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What is evaluation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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What is evaluation

  1. 1. What is Evaluation?
  2. 2. The first thing to point out is…..
  3. 3. Evaluation is the subjective interpretation of data collected during the monitoring of a project.
  4. 4. That means that different audiences may assign different value to the same information.
  5. 5. So what is monitoring Monitoring refers to collecting data during the life of a project. This data is subsequently used to make a value judgement, or evaluation of the project’s worth.
  6. 6. Evaluation is also about learning…. What works and what doesn’t!
  7. 7. …. And accountability Could the funds have been better spent?
  8. 8. Wading through evaluation jargon……
  9. 9. Efficiency Effectiveness Relates to how economically activities were undertaken The extent to which a project meets its intended outputs
  10. 10. Outputs Activities Products or services delivered as part of the project’s activities (eg. workshops, audits, brochures) The tasks that are required to be done in order to achieve the outputs (eg. run a workshop, conduct and audit)
  11. 11. Outcomes Measures the change in behaviour or resource use in relation to goal of the project. Outcomes are usually considered in terms of their expected timeframe: Short–term (or immediate) Intermediate Long-term
  12. 12. Impact Refers to the measures of change that result from the outputs being completed, such as responses to surveys, requests for further information, or number of products taken up (eg. lights installed) Impact is sometimes used in place of short-term outcomes
  13. 13. Evaluation can happen at any time Evaluation is not just something that happens at the end of a project It can also happen before it starts, and during the project’s life That would be SUMMATIVE evaluation That would be FORMATIVE evaluation
  14. 14. Participatory Evaluation Refers to getting all project stakeholders, particularly the target group, involved in a project evaluation
  15. 15. It is now time to explore the evaluation toolbox