Flat plan


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Flat plan

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  3. 3. Mast Head – This is the name of the magazine and displayed in a specific font which is unique to the target audience and the magazine. It has a specific style which it prominent throughout the magazine. I have chosen to use a bold modern font which isfeatured as the main titles throughout the magazine. I think this is relevant to my target audience asthey wanted to see stylised fonts which were suited to their age groups. Left Third – this is a big feature on the front cover of a magazine and is normally used in the shops where the magazine is not shown fully. The title must be easily recognisable. It is important that the short cover lines are easy to read and stand out from the background. They should be written in a clear font which follows the same style of the magazine. I will use lines to split up each of the sections as I have collected inspiration from older issues of Q magazine as they used to section different parts of their magazine by using bold lines. I hope to keep this theme running throughout the magazine and use a similar style for my own magazine and I through it was a good idea and it represented what the target audience wants. Main Image – This is a large image to attract the audience. IT is the main thing on the page and shows that the audience that he/she is the main focus of the issue as they are the most prominent thing on the page. It may promote the content or theme of the magazine and is positioned on the right hand side of the page so not to draw attention away from the let third. I will photograph the image in the style of the magazine. As I want the photos to appeal to the target audience so I will have to take the photos then edit them so that they follow a similar style like Mixmag do. Because after researching Mixmag I think that this style of photo they use would be better suited to my target audience. Barcode - When looking at the conventions of a magazine, I see you have to have a barcode so that when someone buys the magazine, the barcode is scanned and then the price will come up on their systems. This must not be covered with any text or images, as this is a legal requirement. I will also include the price and web address as I have seen that on the magazines I have researched that this information is normally located in the barcode. Competition – In my magazine I will be running a competition for the readers to win free tickets to the artist’s next performance or gig. I have chose to use a QR reader as this will allow the readers of my magazine to scan the code on their Smartphone or webcam and instantly download the music onto a digital device. I think this is better suited to my target audience as when collecting inthe data from my targeted audience. I found that more people are now downloading music insteadof buying a physical CD. So with people downloading music it is pointless to give them a CD with themusic on, which could be confusing as many of them come with copyright which means that you canonly play them in a CD player and not allowed to upload them onto a digital device. So with the QRcode it can be Easley downloaded onto the device without any problems, and is more convenientwith this technological age.
  4. 4. Page title – This uses the mast head from the front cover and also a simpler font for the word “contents”. I have created a simple design to go along side this so that it fits in with the design on the magazine and also the theme of the issue. I plan for this to stand out from the plain background by using think black lines and bold text. Headlines – This will show you what headlines will be in the magazine and also will see what page numbers these can be found on. The page numbers will follow the same font as the masthead, and the headlines will be in the same font as the word “Contents”. I will use a design made mu of different sized lines to go round the text at the top of this image. I have tried to show the design in a way which I think will represent this theme of the magazine and also shows the influence of the magazines I have researched. From looking at older issues of Q magazine I can see that their contents page are normally laid out using thick black lines and decretive boxes which seem to be a theme throughout their magazines. Mixmag highlight the more important information with boxes. This catches the reader’s eye and gives you an idea about where you should start reading. I have designed the magazine so that I have 2 columns of headlines, one in the top left hand corner and one in the bottom right hand corner Pictures – I have said that I will be using 2 images on the page. Both images must be edited in a way which appeals to the target audience. I have been influenced by the way Mixmag have edited their images and I think would represent my age group extremely well. I will be using the same font as I used for the mast head when writing the page numbers as I feel that I should keep this stylised font a constant throughout the magazine. I want the images to stand out from the plain backgrounds so I will be outlining the photos with a black box. This will draw attention to the images. Also with these being one of the biggest parts on the page, shows the reader that they are very important and must be looked at. I have included a website address on the bottom left hand corner of the page. This will allow the reader assess more information about some of the story’s and get exclusive photos and also watch videosfrom their favourite artists. I think this is a key aspect, epically since a teenager spends on average of5 hours a night on the internet. You can also find the page number being displayed here. This willhelp the reader navigate themselves around the magazine.
  5. 5. Banner - This is the banner where the artists name will be displayed. I will be using a font which hasbeen constant throughout the design possess and the lines will be made up out of layering thickblack lines on top of each other until I achieve the effect I want. When drawing my flat plan I throughthat I would possession this in front of the main image. But after thinking about this I decided that itwould look better if I located the main image over to top of the banner as this is the most importantthing on the page. Quote - This will be a quote from the article of the double page spread and will also be featured on the cover page. The design will be made up of curved lines which will stand out from the plain background. The text will be in the same style as the one on the front cover and appears on my contents page is well. Keeping a consistent font throughout the magazine is important as this is better for the reader as to many different styles will confuse the reader.
  6. 6. Article – This is the main article where the readers can read all aboutwhat the head line is talking about. On the front cover of the magazineI feature a main image and quote which represent the ones on thedouble page spread. The article will be written in the same fontthroughout the magazine and will stand out from the plain background.I will be spacing the text so that it fits around the main image and makesure this looks effective to the audience as I wouldn’t want to confusethem by making the page look to cluttered.Drop cap - I will also be using a drop cap on this page so that it lookseffective as this will continue the style of the magazine. This will also beeye catching to the readers. This will be featured on the page and I gotinspiration from Q magazine and Mixmag as both of these magazines Iresearched featured drop caps in their magazine articles.Main image – This will be the main image of the page. It will be locatedin the middle of the page to show the importance of the image. It willfollow the themes of the magazine and will also be the same as the oneon the frount cover. This shows contnuity between throughout themagazine. The image will be on top anything on the page and will belayerd on top of the banner, text and any other images on the page.This will feature all of the things I have talked about on my orgazisationdocument on the blog. Images – This will include the images other images of the artist featured on the main page. I will also feature a box with will give you extra information about the images featured on the double page spread. They will be in the style of the magazine and also will feature captons in the same text as the articles and the masthead.