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2010 Annual Meeting NCSSM Alumni Association


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PDF of the Keynote presentation given at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the NCSSM Alumni Association by President Colin Law.

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2010 Annual Meeting NCSSM Alumni Association

  1. 1. NCSSM ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING OCTOBER 16, 2010Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PURPOSE promote positive, active relationships among NCSSM alumni and the larger NCSSM community in support of the school’s educational mission, and to focus such relationships towards volunteerism, financial giving and stewardship of NCSSM. MEMBERS VOTING MEMBERS: BOARD MEMBERS: all graduated students elected from the alumni, meet bi-monthly HONORARY MEMBERS: BOARD COMMITTEES: all current and former students, selected from the Association parents, faculty & staff meet as neededWednesday, November 17, 2010
  4. 4. NCSSM ALUMNI BOARD MEMBERS Colin Law ʼ86 Charlie Stone ʼ03 Anna Shepherd ʼ05 Darcie Smith ʼ93 Brian Mahoney ʼ90 Kim Lott ʼ89 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President MEMBERS UP FOR RE-ELECTION Amanda Hodges ʼ97 Jenny Idichandy ʼ88 John Matthew ʼ91 Stephen Roberts ʼ87 Eric Roush ʼ82 Kimberly Turk ʼ90 NEW MEMBERS Alex Baranpuria ʼ02 Jennifer Batchelor ʼ06 Megan Lamb ʼ01 Stephanie Thompson ʼ99 Jodi Wittlin ʼ90Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  5. 5. NCSSM ALUMNI BOARD COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE NOMINATIONS • guide the direction of the Alumni Association Board • discover and nominate new members for the Board • bi-monthly meetings to discuss Association issues • recruit people with specific skills to help with • liaison with Foundation and Trustee Boards ongoing projects • educate current students about the Association COMMUNICATIONS SOCIAL • promote the exchange of information about alumni • promote fellowship among local alumni through and NCSSM community events via email and social social events networks • help organize social events in other U.S. cities • improve the alumni database and • develop new alumni Chapters around the world • provide content for the alumni e-newsletter FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEERISM • assist the Development Office in meeting the Annual • identify NCSSM volunteer opportunities Fund and NCSSM Foundation goals. • recruit volunteers to participate in NCSSM events • work to increase alumni donor participation • organize and participate in NCSSM events both on • organize and participate in fundraising events and off campusWednesday, November 17, 2010
  6. 6. GOALS FOR 2010 AND BEYOND 1. FUNDRAISING 1. Alumni must give $100 or more to the Annual Fund in $1,000,000 the 2010-2011 fiscal year.  For every 1% participation by a given Class, the donor will match with $1000. GREATER CHALLENGE e.g. If a class with 200 alums get 50 classmates (25%) to give at the $100+ level, the donor adds $25,000. An anonymous alum donor is challenging all alumni to increase and sustain their overall participation in 2. Alumni are asked to pledge the same amount or more giving back to NCSSM and the Annual Fund with a gift for a 2nd year. The donor will match this pledged 2nd of up to one million dollars! year money dollar for dollar! 2. PARTICIPATION 3. SPECIAL PROJECTS ALL ALUMNI INTERNET • expand and maintain regional Alumni Chapters • improve the look, functionality and experience of • increase alumni participation at on-campus events • expand alumni volunteer opportunities • better utilize social networks to link alumni UNI•CON (ALUMNI CONFERENCE) • envision a tiny TED conference for NCSSM ALUMNI BOARD • a mini-conference for alumni, students, faculty and • increase Alumni Board membership staff to gather and share ideas and experiences • expand the diversity of the Alumni Board both in • short interesting talks spread across the Friday of ethnicity and Class year Alumni Weekend sparking ideas and cross-pollinationWednesday, November 17, 2010
  7. 7. COMING UP Sanjeev Patel ’90 Associate & Designer Duda/Paine Architects “Discovery Center” aka “The Campus Masterplan” Dr. J. Todd Roberts NCSSM Chancellor-Elect “Welcome & Hello” Our new chancellor returns home to his Watts Hospital birthplaceWednesday, November 17, 2010