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Evaluation 3


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Evaluation 3

  1. 1. What type of media institutions mightdistribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. BauerI would want Bauer to distribute my magazine, as it is the largestdistributor in Europe to date, offering over 300 magazines in 15different countries on a daily basis. They would be relevant for myproduct as they would be able to get my magazine out to a widerange of people within a short period of time, and as they are sosuccessful it would become easier for my target audience to accessmy magazine as they have links with larger retailers. Although theyalready distribute a range of popular music magazines such as Q,Kerrang! and Mojo, they do not have a successful pop musicmagazine that they are distributing at the moment so there would notbe any competition within the distribution and my magazine would bemore likely to be successful.
  3. 3. IPCIPC would also be a relevant distributor for my magazine as italready distributes a diverse range of magazines of differinggenres, including magazines such as ‘Look’ that are alreadypopular among my target audience. I feel that this would berelevant to my magazine as they already know how to make amagazine popular, which is crucial in order for a magazine tobecome a success. NME is one of the longest running musicmagazines to date, and is distributed by IPC which allows me tounderstand that they are reliable and have a good reputationwhen it comes to music magazines.
  4. 4. AppleApple would be a good distributor for mymagazine as my target audience is verytechnology-based and many have access to avariety of Apple products such as iPads andiPhones. By making my magazine into an app aswell as having hard copies available it wouldreach even more of my target audience.