Newsletter August 2009


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Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library's monthly newsletter for older adults and calendar of events for both the library and its community partners.

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Newsletter August 2009

  1. 1. Tennessee Valley Tribune Chattanooga news about older adults for older adults A community service of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bicentennial Library Chattanooga’s 55+ Crowd Gives Thumbs Up to New Programming Flick’s Café Over two-thirds or 77 Ideas for the new pro- percent of Hamilton grams came from the re- 1930’s Films • New Library adult County’s adult library pa- cent survey. Here is a programming at all August 18, 2009 trons age 55 or older are snapshot of what some of “The Childhood of Maxim area branches interested in special you asked for: Gorky” 1938 events and programming. An outstanding Russian Educational Opp. 43.8% • Better access to That’s according to a re- drama about a famous cent survey which was Tech./Computers 40.6% writer’s abusive family and resources and infor- available at all area the few loving adults that mation about com- Travel Groups 40.6% offered a path to freedom. branches. munity events, agen- The library is responding Visual Arts 39.1% cies and services August 25, 2009 by offering new regular Movies 35.9% “A Nous la liberte” 1931 for older adults programming for older Years before Chaplin made adults at all of its four Book Clubs 32.8% his comedy about industriali- • Monthly newsletter branches in Hamilton zation; Rene Clair offered Crafts 28% with relevant articles County. The library has this lyrical tribute to the bounty of an unfettered life and information also taken steps to be- Health Screenings 26.6% about library and come better connected to Dancing 20.3% September 1, 2009 community services other programs and ser- “Shall We Dance” 1937 vices offered around the Library Director, David for older adults. George Gershwin musical & Chattanooga region. It Clapp has already commit- grand Astaire & Rogers com- will promote those ser- ted to promoting interest- edy about a ballet master • Coming soon: new vices as well. New pro- ing alternative programs who loves to tap and his library service gramming for adults be- downtown. Clapp hosts pursuit of a musical star. delivery options for gins in August. A calen- “Flicks Café” which fea- Central Library visually impaired dar of events can be tures a variety of hard to Doors Open 6:00 p.m. adults found on the back page of find or see movies. Flicks Free Admittance & this newsletter. Café is open to the public Donations Welcome on scheduled Tuesdays. New Community Partnerships Seek to Promote Older Adult Programming & Awareness through Library Over the summer, the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Bi- centennial Library has worked hard to improve partner- ships with other community agencies and organizations in an effort to coordinate outreach efforts and promote awareness. As a result you will notice that the library will begin to promote partners programming on its regular monthly calendar of events. Library branch facilities are available to host community events and programming. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Nancy Cogar at 423-643-7711. August 2009, Volume 1, Issue 1
  2. 2. Page 2 Tennessee Valley Tribune QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/ AVOID PHONE SCAMS IDEAS Help avoid being the vic- anything AND everything tim of a phone scam by in writing before consid- We want to hear from you. keeping these important ering to commit to any- For information about tips in mind: thing. FAMOUS programs, events or gen- Hang up if a telemarketer If you are the victim of a eral questions or com- QUOTES calls before 8:00 A.M. or scam call the Federal ments related to older “Age is an issue of after 9:00 P.M. Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357 adult services contact the mind over matter. Resist high pressure tac- Library’s Senior Service If you don’t mind, tics. Reputable busi- Report Suspicious it doesn’t matter.” nesses understand “No” Coordinator, Nancy Cogar Activity! at 423-643-7711 or Mark Twain If you tell someone not to Chatt. PD: 643-5000 email at: call back and they do, hang up. Be sure to get Hamilton SO: 209-7000 40. Avian named neighbor- ACROSS 21. V state’s initials hood 1. ______Daisy 22. Place to get fit George Clooney 41. Southern fried treat 2. TN Gov. 23. Fines rendered 42. VW hello 48 years old 24. Chatt. jazz great 3. Famous Chatt. snack 43. TN’s equestrians David Cassidy 4. Where Grisham dwells 26. local Saint 44. WGOW’s Jeff______ 5. Library Catalog sur- 27. Incline Conductor’s 59 years old Call 45. Senator Andy name 46. Library of Congress Int. Mick Jagger 6. Orangemen DOWN 7. Century Old Depot SE TN Area Agency on 66 years old 10. Cry at Brown Acres The Tennessee SHIP 8. UTC Mascots 14. Not hate Aging and Disability State Health Insurance 9. Lookout’s Pal 21. Local performance 1-866-836-6678 hall Program 10. # of Library branches Senior Neighbors 28. Classic library sys- 11. Free Press $ genera- “Welcome to Medicare tem 755-6100 tor and Prescription /Health 29. Region’s fastest 12. CTFP Founder Eastgate Senior Center Coverage” growing county 13. Lib’s Senior Sr. Coor- 855-9444 31. Mayor’s first name Tuesday August 11 dinator 32. Home to many North River Civic Center Noon-1:30 PM 14. “Large Print” Acronym 33. Library Director 870-8924 15. U.S. Congressman Southside Health Ctr. 34. Coca-Cola’s Fizz 16. Old River Miss Jewish Cultural Center 35. Billy Goat’s Mtn. 17. Chatt. athlete Lacey 493-0270 delight Wednesday August 12 18. Where owls rest 37. Hixson Branch site Alzheimer’s Association 5:30—7:00 PM 19. 3D digs 38. County Mayor Ram- 265-3600 Dodson Ave Health Ctr. 20. Signal Mtn. Oddity sey City Information: 311 Call: 778-2800 to register
  3. 3. August 2009 Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 Exercise Your Biggest Muscle I do believe I smell brain with Dr. Chazz’s waves burning Cranial Prescription 1 28 29 24 2 3 32 4 5 31 46 6 7 8 33 34 9 35 10 37 11 12 38 23 13 14 15 16 40 17 18 41 42 19 43 45 20 44 21 22 26 27
  4. 4. August 2009 Library & Community Calendar SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 2 3 9 AM Senior 4 Senior Day 5 6 9 AM-12 PM 7 8 Aerobics ($1.00) - Trip to Jack Open Computer 10 AM BINGO – ESC Daniels Distill- Lab —SNDC SNSOD ery and Miss ————————— 10 AM Armchair Mary Bobo’s 1 PM Travel w/Jon and CL—Central Library 7:30 PM ESC Cecy—SNSOD Tai Chi For Geo-Greenism Seniors—NRCC EG—Eastgate Library 6 PM Flicks Café’ NYT’s Thomas “Gold Diggers of NG—Northgate Library Friedman— JCC 1933” CL SC-South Chatt 9 10 11 9 AM-4 PM 12 10 AM 13 9 AM-12PM 14 15 Library German — Open Com- 8 AM Pigeon Music & Brain Fit- 12 PM Open O/C– Ooltewah/ SNDC puter Lab — Forge Day Trip — ness —SNDC Computer Lab - Collegedale Library SNDC SNSOD 3:30 PM Resume SNDC 9:30 AM Begin- JCC—Jewish Cultural Writing and Job 10 AM Woodcarv- ning Sewing — Center Search Skills ing —SNSOD ESC SNDC—Alexian Broth- Workshop — EG 12 PM Hawaiian ers/Senior Neighbors 10 AM Watercol- Luau—ESC Downtown Center ors —NRCC SNSOD—Senior 16 17 18 11 AM 19 20 9 AM-12 PM 21 22 Neighbors Soddy Open Computer Daisy Tai Chi for Seniors 4 PM 10 AM Bingo – Lab SNDC SNSOD ESC—Eastgate Senior ($5.00) ESC “For Starters” Center 12 PM Bridge 6 PM Flicks Café Book Club –NG Club –ESC NRCC—North River “Childhood of Civic Center Maxim Gorky” HH—Heritage House AZA—Alzheimer’s 23 24 25 26 27 10 AM 28 29 Assoc. Bridge Club — 3 Pm 12 PM Men’s lunch 9 AM Seniorcise NRCC SNDC Aerobics –ESC “For Starters” 3:30 PM Resume Phone Numbers 11:30 AM Lunch 2 PM Alzheimer’s Writing and Job on Page 2 of Book Club O/C and Learn —ESC Support Group Search Skills Newsletter 6 PM Foreign Pol- 893-9241—AZA Workshop —SC (Bring your own) icy Supper Club 6 PM Flicks Café’ 7 PM Ballroom “Global Food “A nous la liberte” Dance Party - Crisis” —JCC CL SNDC