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Main Task R&P - Target Audience DK


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Main Task R&P - Target Audience DK

  1. 1. Target AudienceI used SurveyMonkey to create a survey asking peopledifferent questions based around music magazines.
  2. 2. In question 1 of my survey, I asked people what genres of music do they listen to. The answers were varied. The most popular genre collected was Rock and the 2nd most favourite was Alternative. However, Classical, Urban and R&B all had no votes. This shows the span of music young people listen to these days. In the other section, there were 3answers; Industrial, Metal/Screamo and Metalcore/Deathcore. This shows that most people I asked listen to genres ofmusic that most people do not listen to.
  3. 3. In question 2 of my survey, I asked people what kind of music magazines they buy. As I knewthe people I asked to do this survey are young, I kept the choices minimal between Rock, Pop and R&B. This gave out very interesting results. 8 people said they bought Rock music magazines and only 1 said they bought Pop music magazines. This gives me the knowledge that when I am creating my magazine, I should make sure it aims towards the right genre of music and age group.
  4. 4. In question 3 of my survey, I asked people what do they expect in a music magazine. This gave out very varied results. 7 people said they expected images, 6 said articles and reviews, and only 4 said concert list/index. This shows me that when it comes to creating my music magazine, I need to make sure I have images so they capture the eye of the correct audience.
  5. 5. In question 4 of my survey, I asked people how much they would expect to pay for aweekly music magazine. None said less than £1.50 which shows me that magazines these days are more highly priced. 9 people said £1.50 - £2.50, and 2 people said £2.50 + This shows me that some magazines can be highly priced but the price range of £1.50 and above is the correct price range to be aiming for.
  6. 6. In question 5 of my survey, I asked people what attracts them to a front cover of amusic magazine. 9 people answered with an image of a musical artist/band whichshows me that I need to use a large image on my front cover when it comes to theconstruction part. 3 people said interesting titles, 2 said colours, and only 1 person said competitions. This shows me that overall, images are more important at capturing someone’s attention.
  7. 7. In question 6 of my survey, I asked people if they would rather have a hardback copyof a magazine or would they rather read it online. Everyone answered with hardbackcopy and none to online copy. This shows that people prefer having a hardback copy compared to reading one online.Overall, my information I have collected from my survey has told me what I need to take into mind when it comes to making my own music magazine.