Analysis of my target audience for a 6th form magazine


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Analysis of my target audience for a 6th form magazine

  1. 1. Analysis of My Target Audience For a 6th Form MagazineI created a questionnaire which I handed out to 10 people who attend 6 th form as they are thetype of people who would be reading the magazine. They are aged between the ages of 16 –18. So I asked 6 questions to see what my target audience want in the magazine.I wanted to ask this question to see how many of the 10 people I asked, really read the 6th formmagazine. I wanted to increase this number. So I asked myself why they didn’t read themagazine and what I needed to do to make more people read the magazine. So I thought aboutthe problems with the existing products I have analysed and I have then compiled 5 questionsto cover the problems I have found with these products. 1|Page
  2. 2. I asked this question to see if I could find out what type of articles people would want to see ina 6th form magazine and wanted to see what type of headlines I would need to include in mycover page and contents page. 90% of the people wanted to see articles about upcomingevents, which is expected as people want to keep up to date with what’s going on in their 6thform. So this was to be expected. Then gossip was the 2nd highest vote on my questionnairewhich I guessed was high as teenagers always want to stay up to date with the latest gossip andinformation from their school. The same sort of thing with the news as I’m sure everyone willneed to know what sort of news is current and what’s going on in the world. But I was surprisedwhen I seen that only 40% of people wanted to see articles about Hints and tips …. I intendedthis to be about exams but never put this in the questionnaire. So more people may havewanted to see this if I had out lined this. 2|Page
  3. 3. In this graph you can see the result of my 3rd questions where I asked my target audienceweather they would prefer to see more articles or pictures in the magazine. As expected themajority of people I asked wanted to see more pictures in the 6 th form magazine then articles,which is what I expected as people of that age are more interested in looking at pictures ratherand a long detailed article which is backed up by the information you can see in the results ofmy questionnaire. 3|Page
  4. 4. I wanted to ask the target audience weather they thought that the colour scheme was moreappealing and important to people your age and all 10 of the people I asked said yes. Thismeans that when they look for a magazine and pick the one with the most striking colourscheme. They all said that they would read the magazine if the colour was more appealing topeople your age. 4|Page
  5. 5. I asked the target audience what type of images they would want to see in the magazine and wanted tofind out what size images they would like. 90% of the people I have asked said that they would wantmedium images which mean you can have more images on a page but still have them large enough tosee the detail. But 10% of people said they would like to see large images in a magazine so would wantto include some large and medium images to accommodate for the target audience. I will need to makesure that my images are appropriate for my target audience is well. 5|Page
  6. 6. I thought I would ask what they would want to see if the target audience like the idea ofdifferent presentation of the images. As with advances in photo editing software and the factyou can get it on your phone I was wondering whether the target audience would want to seethe images in any other style like you can get on Instagram and photoroom. I asked my targetaudience weather they would like the images in the magazine to be in colour, Black and whiteor sepia and all of the people I have asked said they would prefer them to be in colour. Isuppose that colour would give the best effect and be the most detailed/appropriate in a 6 thform magazine. 6|Page