L23 cross media convergence and synergy


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  • Universal and Working Title – Case Study
  • L23 cross media convergence and synergy

    1. 1. AS Media Studies – Exam Lesson – Cross Media Convergence and Synergy Monday 4th November 2013 Unit G322: Key Concepts Exam
    2. 2. Aims & Objectives • Re-cap prior learning of Media Ownership within the Contemporary Film Industry. • YOU WILL learn about the significance that Cross Media Convergence and Synergy has on the PDME of Film through Case Study examples. • YOU WILL apply this new found knowledge and understanding to your own Case Study examples that YOU WILL research in and beyond the lesson. Key term: Cross Media Convergence and Synergy • Review the learning and set homework for the next Exam lesson. Why? So you can succeed in the exam!
    3. 3. YOU MUST refer to these Film Case Study examples in the exam in May 2014:
    4. 4.
    5. 5. What is Cross Media Convergence? Prove you have completed the homework by writing down your own definition. Definition: The ability to Market and/or Exhibit a film across multiple platforms and devices. The Starter task provides a prime example of where this is beginning to develop in the film industry.
    6. 6. STARTER – 5 Minutes YOU MUST answer the following questions in relation to the Media Ownership topic we have already covered. Extension – YOU COULD give some of your own examples IF they are relevant to what you have been asked to answer OR some other statistics.
    7. 7. What was the term used to describe Film Four’s release of ‘A Field in England’ (2013)? “Multi-Platform Day and Date release” YOU MUST research the examples (Exercise Book) of the different platforms Film Four chose to release the film on. YOU SHOULD support this understanding by writing down some statistics that relate to these decisions.
    8. 8. What is the term used to describe Working Title and Universals relationship? Co-Production deal Can you remember any other Co-Production deals we have covered?
    9. 9. What is Synergy? Prove you have completed the homework by writing down your own definition. Definition: The ability to promote a product (Film) through other products and services.
    10. 10. Key Term: Product Placement £28 million £15 million Why would these brands pay so much to the studios (‘Skyfall’ – Sony; ‘Man of Steel’ – Warner Bros.) in order to appear on screen?
    11. 11. Research • Go onto the Taken 2 Blog Page – YOU MUST note down what examples of Product Placement were used in Taken 2. YOU COULD identify how much were willing to spend on appearing in ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ (2011)
    12. 12. ‘Taken’ (2008) Production Budget: ‘Taken 2’ (2012) Production Budget: $25 million $45 million WHO benefits from this synergy the most and WHY?
    13. 13. Over $100 million in Product Placement deals were secured by the films Producers Warner Bros. prior to Production.
    14. 14. Synergy – Low Budget Independents The democratic (Free) marketing through social media is something smaller, indie films can thrive on. This type of marketing has encouraged viral marketing for fans of Loach’s work as well. Ken Loach (Director and Chief of Sixteen Films) has different views on Product Placement though: “Oh, no. Not at all. There is no product placement, that would be unacceptable”,
    15. 15. Cross Media Convergence Marketing Research – YOU MUST research how many “hits” each trailer has had on Youtube and then evaluate what this says about our Film consumption habits.
    16. 16. Social Media – Impact on Film Marketing • WHY would the films Distributors (20th Century Fox) find this a vital form of marketing the film? • WHAT piece of information would they appreciate the most and WHY?
    17. 17. Cross Media Convergence Exhibition DVD Sales, on average, account for up to 60% of a Film’s profits – on average only 20% of a Production budget is recouped at the Box-Office. VOD is emerging as an exciting market for Film Institutions to tap into.
    18. 18. Cross Media Convergence – Low Budget Independents • Film 4OD and iTunes (VOD) – 1,200 Transactions – Is this an example of a Co-production deal OR synergy between two Media Institutions?
    19. 19. Cross Media Convergence – Low Budget Independents Why is this significant for Film viewers? The studios symbiotic relationship with other Media Institutions in the VOD market offers a sign of the changing role New Media technologies have in our exposure to and consumption of film.
    20. 20. Plenary – What have you learnt? YOU MUST write down x3 key terms/facts you have learnt today about any of the case study examples we have covered.
    21. 21. Homework: Section B – Continue with your research into your chosen Event movie and Indie Movie DUE: The presentation Date will now take just before we break up for Christmas – Monday 16th December. 2) Research HOW your chosen Case Study Studio examples have marketed their film across different platforms and what success this has this lead to (or failire) DUE: Next lesson - Monday 11th November