the prelim task does look effective but I think could have been better if Ihad more time. So after school I went home and played around on Photoshop so that I wouldhave been able to learn new techniques to create an effective masthead. Oneway I have been able to do this was by downloading and using new fonts andnot just the preset fonts which you have in Photoshop already. This allowed meto create a more stylized masthead which was more suitable as I could pickfrom thousands of fonts where as when I designed my prelim front cover I wasrestricted to the 20 or so fonts which are free to use when you buy the software.
  5. 5. Front Cover I decided that I would include a left third like I did in the preliminary task as it is a mainconvention of any magazine also because of the positive feedback I received about mypreliminary task. As the people I asked said that it was really convenient and didn’t drawattention from the main image. Another element which featured in both was the use of the main headline being bold andoutlined in a box. This draws attention to the main headline, from feedback I found thatthey didn’t want this so prominent on the cover. So I was able to learn from this andadapt it when I come to make my music magazine. I think that another big thing I learnt from the feedback of my preliminary task was thatpeople really liked that I had kept a constant colour scheme throughout the page and thatit wasn’t too distracting from the other things on the page. I used this knowledge andadapted from what I had learned and decided that a main colour scheme through mywork would make it look more professional. I also learned that the main image on my prelim page, made it hard for my audience toread the text on the page. So when I designed my main task I decided that I would onlyuse a background colour instead of using an image. This was better as you could read thetext better and the main image was still the main focus on the page.
  6. 6. Contents PageI believe that my contents was successful and allowed me tolearn many thing when it come to my main task. I was able tomake choices as I had a chance to see what worked and whatdidn’t then I was able to learn from the mistakes I had made.For example, Bit Plain Images not edited Font LayoutPreliminary Task Main Task
  7. 7.  At the time of designing the contents page for the preliminary task, I was really pleased with theway it had come out and the choices I had made. However, after further investigation and fromthe feedback I had gathered I was able to see that it really was plain. As all it contained was textand images. This isnt very effective and when I researched music magazines I could see that Ineeded to add more detail and information to the design. I didn’t know much about image editing at this point in the course. So I never edited any of theimages at all and just put them in the design as they came. This isnt really effective for amagazine as the images should grab the viewers attention and make them want to read themagazine. I think that was one of the biggest things I could have learned form the preliminarytask and really helped me when designing my main task as I really want the images on mycontents page and double page spread to stand out. Much like the problems I encountered with the masthead, I found that for the prelim I neverreally knew how to install fonts or make them look professional/effective. So I decided thatwhen I did my main task I would teach my self how to install new fonts so that my magazine textwould stand out and look unique to other professional magazines. I think that I learnt the most about how to layout a contents page as from feedback I have foundthat my preliminary task looked a bit childish and didn’t really look very effective. So when Idesigned my main task I learned from my mistakes and you can see from the amount ofversions I uploaded to the blog this shows that I was still learning about the layout as everyweek I would come across something new which would give me inspiration. However, I thinkthat the preliminary task was a great stepping stone to the main task.Contents Page
  8. 8.  I was familiar with Photoshop when I started the course andhowto do basic edits and howto use the basic tools, butnothing too exciting or extravagant.I know that I would need toknow how to do quite advanced stuff when I got to the construction part of the project. My biggest problem was the new Photoshop layout as I was normally used to using it on awindows computer so when I got into the class room I found it hard to use Photoshop onthe Apple Macs. However, I learnt how to use the new layout by watching YouTube videos and readingabout it on forums and blogs online. I also used websites to teach my self smalltechniques to make my work look effective. I used a tutorial online to teach myself how toadd the light beams into the photos then created my own designed using my newknowledge. Most of the work on Photoshop was just playing around with the software will you werehappy with the way it turned out. After school I sat on Photoshop playing round withdifferent effects and filters and when I found something interesting then I would add thisinto my construction for both my prelim and my main task depending on which part I wason.Photoshop
  9. 9. New Softwares Throughout the project I have had to learn how to use new softwares which Im notnormally used to. So when I came across a new piece of software I wasn’t sure how to usethen all I had to do was Google my problems and I was sure to find a website telling mehow to over come it. One of the software I was unfamiliar with was Prezi. I have never used this before Istarted my media course so I had researched how to do it and asked my teacher andfellow students who already know how to use the software to give me a few tips to create aprofessional presentation. Then I further learned how to create a better presentation afterI finished my one for the preliminary task. As I found that the software updated and hadsome new features to improve my presentations. This means that I would have to learnabout the new features of the software so I could put the new features of use. Another new software I have had to learn how to use is Bubble-us. This is a verytemperamental software and doesnt always work. Well in the past I normally haveproblems saving the work so I have found that I have to write up the work and copy it intothe software when I am happy and ready to upload it to the blog. I have also had to learn about how to use the green screen technique with the new versionof iMovie as with I have had problems. I researched on the internet to find the best waysto create a simple video and make them all work.
  10. 10. Photo Styles When I was prepping myself for taking photos I needed to make sure that I know whatand when I was taking photos. This means that I had to know about the differenttechniques for taking magazine photographs. That means that I would have to know thedifferent photo types, for example close up, mid shot, long shot ect. I did this by talking to my teacher and class mates about the different photos and whichwould have been suitable for my magazine. This wasn’t to hard to learn as I was able touse some of the knowledge I had learned for the exam we did in January, as some of thetheory behind the photos were the same. But I have learned lots of different things about photo types when I took the photos forthe preliminary task. I found that I needed a range of shot type and plenty of differentangles and lengthy as you never know when you need an extra photo. As I don’t think Ihas taken enough photos for my Prelim task and could have done with a few extra photosor even a better range of photos as looking back I feel that I was restricted with theamount of photos I had to work with.
  11. 11. Media Industry Since the preliminary task I have learned a lot about the media industry, whichhas helped me to construct a professional magazine to the best of my abilities. From the research into existing media publications and distribution companies,I was able to learn about the industry and find out where they had problemsand make sure that I never had the same problems. For example with theresearch I had done into distribution companies I was able to distinguish whichwould be the best companies for me to go with.I have learned about thecompanies and what there looking for. Before the preliminary task I don’t think I could have told you want adistribution companies even was let along give you a description along with anumber of companies and there effects on the media industry. Research into these media industries have also allowed me to learn about thelayouts and the way the professionals constructa magazine. Something of whichI could have done a lot more in my preliminary task as I feel that I had a lack ofresearch and could have gone a bit more in-depth in certain areas I would needfor the construction phase of the project.