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Enjay Synapse Server Factsheet

  1. 1. Enjay Synapse Server is a fully customisable IP_PBX solution by Enjay. Enjay Synapse Features List : 1. IP_PBX Features 1. All the features (Call & administration) of Full fledged IP_PBX 2. Expandable, Universal connectivity 1. Can integrate with another Synapse Server or any other SIP Server. 2. PSTN lines can also be used. 3. Scalable 1. Can handle from 1 PRI to 128 PRI lines per Server. 2. Can connect to PSTN lines and analog phones thru FXS Gateway and FXO gateway. 4. Software Integration 1. Can be integrated with any Application software. (windows or Linux) 2. We provide API for .net, java & php. 5. IVR Seamless Mobility: Enjay Synapse Server provides true mobility to its users by allowing them to use their mobile phones as PBX extensions. Not only users can make and receive calls, they can also use most of the PBX functions like Transfer, Forward, Voice Mail, Directory and Conference using their mobile phones from within and outside office. This seamless mobility means complete freedom from being tied to your desk for internal or external communication. Universal Connectivity: Enjay Synapse Server can natively interface with legacy and new generation wireless telecom networks like PSTN, PRI (E1), VOIP etc. Enjay Synapse range of products offer complete solutions to suite your requirement and budget 1. Enjay Synapse Server i. For 50 to 250 users ii. Supports PRI / PSTN connectivity.m 2. Enjay Synapse Mini-Server i. For upto 50 users ii. Can support PSTN connectivity, will need additional Hardware
  2. 2. Advantages of Enjay Synapse Solutions: 1. Universal communication Platform i. PRI / PSTN, SIP and VOIP all platforms ii. IP Phones, Softphones, analog phones 2. Number of Users i. Unlimited number of SIP users (we dont have license restrictions for SIP users) ii. analog phones are restricted by number of ports on FXS Gateway being used. 3. Number of simultaneous VOIP Calls i. Unlimited - No license restriction ii. Only limited by your bandwidth availability. 4. Call Features: i. Voice Mail ii. Call transfer iii. Call Toggle iv. Call forward v. Call hold vi. Do Not Disturb vii. DND Override viii. Barge-in 5. least cost routing 6. Department dialing (ring group) 7. Voice Mailing features (need details on this) 8. Call Monitoring: i. Call Recording 9. Extensive Reporting of all calls. Enjay Synapse Server can be customised for only PRI lines, only PSTN lines, PRI+PSTN lines. Depending on the specific requirement, Enjay Synapse Server configuration can be customised. Highlights of Enjay Synapse Server: i. Enjay CTI Card - Interface card for PRI line. (These cards are by Sangoma - which is the biggest and most trusted manufacturer of Telephony cards in the world - and these cards are made in Canada) ii. PSTN Support (Add-on) iii. Codecs supported - G.723
  3. 3. Please revert for further queries. Amit Singh Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. 0260-6612900 09377107650 www.ens.net.in