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Ohlone College Cross Curricular


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Published in: Education
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Ohlone College Cross Curricular

  1. 1. Ohlone CollegeOhlone College Cross-Curricular ESL VickiCross-Curricular ESL Vicki CurtisCurtis ESL 151 Speech Communication Skills Theater/Dance 118 Introduction to Acting
  2. 2. Program OverviewProgram Overview ESL class 3 units Acting class 3 GE units (transferable) Total 6 units Team Taught 9:00 AM-12:00 PM Tuesday/Thursday Held in TV Studio Student Video Portfolio
  3. 3. Student Success DataStudent Success Data Grades Offered for 5 years Fills Easily Every Semester Students Continue in ESL, Theater, and other College Level Classes Informing Non-ESL faculty on ESL students Anecdotal Evidence
  4. 4. ESL/Acting Fall 2005ESL/Acting Fall 2005
  5. 5. ESL/Acting LC GradesESL/Acting LC Grades Fall 2005-Spring 2008Fall 2005-Spring 2008
  6. 6. Hurdles/Overcoming ThemHurdles/Overcoming Them Finding Faculty Partners Faculty Time/Load Campus Involvement Inviting Speakers to ESL Classes Dean Introductions Stipends Load for 50% of 2nd class Committee assignment Flex Time Volunteer
  7. 7. Hurdles/Overcoming ThemHurdles/Overcoming Them Finding Discipline Intersects Begin with 3-5 “Big” Concepts from each Class Look at Student Learning Outcomes, Syllabi, Course Outlines
  8. 8. Hurdles/Overcoming ThemHurdles/Overcoming Them Finding Discipline Intersects Design 1 or more integrated assignments based on those connections Ex. Open Scene Dialog/Focus Words Acting-Provide context, character, motivation ESL- Appropriate word focus to support the meaning
  9. 9. Hurdles/Overcoming ThemHurdles/Overcoming Them Mindset Change Quantity VS. Depth/Quality Content Coverage- permission to cover for depth Observing Successes of Others Flexibility
  10. 10. SuccessesSuccesses ESL Students’ Confidence Increases to Persist ESL Students’ Continue Past ESL into College Level Courses English Language Proficiency Develops Faster
  11. 11. Student VoicesStudent Voices Listen to the students More Info: Link in Google Docs