Organisation of Actors, Props and Location TG


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Organisation of Actors, Props and Location TG

  1. 1. I am going to use a My actors/actress‟ will most teenage girl to model in likely be between the ages of my images, as I want to 16-18 as I would like for her follow a “America‟s to be older than my target Sweetheart” theme for audience in order to be my double page spread perceived as a role model, in order to appeal to a something I have found is younger audience. popular within pop Actors magazines. I will shoot my actress in a I must ensure that my model variety of costumes in order is aware of what I want her to decide which is best for to do and how she must act my magazine and looks the throughout the shoot. I also most professional. I would must shoot the photoslike her to be blonde as I feel quickly as I want her to wearthis is a stereotype with teen a dress and the weather is pop stars. cold.
  2. 2. I want to take images of a I want to take some mobile phone in order to “paparazzi style” photos to feature an article about feature on my front cover, somusic downloads, so this is my models should be another prop I will need carrying handbags and wearing sunglasses in order to look more like celebrities Props I want my model to be I have to ensure that all myholding an apple in some of props are gathered and the photos, as I want my sorted before I shoot mymain article to be “Sweet as images and that I amApple Pie”. I need to find a prepared for any missing suitable apple that is props and have a „back up‟ obvious and matches the plan surrounding colours
  3. 3. I want to shoot some of my For my paparazzi photos Iphotos outside in order for it need to shoot them as my to seem more professional models are walking down and have natural lighting. I the streetam thinking somewhere with trees for a natural background, so possibly a park Location I will shoot some of the I need to check for any drama studio at my sixth copyright issues with myform, as I want these photos location and whether or not I to have a „concert‟ feel so I am able to shoot my images can use the staging and where I want to, if not I will professional lights need to find another solution