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CRM is based on rock solid architecture of SugarCRM. Moreover it provides the missing functionalists like work flow, or custom field and integration with third party utilities and software. So its essentially a SugarCRM Community edition with additional functionalities, which makes it very useful for SME / SMB Sector.

CRM becomes much more interesting and beneficial with innovative integration with Telephony, Mobiles, MS Outlook. etc. Also CRM provides flexibility to suite any kind of business processes, in terms of custom modules, custom fields and custom reporting also.

Nowadays CRM has become more of BRM (Business Relationship Management), where in it is expected to control and coordinate internal team as well as external teams, in terms of realtime and historical reporting.

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  • Before CRM systems, customer data was spread out over office productivity suite documents, email systems, mobile phone data and even paper note cards.

    Access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner relationships
  • CRM

    1. 1. How to Manage Your Customer Relationship Effectively?
    2. 2. Customer Relationship Management Customer relationship management (CRM) related activities are business activities which a company has with its customer, whether it is sales or service-related. Building Customer Database. Assigning Opportunities to Sales Representatives. Handling Customer Support and Customer Feedback etc. etc.
    3. 3. How to maintain Customer Database, so that in one shot (Screen) come to know ... • Company (Account) Profile and Contact Details • Requirements (Opportunity) generated and its Position (Status including Won or Lost) • Communications done (Meetings, Calls, Emails, Documentation) • Products sold, their Warranty & AMC • After Sales Support given • No of Visits & Cost Involved till date
    4. 4. How to maintain Opportunities, so that in one shot (Screen) come to know ... The Opportunity is related to: • Which Company (Account) • Which Products • Status of the Opportunity • Communications done (Meetings, Calls, Emails, Documentation) • No. of Visits & Cost Involved in following the Opportunity (Requirement)
    5. 5. How to maintain Support Calls, (Cases) so that in one shot (Screen) come to know ... • Support Call (Case) is related to: • Which Company (Account) • Which Product (Under Warranty OR AMC) • Problem Statement • Status of the Calls (Cases) • Communications done (Visits, Calls, Emails, Documentation) • No. of Visits & Cost Involved in following the Calls (Cases) • Auto generated Docket number
    6. 6. • Database getting Redundant • Come to correct Analysis of Time, Energy and Resources so that they can be channelized in proper direction. • Deriving the Cost behind each Requirements (Opportunity) and Support calls. • Deriving Salesperson’s & Engineer’s analysis • Analysis of the Customer so that they can be followed for Cross sales, Up sales and Renewal sales. • Leading to huge Savings & Productivity. And SAVE Time, Energy & Resources
    7. 7. What you Maintain today … • Diary / Book - Activity Details. • Mobile reminders • Excel Sheets - Account/ Contact / Opportunity / Activity Details. • Accounts – Actual Sales, AMC • Email / Diary – Communications you had • Files – Documents • BUT nothing under one roof. • Time, Energy & Resources getting wasted Analyzing the data with no scientific way of conclusion.
    8. 8. Manage Your Customer Relationship Effectively … With CRM
    9. 9. CRM Application … Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application is a business solution OR system that helps you standardize and automate CRM Activities. • Benefits: Business data stored and accessed from a single location. • Help manage customer data and customer interaction. • Departments can collaborate with ease. • CRM helps an organization to develop efficient automated business process. • Other benefits include a 360-degree view of all customer information, knowledge of what customers and the general market wants.
    10. 10. Customer’s 360 degree View • Company (Account) Profile and Contact Details • Requirements (Opportunity) generated and its Position (Status including Won or Lost) • Communications done (Meetings, Calls, Emails) • Products sold and their Warranty & AMC. • Service & Support given • No of Visits & Cost Involved behind an Opportunity OR Support call. • Etc.
    11. 11. Know Your Customer •Company Profile •Contacts
    12. 12. Sales •Leads •Opportunities •Quotations •Demos •Meetings
    13. 13. Inventory •Product •AMC •Documents
    14. 14. Support •Case •RMA •Visits
    15. 15. Communications •Email •Calls •Visit •Meetings •Documents
    16. 16. Cost Analysis •Engineers •Sales person •Opportunity & •Support Cases
    17. 17. All under One Roof – Linked to Company / Customer
    18. 18. Company (Account)
    19. 19. Contacts / Opportunities / Products / AMC
    20. 20. Activities – Call / Visits / Email / Documents
    21. 21. Cases / RMA Process
    22. 22. MIS Reports • Customer • Opportunitity Stages & its Costs • Support Stages & its Costs • Products & AMCs • Engineer’s & Salesperson’s Cost Analysis • Users Dashboard / List View / Customised Reports • Export & Pivot in Excel
    23. 23. Other Benefits of CRM … • In Cloud (Platform Independent) • Access from anywhere • Access Rights based on Team & Role • Centralized Management • Scalable & Customizable • Integrate SMS & Website • Integrate Business Telephony • And much more …
    24. 24. Points to Ponder • CRM is a Project, not a Product. • It should be Implemented phase wise. • Management needs to strongly push it to reap it’s benefit. “There is Management Solution to Technical problem But there is no Technical Solution to Management problem”
    25. 25. Thank You 9331126226