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  1. 1. S tud ent suc cess 2009 BSI Leadership institute June 14-20 In an intensive one-week pilot workshop, you will work with colleagues and leaders throughout the state to look deeply into answering two fundamental questions: How can I help my college  establish, advance, and sustain a network that supports the success of our students, especially those who are underprepared for learning in college courses?  How can we work together to create such networks among community colleges in California to support student success throughout A Convening at our state? San Francisco State University
  2. 2. L e a v e w i t h: A plan to design a successful  network on your campus or improve on one you already C om e to d ev e lo p y ou r have in place un de rs ta nd i ng o f: Models of successful  Faculty inquiry  practice Networking  Access to expertise that you W ho s h ou l d a t te nd ?  Communities of Practice  Basic Skills Coordinators need to help your students  Professional learning  Faculty leaders of local basic succeed  Institutional transformation  skills efforts Connections to colleagues  Evaluation  who share your passion and your interests! Page 2 http://cccbsi.edulounge.net/2009-bsi-summer-institute/ .
  3. 3. Registration BSI This inaugural Leadership Institute provides the opportunity to pilot a REGISTER AT unique professional inquiry and http://laccdsuccessnet.wufoo.com/forms/2009-bsi-summer-institute/ learning experience. As a result, RSVP by April 15, 2009 registration and room and board If you have further questions, contact Deborah Harrington costs are largely subsidized by the 2009 BSI Project Director 2009 BSI grant. Subsequent partici- Email preferred: dharrington@email.laccd.edu pants may notice an increase in Insti- Phone: 213-891-2115 tute fees. Dates: June 14-20 Location: San Francisco State University Room and Board Included! 2009 Nominal $300 Tuition Fee Only Campus Name Title Address Telephone and email Network Bay Area Sacramento/Central Valley Los Angeles San Diego Page 3
  4. 4. PLEASE PLACE Student Success STAMP 2009 BSI leadership Institute HERE June 14-20 A Convening at San Francisco State University Phone: 213-891-2115 E-mail: dharrington@email.laccd.edu CCC BSI 2009 C C C BS I 20 09 In 2009 building on its previous successes, the BSI now plans to integrate what has already been accomplished with a new pilot, growing into a self-sustaining, statewide, professional learning Network intended to promote overall increased student success. The participants in the summer convening will help lead this ef- fort, allowing faculty, staff, and administrators to share and build upon existing knowledge while at the same time creating opportunities for transformation. Foundational to this Net- work are evidence-based knowledge building, inquiry, capacity building, direct training, and resource development.