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House style - Ashley Tonks


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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House style - Ashley Tonks

  1. 1. + House Style ! By Ashley Tonks
  2. 2. + Font And Typography I have had a detailed look at what I think the style of font and typography should be. I have taken in to consideration the type of fonts used by artists during the reserch phase and hav made a decisiton after seeing these prefectional publication in the industry. 1. 2. 3. I started to look at fonts like; 1. Riesling 2. Delicious Curls 3. MileyTwerk 4. Chopin Script 4.
  3. 3. + Font And Typography But after some reflection of the font and typography, from seeing the use of font in other professional publications then I have decided that I would use a more stylized font which would suit the artist better. I have chose to use 2 different fonts for my media products. I have choose to use a font called Little Bird for the main titles of my digi pack and magazine advert. However for other text on on the publications I have chose to use a font called For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic. This is a thinner font and reminds me of a Childs hand witting. I think that it is this element of keeping a strong theme through my ancillary tasks and shows a strong house style over all of my products and music video we have created. Font : Little Bird Pompaii – Maia Font : For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic.
  4. 4. + Eclipse Logo This was my first go at the company logo, however I felt that didn’t give off a professional style which a media company needs. I started of creating a logo for the company Eclipse, I have used a cartoon eclipse and have added the company name in a nice font. Then by adding filters to I’m image so that it had a grainy quality. However after reflecting I didn’t think that this was suitable to the company as its didn’t look professional at all. So I created another logo, this time using text as the main feature rather than an image. I think that it is this use of text and and colour to make my final logo look more professional. By using a simple font and basic effects I have been able to create this simple but effective logo for the media company our artist belongs to. This will be put on the Digi pack and magazine advert to show a strong link between the different parts of the software. So I redesigned the logo and have decided that I would go with a more simple design with simple font and effects.
  5. 5. + Colour From creating the moldboard I was able to see that our artist would be represented by pastel colours which show the artist is down to earth, but look realistic. This colours would be reflected in the images I have chosen to use and also in the choice of costume we asked the actors to wear on set when filming the music video. It is this link that shows a strong house style between the ancillary tasks and the product. The colours I have chosen to use have also been taken from the locations we decided to film at. For example I plan to use rich greens, which I have sampled from the grass and trees on set. I used this photo as an example and from the colours you can see underneath I have been able to take a range of different colours from the one image. I have taken the greens form the leaves still on the trees, then the yellow from the fallen leaves.