G321 - AT - Question 3


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G321 - AT - Question 3

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  2. 2. A distributer is a company who supplies media products to the stores that sell them toconsumers. So in my case the producer of the magazine would go to a distributer toget the magazine published and into the retailers.There are many different distribution companies around the world and they all focus ondifferent magazines and genres. When investigating what type of distribution companyI would like to use to launch my magazine, I have looked into what type of companiesare distributing magazines currently. I have looked into a few magazines which focuson urban music and have also researched the companies which distribute themagazines I looked at in research and planning.I started off looking at Bauer Media who distribute Q Magazine. Bauer Media have anaudience of 19 million people in the UK alone and distribute magazines like Q, Grazia,Empire, Take a Break as well as 282 other magazines worldwide inmore than 10 countries. However, I have used Q magazine forinspiration and some elements of its content will be similar to my ownmusic magazine ‘Beat’. It would be very difficult to expect BauerMedia to take on my magazine as they already distribute amagazine which has some similar features. So if they did take me on Ithink it would be extremely hard to gain readers from Q as this is such a well respectedmagazine and already has a massive fan base. Therefore, I would have to eitherinclude something unique about my magazine or have a look at other companies.The next distribution company I looked at was IPC Media. These are the distributors ofNME as well as many other mainstream magazines. They seem to focus more onindieand rock music so I don’t think that IPC Media would be interested in taking on anurban style magazine. As NME is already a popular sellingmagazine and is one of their more successful magazines Idon’t think they would be ready to branch off into a newstyle of music. However, they are looking on their websitesfor new R’n’BMagazines as this is an area they wish to gointo next. But other than the mainstream magazines they distribute smaller magazineswhich come from independent companies and have a program for up and comingmedia packages.
  3. 3. I have looked into independent distribution companies like the7starand to distribute my magazine. But this is very uncommon with urbanmusic magazines as they normally focus on hip-hop magazines likeVIBE as these are more popular magazines as they feature chartmusic ect. I doubt that I would beable to find an independentdistribution company which specialised in urban musicand probably isn’t the best type of distribution company to go for.So I looked at Conde Nastdigital to distribute my magazine. They are different from IPCMedia and Bauer Media because they don’t already distribute urban music magazines.However, they do distribute other successfulmagazines such as Vogue, GQ, Easy Livingand wired which is a major pop musicmagazine in the UK. Therefore, I know thatthey’re reliable and will be able to get asmuch public awareness towards my magazine as possible. They have a large amountof shops in different countries, which are already buying magazines off them but alwaysexpanding their business. So I think that they would be the most suitable to company todistribute my music magazine.On the other hand, I would also want my magazine to be distributed to Apple, as over15 billion apps are downloaded each month and around20 million of these are subscriptions to magazines. As aresult, this will make the magazine more accessible topeople reading the magazine and also own appleproducts. This is such a good opportunity, which I think anymedia company would be stupid not to use as so manymore people are using digital copies of magazines rather than hard copies. The printindustry is drying up and I think that in 10 years maybe 20 years everything will be digital.However, not everyone has access to apple products. 650,000 people have accountson the Android app store and this number increases every day. They sell books andmagazines in a digital format, which is becoming more and more popular as manypeople see it as a way of getting more affordable than buying the physical copy.Android books/magazines they have to compete with the likes of Apple.
  4. 4. This makes me think that Conde Nast Digital would be the best media company todistribute my magazine. This is because they offer not only hard copies of all theirmagazines but also a digital version which can be brought through ITunes or theandroid app store.In conclusion, I think that Conde Nast Digital would be the most appropriate companyto distribute my magazine as they provide a more modern process to how magazinesare distributed to the public. I could also branch out if successful to reach more readersthrough the use of Apple IOS and Android app store.